12 thoughts on “Coinbase Integrated Turbotax to platform, Binance opens OTC trading”

  1. Wow nice video bro I love Coinbase I wish they could work worldwide and provide the world with the shift debit card for all people

  2. i just can`t take this coinbase eagerness to help the gov with getting us paid taxes for crypto transactions as smth neutral. it smell betrayal to me. coinbase betraying its customers.

  3. So fcuking good that I closed my Coinbase account before all this tax shit came up. Btw good luck to Binance with OTC.

  4. My views about the future of cryptocurrency differ with what Coinbase do. Centralization is not what we need and Coinbase with their huge company is the worst of it's manifestations.

  5. What do you think about wanchain?

    Can you explain in some video what are futures and how can impact the price?

    I love your chanel. First thing in the morning ????

  6. Coinbase is preparing to rat us out. Who would expect anything else from these crooks who never cared about its customers >:-[

  7. Why do we even pay taxes for cryptocurrency trading? I guess it is a conspiracy of biggest exchanges like Coinbase and government.

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