our rate was up you do yep only crypto tone comin at you with another video so coinbase launches direct crypto to crypto conversion for us customers so more big stuff coming out of coinbase we mentioned last week or was that the week before that I don't remember they had comment came out and said that they are teaming up with PayPal to make it easier to move your crypto into US dollar and off of coin base with no fee guys so a lot of the things with what crypt with what coin base is doing right now is very very big and I mentioned how big that was in that previous video that you can actually that's gonna pop up right here the top you can actually see well check out that video let me know what you think basically that basically in that video I'm saying that look we have the crypto comm card coming out we have my next cards coming out we have wire X all these other cards coming out and these are gonna be off ramps into u.s. dollar guys so you can use your crypto and not actually have to bring it back to your bank now I'll also mention in I believe it was that video yeah it was I mentioned in that video that basically if you go on coin based Pro and put it in limit orders you could sell your crypto for free put it into US dollar and bring your US dollar back to coin base and put it into PayPal so a lot of big things a lot of competition coming out there guys and I really really like that option and it may be like coinbase a lot more however I'm still hate coin bases customer service I think they are probably the worst at customer service in the business so let's see what they got going on now so coin bezel launches direct crypto to crypto conversion for US customers so not really sure why you'd want to do that if there's a fee when there is a cheaper option guys which is to sell into USD and then buy that coin but a lot of people don't understand coin based Pro however if you have coinbase you don't need to be any type of pro to use coin based Pro you could literally just go to coinbase Pro login you send your money from coin base over to your Bitcoin or whatever over to the coin based Pro platform you put in a limit order which is free you sell it and then you go ahead and move the US dollar back over to your um back over to your coin mascara it's that simple guys so really why do we need a crypto to crypto I know the exodus wallet does this as well it's just too expensive to be to be honest with you and how do I know a lot of the things that I know now I wouldn't have wasted a lot of money on fees guys so definitely be careful when you're when you're paying these fees guys because I would have saved thousands of dollars maybe hundreds well maybe let's say maybe thousands of dollars and fees had I known how to use coin based Pro back then but that was crypto college for me guys now I know and I'm giving that information over to you guys as well so as part of 12 days of consecutive announcements from coin base has launched a new feature that allows investors to convert their crypto currencies into other digital assets according to a company announcement on the 17th December called the convert the exchange of claims to the claims a new feature is way cheaper than selling and buying different digital assets which is the process which most investors go through with this features customers would be able to convert between Bitcoin in theory myth here in classic be cashed litecoin and 0x for the initial rollout so a trader can directly convert Bitcoin to Bitcoin cash rather than sell Bitcoin and then purchase Bitcoin cash which becomes two separate transactions with doubled fees again it's not the case who use coin based Pro according to its pricing page coinbase we charge a spread of 1% for the conversion of digital assets on its platform this fee is not fixed as it could go higher or lower due to volatility the market spread may be higher or lower due to market fluctuations in the price of digital currencies on coin B's Pro between the time we quo price and a time when the order executes we do not charge a separate coin based fee for digital currency conversions coinbase said they would enable the new feature to customers in all 34 countries in which coin base offers native payment access feature is currently available on the websites for its mobile app users last week coinbase announced its partnership with PayPal allowing US customers to move their fiat balances in their pit cost in their coin base accounts to PayPal for free that's the biggest announcement they've had in a while for users this has been one of the most long-awaited features before the launch coinbase u.s. users had to wait up to two business days before they could get their cash withdrawals from the exchange the partnership with PayPal makes the whole process stress-free stress-free and cheap so I'm basically free definitely the cheapest you can get these withdrawals are not only fast they are free and incur no fees guys no fees no moving your cryptocurrency to cash is easier and more affordable than ever project manager Alan Osgood wrote on coin basis blog he went further to state that the new feature was in response to customers requests who clamored for flexibility using their crypto currencies as they want when they want this integration is a big step forward in realizing that vision allowing you to smoothly and instantly transfer your funds to cash so guys again I can't stress enough how great the PayPal news is it's probably the biggest news that's come out of coin Bay's like I said in a very long time it's just getting easier guys we are gearing up for the next time we run it's gonna be way easier to get out of crypto if you've been in crypto for for a good amount of time now the fees on coinbase are ridiculous you know if you go ahead and you buy through the app real quick like I've done a lot of times you do incur a lot of fees and using coin based Pro limit orders putting USD into your coin based account as opposed to just Krypto in that way you can move your USD over the coinbase Pro and by that way by using a limit order so there's a lot of ways guys there's a lot of ways that you have to learn to get into crypto for free for the most part and like I said it's you know I'm not a lot of people know this but now you do so I may do a detailed video on this in the future on how to kind of set your limit orders and things like that it is a little bit complicated if you're a newbie however once you get used to it it's like anything guys you could definitely do it and if you're gonna save fifty to a hundred dollars you know then I mean it might be worth it depending on how much crypto you're buying you know even if you're saving two dollars who cares two dollars a cup of coffee you could save a lot of money using coin based Pro and doing things doing things with strategies now like I said I'm gearing up for the next bull market guys so what I want to do is once I start making some profits whether that be in two months or in or in or in two years I know what my off-ramp is gonna be for the most part I have everything set up where I have the crypto comm card coming coinbase is definitely gonna be another offer a bit to my paypal because I'm very familiar with PayPal I use my PayPal debit card frequently for things like eBay sales and whatnot so I'm very fond of PayPal and I already set up my paypal in coinbase which was extremely easy guys so go ahead go on coinbase app and go in the settings somewhere and you'll figure out how to link your PayPal it's like unbelievably stupid easy to do and it's like instant as long as you have PayPal if you got your PayPal debit card set up you really don't have anything to worry about plus you get money back on PayPal when you use your card every month they usually give you like 1% back 1% cash back on anything that you spend so definitely a lot of good things ahead guys for for crypto so what that being said like subscribe turn up hos revocation halides whoopies


  1. I refuse to use pay pal unless 100% necessary. They are big on censorship, and I can't stand that. They also like to cut payment processing to anything that might upset facebook and twitter hold on social media as well.

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