Coinbase Custody Is Adding Ripple XRP | Is Ripple XRP A Security? | XRP Trading TBD

oh we got a mute that audio we got a mute here we go you ready say hi all right here we go hey what's going on everyone welcome back to the Voss coin YouTube channel I'm here with tails and today we're going to be talking about ripple and its recent addition to coinbase custody and tells us grumpy she actually kind of gets grumpy late at night so she she's gonna bail on us today but I'm working I'm gonna get a tails camp set up so if you haven't already make sure to subscribe the Vosk own youtube channel hit the thumbs up on this video I always appreciate it when you guys go ahead and do that I'm working on a new set up to stream out off of your notice the camera angle is a little different I'm gonna try to delete the background behind me for some of the upcoming streams just always trying to improve the stuff get a little bit better as time goes on now we're right here on a coin market cap let me know if if the audio is good um using totally different mic settings and my tests it seemed good but you know you obviously I wouldn't know if it was wrong well I would but you know what I mean tell me if it's good or bad the markets looking great today you know everybody lost a ton of money so that's always good it's always good you love the red and you know nothing is more depressing than seeing everything red like this especially after we just breached 8k with Bitcoin which was a nice little breath of hope and all that stuff so we're gonna we're gonna go over here 2x RP a ripple this is their newer logo if you're unfamiliar so I got this outdated t-shirt right here and you know they went from a fidget spinner to this I mean it's a little more trendy I don't know it's it's okay I guess you can see they've actually gained a little bit you know per the BTC trading pair today so good for them good for ripple we go ahead and break down the three month pretty much looks like everything else which isn't that good but you can see lately it's been getting a little bit of traction it's been getting more publicity lately and we're gonna go ahead and I talked about that sums on this video obviously so again one thank all you guys for tuning in for the live show and we have Stoney vision he's upset about the title sorry man I clicked baited you know but seriously so I'm gonna go over a coin base and coinbase custody and all that stuff this this isn't a clickbait video the title may be his little clique baby but it's gonna be informative I'm not here to steal anything or BS you guys so I'm right over here on a ripple XR P's official website the digital asset for payments so I mean a quick way to summarize riffle is imagine if they made a cryptocurrency for banks and we have ripple so using XRP banks can source liquidity on demand in real time without having to pre-fund nostro accounts payment providers these XRP reached into new markets basically it's gonna be good for global payments and transactions I imagine like with any other cryptocurrency you've got a just your borderless so the appeal of cryptocurrency is drawn in this Bank crypto basically and this is a very old article from 2013 but some of the information is still relevant and it's also cool to read something so old in compared to where we are now and we're going a little bit about the debacle behind who's taking ownership of ripple and between open coin and a couple of their founders and a little bit that went on with that so I just wanted to show you guys this how many ripples will there be the company plans to ultimately create 100 billion ripples half of those are to be released for circulation while the company plans to retain the other half so a 50% pre mine just just think about that crypto Holland says ripples still probably more decentralized than Bitcoin cash probably probably over here basically there was a falling-out between one of the founders is centralized Drupal database is the centralized report database with the biggest pre mine really a Bitcoin competitor again this article is a little bit old but I mean the news is old but still interesting here so ripple was established in 2012 by Ryan foger and Genma Caleb was initially called ripple pay the co-founder Jed Mikayla was well known for helping out guys get its start with Mark Capella's or every say his name so forth whatever and I skipped the point that I wanted to show you the freezing of McCaleb funds revealed an interesting feature tide of the ripple public database ripple labs can freeze XRP accounts using two possible methods one can stop the functionality of an individual account while the global freeze can bring the entire network to a halt it's not a rumor they issued a statement about on August 1st 2014 doesn't sound very crypto to me it's not very crypto to me yes so xlm stellar is made by dude who helped create it echo helped create XRP says mossy over here in the chat I'm trying to be more active with the chat guys so throw those comments at me I'll try to keep up with you today again trying to level up my livestream capabilities here speaking of that guy maybe maybe this is one of those guys one of those dudes you're talking about so again not so decentralized verbal freezes 1 million in user funds this is you know what we're talking about here but I don't want to go on and on too much about that I'm gonna get to the meat of this video and we're gonna talk about securities and the framework that coinbase uses this article is a little bit old it's I believe is from December 20 2016 but still a good baseline and this stuff is really important because coinbase if you saw a recent video we talked about how coinbase was approved to