Coinbase Is Now Largest Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Exchange In The World

hello everybody welcome back for another video I hope you're all doing well and having a great day so a few days ago we heard the announcement that the CMA has plans to start Bitcoin futures within the next few weeks they stated that they hope that this will be able to happen by the end of the year so we have about seven weeks yourselves to see if that actually happens shortly after this announcement happened coinbase which I always say is always in the news they always know how to put themselves back in the news they now are officially the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the entire world after this announcement from the CME they added over 100,000 new users to their platform in 24 hours 100,000 new people signed up to them over the course of one day I knew that coin base had been around for a while but I actually didn't know I was looking up information I didn't know that they had actually been around since trading Bitcoin and stuff like that since before was under $10 which is absolutely insane so a lot of people obviously thought that because of the CMA announcement that there would be you know a lot of people would start to enter the market but people didn't think that it would happen this quick it's literally at this point I think no one can dispute it it's kind of set in stone that Bitcoin will eventually explode in price and I don't even mean what's happened the last couple weeks or so like we went to the point where the wave of people who are expected to arrive into cryptocurrencies we thought it would take about three years 2020 has been the content date that everyone kept on saying a lot of people would get into the market but we are three years early and things are already kind of going nuts so Ronnie mo has the bold analyst who has predicted that Bitcoin would hit 7,500 dollars by the end of the year has obviously decided to change his prediction a tiny bit though because we were pretty much almost there about a day or two a god thing to hit 7400 something so now Ronnie thinks that by the end of the year Bitcoin will hit eleven thousand dollars a coin interestingly enough he stated that he thought that seven thousand five hundred when he said that a while ago he said that around the time when Bitcoin was only three thousand dollars a coin a lot of people called him nuts they said we had a couple more years until we could even think of getting around 1,000 even trying to touch 10,000 said it was too far out of reach lo and behold this has happened in November even though I just think about the entire thing is that the and his he gave a whole bunch of predictions as to what he thought the price would be exactly how far it would go he said that three years from now like I said 2020 he said three years from now that the price of Bitcoin would be twenty thousand and then around fifty thousand and ten years if I mean he's he's usually always spot-on with his theories but it seems that he the numbers that he gives always seems to happen a bit earlier so there a lot of people who keep thinking that we could hit fifty thousand by next summer or by next December and I do not think they're far off as just so many countries and so many other people are starting to embrace cryptocurrencies and it's like it's literally like a household name at this point you can ask anybody and everybody has at least heard of Bitcoin there are a lot of heavy-handed investors who at the beginning of this year said that they hated cryptocurrencies they hated Bitcoin they thought it was trash and now all these people have seemingly seen the light and they're all talking about how great it is I'm pretty sure it's because their wallets have gotten fatter so

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