so dope all right was that B do yo boy crypto Tom coming at you with another video so coinbase straight up ending careersoutthere guys I told you this was gonna come eventually because they see all the competition out there that's trying to do this and they just can't perfect it and finally and I am so upset to announce that coinbase is the ones who have done it but um they did it and it's obvious because they are the biggest exchange out there I guess they have the most users so basically in a nutshell you're going to be able to use your card and then just it'll just transfer it into USD at the time of sale genius so if you want to use Bitcoin triple or like when you press ripple you swipe and then it converts it and does everything for you so that is what the world is needing in the crypto space for mass adoption now there are a couple of other ones out there obviously that I went over the past like Zook so I'm gonna link above you also have the Monaco MCO car the crypto calm which has been taken forever to roll out and they don't have a lot of Kryptos now there is another one that i haven't gotten into much lately it's called the spend app and i'm gonna get into that one in a couple of in one of the next videos because i think that one's a good one as well however coinbase has the users guys that's what we need as investors we need a company like this to come out with something massive like this so people can use their card now the sucky thing about it is that crypto currency exchange coinbase has launched a Visa debit card allowing customers in the UK and EU only so that sucks to spend their crypto currencies directly from their coin base account why that is I don't know isn't coinbase a US company like why wouldn't we roll out in the u.s. first but I think it's because the you sucks with regulations the San francisco-based firm announced the news in a blog post on Wednesday saying that with the coinbase card customers will be able to spend their Bitcoin ether like coin and other cryptocurrencies as effortlessly as the money in their bank that's what people need guys they need to be easy ok they need to be easy I think things to be easy no one wants to have to you know do something that's hard especially nowadays with everything being made easy the exchange said it will instantly convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency such as the British Pound GP GBP when customers complete a transaction using a debit card the card supports all crypto assets available to buy and sell on current basis platform and customers can use them to pay for everyday purchases such as a meal or booking the ticket according to the announcement with previously available products of this type customers had to preload a specified amount of cryptocurrency onto the card in order to spend but not only that they have the preloaded onto the card and then they had to transfer it to USD once they want to use it so definitely a pain in the ass the exchange has also launched an app for the card on both Android and iOS platforms so you can have your own apps can be completely different than the coin base app enabling customers to select which cryptocurrency wallet they will use to fund their spending the app also allows instant receipts transaction summaries and spending categories so the only thing that they don't mention is that with that app will we be able to use Apple pay Google pay or Android pay or whatever if they were to do that or when they implement that then it's game over for for all the competition unfortunately so they might as well just pack up their and you know go home the app also offers instant receipts transactional summaries and spending categories so it basically tells you everything you did so that's what a lot of these apps do so I'm not surprised about that for the first thousand customers coinbase said it will waive the card issue and fee of $4.95 pay safe a UK payment processor is the issuer of the cards a coin based spokesperson told coin Dez in a similar development last month banking startup together said it was launching a prepaid Visa debit card that allows you to suspend crypto currencies with together card customers will be able to pay with either euros or any of the following seven currencies BTC XRP Bitcoin cash POS stellar and litecoin so a couple more currencies on that one but again who the hell is together I have no idea you know what I mean there's so there's not only do we have that we also have on you know we have the crypto comm car we have a few other cards out there guys so there's a lot of competition out there in the in the debit card space I really like the zooks card with the fact that when they do come out they will have multiple currencies and they will accept Apple pay and and and Google Google pay and Android pay which I believe is cool so I think that coin base is probably working on that because that's something that obviously needs to be worked on it's not like they said oh let's let's work on this too now they definitely know what's up and they are working on implementing that once that comes that's gonna be once that comes and everybody kind of has that technology then it's gonna come down to the fees so the question is yes coin base is doing this but how are there fees gonna be that's like the main concern cuz their fees already kind of suck so you know thinking that you know just based on that fact they've kind of leads me to believe that these fees are gonna suck too but definitely a good option you know once the bull run comes around it's definitely a good option for you to you know be able to use your crypto or even if you don't want to use it you you want to wait for the bull runner you don't want to wait for the bull run you could definitely still use it and not have to convert to US dollar which is cool because then you could just do it on the fly you don't need your app you could just boom use your card and you're good to go well you actually might need your app because you got to pick what crypto but I'm sure there would be like a default that if you were to swipe would just default directly to I don't know Bitcoin or something like that so definitely like what they got going on again I can't stand coinbase but it's kind of enable guys because coinbase does have the biggest user base so guess we kind of just gotta roll with the punches here so let me know anything in the comments below and with that being said like subscribe turn out post notifications college boy peace


  1. I can already imagine how much money fraudsters steal from such cards.
    Previously, we only lost data, now also money

  2. coinbase is not for trading here, it’s for thieving, I don’t know any exchange that would be more fraudulent than coinbase

  3. I would never trust leaving my digital assets on an exchange. Be registered to at least 3 exchanges ( preferably in the country you reside in) to have the ability to withdraw/ deposit. There have been issues in the past where the system becomes overloaded and withdraws/deposits/ new customer are not accepted. Keep it safe and secure on a Ledger.

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