basically buy and sell you know be a an exchange of securities and then right after that they retracted their statement for announcement of regular regulatory approval to list coins considered securities so crypto exchange and wog coin business retracted its previous statement that have received approval from the US Securities and Exchange Commission the SEC to trade in securities so they reported that they could operate as a broker dealer offering digital tokens considered to be securities because of their acquisition of Keystone Capital Corp as well as VIN of a marketplace and digital wealth this is the news that we reported that however just because they have this acquisition does not mean that they have approval for that yet when we go down here or maybe it's declined a comment the second firm that they did not give coinbase explicit approval for the deal and that wrote the coin basis communication with the SEC had been of an informal nature so I mean if you read between the lines kind of what I see and think is that it's in the works it's coming and there's a lot of just regulation and discussion that still needs to take place for this stuff to really happen but regardless you know overall I think this is good this is this is definitely good they took a step back didn't want to get ahead of themselves basically but you know coinbase will be able to deal whatever is dubbed securities sooner or later and that's where all this stuff starts to add up and make a little bit more sense so we go over here and ripple might finally be coming to coin base but you can't buy it so that's what the video is about right coin base released coin based custody has released a statement detailing its ongoing process of making decision regarding new assets for storage and what has become a pattern of for coinbase of recent so actually I'd really like to applaud coinbase because they're being very transparent or at least it seems like that right there talking about stuff they're releasing internally externally I mean I'm just saying bit main if you're a minor you're well we're a bit main they should take some notes so this is a much better way to do any kind of business they're talking about what they're doing here so here we go it's exploring the addition of assets for storage only but you know again we let the clickbait title : base is adding Ripple it's not adding it for trading so technically I mean in my defense I wouldn't say it's a wrong title and this is really important because if you look past the right now and you look into the you know you look at the big picture I'll come back to that in a second but you look at the big picture coinbase has revealed a long list of 37 crypto currencies that's considering for Cohen base custody okay one of the main the main when you're talking about today is ripple XRP but this is the whole list we got a OS Z cash stellar dogecoin I mean we got tails why wouldn't they have that there SIA coin which you know if you're miner you're familiar of all that everything going on neo – and them steam which terrible blogging platform I really want to like it but it's just I mean you can't even save a draft how can you like steam I don't know I'm waiting for an awesome competitor show ontology very new very that's actually pretty cool I'm not I have a couple of ontology nothing nothing big but I think if there it's a very nice complement to neo and these these two guys you know may do some good things here in the future and we got Mon arrow on the og coins here leading the asic resistance that's always cool to see seems like they've been getting some nice press lately see let's take a couple like questions here what's going on the chat so my man's mining his XRP right now doesn't make any sense I hope it moons for you I guess how much dogecoin darling I don't really own any – coin it's a terrible coin founder just totally ditched it I just telling you if I had if I was the founder and owner or you know founder can't really be the owner necessarily but if I was the founder I'm telling you we'd be world currency dogecoin and be awesome epic I mean I'm talking unlimited memes unlimited so the dude that got me the crypto shield XRP heart took me five minutes to realize it was crap and you lost all the crypto on some failed exchange well shoutout to that dude sounds like things aren't going too well for him all right so it's gonna add a number of undisclosed ERC 20 tokens so if they if they actually start bringing on ERC 20 tokens that opens a huge floodgate of so many coins good good and bad I mean it may be disscourn based right plan to make a transition to be more of like a bit tracks where they have so many options or are they gonna be in exchange it has a very select few and it'll always be the goal to get on to it money-wise it would make sense for them to wheel and deal all kinds of stuff because more stuff moving around is just gonna be more that they made on the make on trades and commissions so you know if a goggle comes back to the money game which I believe it will form they're gonna add up as many assets as a realistic form I also think it's interesting that Bitcoin gold on there to which a lot of my noble coins because these it's easier to differentiate these from securities even with pre mines sort of but another thing I want to talk about real quick here is actually I'll come back to this we need to top touch on the whole security aspect so right here let's see this document is a general guide for developers and users of token start to estimate how likely token is to be a security under US federal securities law sets out some best practices for crowd sales and is the detailed securities law analysis basically