Coinbase has messed up!

what's up guys clay up right here man I just found out about this Julian Assange coinbase thing and it's got me pissed off what in the world is coinbase doing kicking Julian Assange off of their system coinbase you scumbags grow a pair stop giving in to this dumbass government that thinks they run this whole frickin country above and beyond the Constitution we have freedom of speech we have the right to bear arms this is America this is the United States I'm so fed up with this BS Facebook giving up everybody's privacy google givin up everybody's privacy Twitter kicking off people that are you know supposedly fake news when they're really just trying to spread the truth YouTube's doing the same thing and then coinbase of all companies you're a cryptocurrency company man you should understand the right to privacy you should be ashamed of yourself – you better come out redo you better give them a new account and apologize to this American public or I promise you we were all gonna shut you down who else can I trade fiat currency with crypto give me some feedback guys let's get rid of coinbase bastards

24 thoughts on “Coinbase has messed up!”

  1. Clay we love you dude but keep your eyes on the road! You're giving us the heebie jeebies over here… BTW screw PayPal also. I despise them – LOL Julian Assange actually thanked tPayPal for cutting him off a couple years ago, forcing him to accept Bitcoin donations instead. He's probably rich now. I hope so and I hope he finds a way to get the internet access that he needs to spread the word and the truth. Peace brother.

  2. This is some sort of psy-op. You mean to tell me world-class hacker Julian Assange stores his BTC on CoinBase? lol Yeah. I bet Bill Gates shops at Kmart.

  3. I'm not the biggest fan of CB but it's not really their fault if they don't do anything they will get shut down . that's like saying for one of us to stand up to the government and not pay our taxes who's going to be the first to do it?

  4. There is a decentralized exchanged called Waves that will allow the purchase of Crypto with fiat currency very soon.

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