38 thoughts on “Coinbase needs to add XRP before two events make it irrelevent”

  1. please don't touch penguins haha they 're cuuuuute. What about XRP on Coinbase then it wont happen, irrelevant

  2. haha, Coinbase will end soon and still no XRP 😀 they learned nothing from their own mistakes. I`m lucky that I managed to withdraw all my money from Coinbase and close the account.

  3. Based on Coinbase actions they going crazy. Customers are closing accounts and they don`t know what to do. I`m not sure if listing XRP would help get them back. XRP community decided to move on without this lame Coinbase.

  4. Coinbase has always ignored its customers. That`s why they are closing their accounts now. XRP listing won`t help Coinbase get out this crisis.

  5. Let them sink their ship. Look at the recent freeze on Etherium. Matter of time before Litecoin gets hit. PoW is flawed. Let them keep promoting and endorsing it. They are already insignificant. Enthusiasts already know where to go. Banks are being directed already with out them…. bye bye Coinbase…

  6. Coinabse sucks! It doesn`t matter already if they list XRP or no, it`s high time to close Coinbase accounts ans switch to some normal exchange that respects its customers.

  7. well said… i dont use Coinbase anymore because of this reason, and i'm sure there are many people just like myself… who have moved on to different

  8. Agree with u. But I heard that seo teems of Coinbase and ripple don't really appreciate each other. So, not sure that it will ever happen. Or,maybe they will add xrp.. anyway, coinbase will always do only those things that are beneficial entirely for them,but not their client,so..we'll see. Thank's for your video. Like)))

  9. Just think how many times you purchase from Coinbase and send straight to binance?. If binance implement a fiat gateway even if its only for btc Coinbase is game over

  10. XRP didn't need coinbase anymore. They (xrp) need not be limited. So I'm looking more the other way around…;-)
    My 2 cents!

  11. What are you talking about? Coinbase will add XRP probably in 100 years, they are slow in their decisions

  12. Coinbase is already obsolete by not listing XRP. When more exchanges start to list XRP, you are out of the game. Too late!

  13. of course Coinbase could add XRP, but this is not gonna happen. I don't speak about the near future I say they do it NEVER

  14. All I can say is the "HELL" with CB! The only reason is because they do not want ppl to own millions of XRP in a easy way of buying. They want to focus on releasing high price coins that make it harder for ppl to consider buying due to not having enough $ to buy a lot.

    That is one of the reason I blasted RH customer service on which I address them needing to add Doge before any spikes happen so many ppl can afford to buy. RH did just that & released Doge before its spike last yr. I really hope RH releases XRP this month ahead of CB.

    CB is just for the rich ppl to use which I see that is the case. Look how others begged on YT for CB to add XRP & they did not list it. They made all those ppl look stupid & silly online begging for CB to add XRP & look how long it's been. It's so good to know RH, Binance & many others are going to make XRP easy to buy into the crypto market.

    That way ppl don't feel like a victim to CB SAVAGE rules ect. CB needs to die & shut down really.

  15. Funny video, but let’s face it Coinbase have no interest in listing XRP and if they did do it tomorrow I feel it’s too late

  16. Coinbase will lose an absolute fortune if they listed XRP. That's because everyone has had to purchase Bitcoin , Litecoin, etc in order to exchange to XRP etc.

  17. The CEO of Coinbase and the Ripple team hate each other. Thats probably why they haven"t listed it yet.

  18. I believe all of what the exchanges are doing, across the world, is establishing what they believe to be an advancement towards the establishment of the IOT. "Whatever the use cases of these tokens can be will be" kind of concept. Consequentially, they are creating more liquidity for the possibility of transferring value systems to fiat for the future demand of a new global digital social class,. This new social class will determine the value of the DLT networks by their use cases. When we see same fiat/crypto pairings appearing on multiple different exchanges over time, this may represent asymmetrical insight shared between them and how they view the structure of value within the IOT. I honestly don't mind that Coinbase is listing random coins to USD, I will only care if the majority of other exchanges in the world follow in their footsteps and start to list the same exact fiat/crypto pairings.

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