a bunch of disclaimers to talk about the Howey test if you haven't read about the Howey test I would think about doing just a video on the Howey test I think it's just some in-depth videos on some of these topics that aren't the most interesting but are really important just to understand if you're really into cryptocurrency if you're really into the longevity you should review the case of SEC first Howie and I think that such an important case that really deserves a video it's own right and really just in-depth guide because the how we test is what they're using to define these securities right now so we're gonna come down here so we're gonna do talk about token sales and if you have a token sale you're probably an initial coin offering or an IC o—- and if you're an IC o—- you're probably a security it's gonna be very hard to differentiate yourself otherwise they're gonna go principled you know number one like if you want to be in crypto you better have a white paper and I hope that there's a lot of white on it I hate all these you look at all the ICO white papers and they're like super flashy like it's just like some kind of level 10 dude out of what's that what's that program you always had to make the slides in school anyway you guys no no I'm going with that it's just it's not good it's not professional it's can me it's a bunch of marketing a lot of marketing and not enough product if everything had more product and less marketing crypto would be in a much better place but unfortunately last year was an onslaught of the what we don't need which is too much marketing and not enough product too much money invested it in just ideas and things that don't even have a test net beta let alone a real product I understand need some money to get there but not as much money as some of these guys raised so we need a white paper obviously for a pre step commit to development roadmap provide a roadmap include estimate time and cost so like you know make a real actual roadmap with details and actual stages this is a really good point include a breakdown of estimated expenses by category allocate the funding for the stages list the names of key members be transparent about the amount paid to the key members and development team look everyone involved in the stuff they desert make money and if they're killing it Pam a lot of money that's okay just be honest about it don't hide it don't lie and you're like look this guy's getting paid a lot cuz he's a main guy he's May he's doing an excellent job or he was just in the right meeting at the right time is paid a lot regardless it's important just to be clear about that there's been a lot of scamming a little more scamming than usual it seems lately or maybe it's just because it's a bear market it's easier to watch that stuff and people a little more likely to perform an action like that use an open public blockchain to publish all the code so because cryptocurrency if you don't want to be a security you might want to be a you know a standard cryptocurrency like the fact that they can't classify Bitcoin as a security because it's public it's open it's essentially owned by no one so you got an open source transparent blockchain open source software so you know you will have anything closed source there's nothing even if you're creating something awesome and it's you know proprietary your open source because that is the nature of blockchain and then down here if you're gonna have a token sale use clear and logical fair pricing there's a really good point I wanted to show you guys I may not be able to find it quickly here we go do not promote the token as an investment that will increase in value I want to read this one again do not promote the token as an investment that will increase in value like every single ICO or like remember when we talked about minor one the basically they're raising money to build out a huge mining farm and gonna give you little pieces of it as time goes on in the front page it's like well if you put this much money in now then you'll have this much money next year and this much money in two years and this much money in three years it's it's ridiculous and that's why all those guys are listed it's as securities and rightfully so whether or not securities are beating being treated the way they should here in the US is obviously debatable but nonetheless they certainly fall easily within the current framework there's no disputing that that they fall right into the framework let's take in place here and see what's going on here in the comments XRP aiders haven't done research XRP ledger will be involved in every transaction in the future alright Jim and I appreciate you chiming in man just just because you're a fan of XRP and and i may or may not be i'm always always want to hear you guys an opinion especially if you've got like anything of intelligence going on which yeah you do you did you I mean I'm here to see anything interesting like if they can make some waves that's awesome but it's just really hard to get behind a cryptocurrency that's aiming to have a billion units or 100 billion I'm sorry 100 billion and that half of those are to be released for cert or to be kept as a pre mana 50% pre month so imagine if ripple like does amazing takes off huge valuation right so we've got a huge valuation and then they go ahead and they buy all the crypto that was actually the good crypto it's like banks mate it's like is it it's it really is dubbed the bank crypto for a good reason and if that stuff just pumps and pumps and pumps guess what guess what they can buy right into for free you know ripple was so quick to donate money and act like they're so awesome and so just charitable