Coinbase Launching Visa Card + Crypto Bleeding

hey guys welcome back to young and investing so in this video we are going to talk about the weird moves that Bitcoin is making and we're also going to talk about coinbase that is launching cryptocurrencies Visa debit cards so that is very nice news on the other hand I want to start this video with very sad news and it is that Sam fitzy the founder of the YouTube channel crypto Sami ACK passed away so he was a fellow youtuber I know him very well in person we were together in Poland in the hash and yeah I think lots of you guys will also know him from his YouTube channel crypto Sami AK so Sam was an awesome person very smart person very kind very calm I really liked him after a trip to Poland we had contact several times and last time I spoke to him he already said that he had some some issues personal issues and that his that he needed to take care of his mental health and yeah now Sam passed away a few days ago and I heard that this morning and I want to say like Sam he was an awesome guy and really rest in peace Sam my friends so let's start with talking about cryptocurrency after this very sad news but I wanted to bring that to you guys I want to mention that out of respect for him yeah he was a fellow youtuber was a colleague so yeah let's have a look to the market right now so we see that uncommon market gap we lost some very important space right now so a lot of cryptocurrencies are currently going down pretty hard and because actually they lost their supports and they are filling a gap downwards so market gap currently 100 not 69 billion dollars 24 hour volume close to 60 billion Bitcoin dominance going further up so 52.4% and that is because bitcoin is going down than the other altcoins and pretty lucky actually that I took some profits yesterday I took some profits in ergo and I took some profits in my trading portfolio so I really felt like there was something coming so I took some profits here and actually was a pretty good decision and Bitcoin wise not in u.s. dollar wise but like we see most of the alt coins are done with 10% even more some even 20% while Bitcoin is down – 4.4 percent and sitting at a price of 5000 $22 so it's here iam down 10% us 10% litecoin 12% one of my bigger holdings I actually should have taken profit as well in litecoin because it went up so much but I didn't do that I took some other profits luckily Bitcoin cash – 13 % and the rest of the ultra mode market is actually also bleeding with Scientology – 17 percent yeah and some of them are even down with 20 percent like I said iOS D here – 20 % so alt coins are actually bleeding right now Bitcoin is also bleeding and after this we're going to have a look at the charts but I first want to mention the news of coinbase that they launched cryptocurrency visa debit cards for the UK and European Union so for now only the EU and the UK are able to order a cryptocurrency Visa debit card big news from coinbase and I think the main reason that coin base is right now launching this crypto Visa debit cards is because they feel like they need to innovate they are losing a lot of their power to buy Nantz because – is the new superpower since a year already that coin base really feels like they need to do more and I think this is the main reason that they right now are doing this they are actually first major exchange that is coming with cryptocurrency cards actually in general not even debit or credit or whatever but with a card in general and it works actually in a different way than most of other cryptocurrency cards because this is not prepaid most of the cryptocurrency cards that are currently on the market has some kind of system that you need to sell first before you can use it and here this way you can simply leave your cryptocurrencies in your coin base account and simply pay with a coin based cart and it's it's just instantly converted whatever you want to pay with so that is pretty cool you just need to select which cryptocurrency you want to pay with and it is instantly converted only once you pay with it and with this launch of this dabit cryptocurrency Visa debit cards coinbase eliminates a lot of their competition or the people that are the projects that want to do the same such as 10x token pay Monaco card these are the big ones but there are more even that are wanting to launch visit debit cards and I think with this launch coinbase is taking over this entire niche market in the crypto space and instantly I think because of course coinbase is the most trusted one out there and actually it shows again that coinbase wants to become some kind of crypto currency bank but let's have a closer look to the article so what I just said is actually sat right here so the exchange said it will instantly convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency such as the British Pound when customers complete a transaction using the Babbitt card the card supports all crypto assets available to buy and sell on the coin based platform and customers can use them to pay for every date purse purchases such as a meal or book integral tickets according to the announcement and the first 1000 customers coin they said it will wave the card issuance fee of four pounds ninety five or six point forty eight dollars so really really cool I think this news very important development again in the crypt of space and like we know in the bear market the Funday for the next pool market is being made or is set in place and I think this is a big contribution to that so I think this news should not be underestimated so that is it about coinbase let's have a look to the Bitcoin chart this is how it looks like so earlier around this week I released the video I uploaded here about this ascending triangle but yesterday when there was like a peak above this level right here it was actually pretty clear that it was not a descending triangle so I was wrong in that actually there is no wrong and right and ta but I estimated it wrongly so it wasn't an ascending triangle but it is more like it was more like like a rising wedge like we see right here and then yesterday or today actually we broke downwards out of it to a low of 5,000 dollars just under five thousand dollars even and currently we're sitting at five thousand fifty five dollars so what will be next right now I think that there is a good chance that we will go further downwards towards the two hundred exponential moving average here which will be a price of four thousand six hundred sixty more or less or we found support on the five thousand level that would be very good that would show the strength of Bitcoin after such a run I think it wouldn't be bad to find support only at five thousand dollars that would be pretty good but I expect it to go down a little bit more and then a final push towards five thousand eight hundred or six thousand dollars towards this area right here before going downwards again to the lower 4 K area that is still what I think except that it will happen over a longer period of time because I simply thought that we would break out out of this ascending triangle and then hit the five thousand eight hundred level and then go down also I want to show you the two hour chart or the one hour chart even from yesterday which is actually pretty to see because first of all yesterday we had a breakout upwards so then it still looked very good but apparently that was because they wanted to liquidate the over-leveraged short positions then after that a big wake down immediately to eliminate the over-leveraged long positions and then we stayed stable for a while and then we decided to go down and here on the hourly chart we are finding support out of 200 exponential moving average but I think the daily charts the daily 200 exponential moving average is more important but it seems like for now we're finding a little bit support but I wouldn't trust that it is going to hold because this not that strong to be honest so that's actually pretty funny and we see that bitcoin is doing this more and more this very quick wicks upwards and then immediately going down after that to liquidate these over-leveraged positions we see this more and more happening that's a very funny thing and a thing too if you're an active trader or trading on bit max or whatever then you should keep this in mind to not take too much over leveraged positions because you got liquidated very easily whatever direction bitcoin is going so keep that in mind while trading so that is it for the video guys I hope you enjoyed the video if so please hit that like button and see you in next video Cheers bye bye

13 thoughts on “Coinbase Launching Visa Card + Crypto Bleeding”

  1. All these platforms don't have anywhere you can put your beneficiary. I don't know how it works in Europe, but CB and RH along with a few others are like that here in the US. It's always a good idea to leave instructions for a family member to retrieve your crypto from those apps. I usually get mine onto my Nano, and I have left clear instructions how my next of kin can access that device. I lose that Nano, pretty much all my crypto is gone.

  2. Coinbase just reshits itself at this point, and personally I think that this is a dumb idea that wouldn't last (like their first attempt with card)

  3. Just do your own research, is CB visa card is good or bad for the crypto community and make your own decision. Good luck.

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  5. why very few people say that this is the second attempt to create a card? The repetition of the same action, which does not work – madness. What do you think?

  6. Great video, the Coinbase card won’t be available in the US soon, you might want to into the Visa Ternio BlockCard which has launched in the US.

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