because they have all this free made up money there was no mining there's nothing they wrote some code and then they had this this you know digital currency that became worth that a ton of money I would be donating like a ton of money to if I had a bunch of free made up money and I get you could sort of apply that to like you know sort of all crypto currencies but it's very different when you have a 50% free mind at least with mining in comparison I know I'm a minor bias there or whatever but at least in mining you have to put work in there are facilities and you are spending USD on electric they have production cost there's a real value that can be attributed to every Bitcoin be created because at a minimum it is worth the value of the electricity put into or at least it should it's not even taking in all of the other factors that go into the fact of a farm and the skills and labor and the location and everything else so but you know I don't want to rant I want to rant too much I want to talk about some of the recent moves that ripple has made XRP so don't cry from the XRP Madonna and the new ripple partnership so that's a reference to don't cry for me Argentina I hit single by Madonna that I've never heard unless I forgot about it I don't know maybe before my time well regardless Madonna is a prominent figure she's popular it's just LaBrie all that stuff and her fundraiser has already raised twenty I can't get this to how I'm using a mouse sorry guys but she's already raised 27k and and with a target figure of 60 K and the final sum donated by Ripple here we go to me nyla ripple will be donating at least the same to the cause in XRP again that's cool and respectable sort of but it's easy to be that guy when you've got all this the massive free mind it's easy to throw money around so I just I lose a lot of respect for it I mean show me you're mining farm and that you're donating that you spent a lot of USD to get that ripple you spent but you know there's a ton of factors and it's not actually zero dollars but you could almost attribute it so you got a zero dollar cost on that there we go I did not make I did not have monetary relations with that what that ripple okay ripple Clinton helped shape the internet so swell the by ripple with our conference they're gonna be running a conference here in San Francisco October 1st and 2nd and their keynote speaker here is gonna be Bill Clinton and all your political views aside I'm good old Bill Clinton right here you know you know happiest to be there and all your opinions aside on this it's interesting ripple has a very interesting approach it's a counter it's a it's a critical currency that's not very cryptocurrency and their moves I reflect that and whether or not you yeah well they're not you agree with their direction and their choices and their motives it's interesting nonetheless and should be studied and so we got Bill Clinton here and he also established programs that bridge the digital divide and he brought new technology to under served communities around the world Bill Clinton apparently off this article The Dude's a hero I just I never knew I guess the new growing up here in USA I never knew but basically ripples based and mixed publicity because of their recent partnerships like this and they threw the Bill Clinton Foundation the Clinton Foundation and ripples partnerships they've essentially become aligned and we may see more of them working together but you know to contrary my kind of negative tone I've had here in regards to this it actually is interesting seeing a former president in the USA regardless of your opinion of them a friend a previous President of the USA involved with cryptocurrency speaking and a cryptocurrency conference even if it is the least cryptocurrency ish cryptocurrency Bill Clinton is here still with his name right below Ripple and overall I'd say that's a good sign for cryptocurrency and it's talking about his own record outside of politics you know not the most impressive things I didn't I have monetary relations with that token which is pretty funny and we've got this debate down here which I touched on earlier which is really weird that XRP was not created by ripple I mean again but basically open coin Inc owned Arthur Britto IP to the ripple platform when the first xrp accounts went live on January 1st and that's why I had this article up because it's talking about what is Ripple um who's behind Ripple the company building the ripple Protocol open coin was co-founded by whatever whatever obviously the they were owned and our own continued to be owned you can change the name you can make up some stories but uh somewhere and the I was scroll down through here reading some plenty comments and there was a I don't want to make one of the no fluffy pony of monaro this dude he's everywhere it's so funny he's like the Twitter I mean I can't take you away from he's like the the Twitter King Twitter Twitter troll King whatever every time I scrolled through a freaking thread it's like Ricardo swag me pops up it's funny everyone's got lighten up a little bit a lot of negativity and just hating these just relax but regardless there's hope this whole debate and they call it a collective amnesia with ripple and it's it's their it's their play to try to become less of a security and more of a cryptocurrency and Dutch Slayer seventy I appreciate the donation man thank thank you thank you for doing that then I'm happy to help him I'm happy that my stuff then you join my stuff man so either way it's just ripple trying to be less ripple but there's still ripple this is pretty old news but I mean look we can Ashton Kutcher's face merely a smile yeah what a good dude right it's pretty funny I don't know if you liked him or not but Ashton Kutcher gave Ellen DeGeneres four million in cryptocurrency for a charity obviously he's a bald lawyer and he gave a four million valuation here that's crazy but again it's easy to throw ripple around when there's such a massive pre mine Ashton Kutcher doesn't have a mining farm he doesn't know the troubles it takes to create a Bitcoin it's really easy to swipe your card write a check and get some stuff or just have it show up in your account magically one day probably more what happened but either way this goes back to Ripple always being on top of the celebrity partnerships in such a bitch such a different direction then like I mean you don't see didn't receive like people just donating massive sums of Bitcoin and whatever else I mean not today's age everybody holds on to their Bitcoin because it's like hey that's the currency the future guys you know in a couple years who knows what bitcoin you could be worth could be $1 I don't know not a professional investor the Senate is not investment advice but I'm hopeful it'll be worth more than a dollar so all in all guys I mean this is kind of just a little news update on cryptocurrency in the regards of ripple I've never covered ripple on the channel and I want to start making some videos about some of these top crypto currencies like ripple or hate ripple it is still they have climbed to be the number three crypto currency in the world by a market mark market cap here and a market cap a 16 billion is pretty crazy so a 1 fat minor thanks to the nation man it's always good to see you here and I always appreciate it seriously we got we've got a lot of stuff going up 8 don't throw me some questions guys we can do a little Q&A here and I'm gonna go ahead and cap the minute off and our captive stream off here at 30 minutes so we got a couple minutes left I have a little bit of fun I'm gonna do a I've got a boss going t-shirt coming soon guys like I know we're not gonna take a little world with it to be mining centric obviously and we made actually do a couple designs so stuff didn't work it I was working on that or I'm gonna bug Misbah stuff like some of her graphic design skills if your graphic designer please reach out to me I need some help with some stuff what if that minor is like my new haircut I'm offended but but seriously guys so I'm gonna be covering all these top cryptocurrencies by the end of the year I want to have a video on the top 25 crypto currencies and not that these Kryptos ever cared but I'm gonna be like hey you know if your crypto makes the top 25 I'll go ahead and make a video about your crypto currency and so it's a joke guys like I'm not conceited like that they don't care but I mean we're just go with it we'll just go with it Oh Eric daf came in I appreciate the donation thank you and I just want to say I appreciate you too man I appreciate you too I appreciate all you guys to take the time to tune in here so soul miner thanks for the donation I'll check out your site I hope you're not a scam I don't think you are not for ten bucks you wouldn't do that enric a phoenix man thanks man I'm that's so cool to hear so you're my hero – I'll never blink I'll never blink Gustav what do you what do you think of the hunt for cheap power everybody's looking for cheap power touched on this little while ago but like there's a there's a waiting list there's a backup to get like anywhere good in Washington state they're starting to cut back more regulations going in to put into place I probably be able to pull it off quickly maybe this one actually so it might be this might not be but a couple reasons videos I touched on how like mining farms are being publicized as bad the media is a negative effect on these mining farms they're portraying them is just this big evil entity that pops up doesn't really create any jobs and sucks up a bunch of power which is sort of true to be honest but it's much bigger than that and it's a very short-sighted view and they should try to look at that as maybe wanting to become a crypto hub cryptocurrency hub I mean that could be really interesting you I build a blockchain city here in the US I'd like to be there a little bit outside a little country little to country for the city life but I work so much I hardly get out the house Scott ass thank you for the nation man seriously appreciate it what else is going on I saw somebody talk about Raven coin earlier I think I think it's interesting and their assets are coming up here soon I'm getting distracted we're already thirty minutes I'll hit a couple more questions here real quick Connie iCloud mine is a total scam man stay away timeline is terrible oh I want to make a video discussing how terrible cloud mining is yeah I heard of this the SIA for a hyperspace interesting that there's a fork looks like total junk probably definitely gonna be a coin but I'm gonna I mean that's a total guess there guys I'm really dug into I'm gonna dig into here when I get some time and I'm hoping to get a couple of obelisk miners in here cuz they look really cool and they're not gonna make their money back that is a huge debacle people want their money back they're talking about a lawsuit with obelisk tech which if you guys are unfamiliar this is what they look like come on that's a cool-looking miner man it was they they got beat to the punch you can cover that stuff way back in January the good chunk of it I think a bike coin it's scam going man it's OG a lot of stuff that that needs its own video I said that's a lot of information to cover on that stuff the opinion on the what the wats my nerdy credit ASIC that thing is I mean we go to was an ASIC minor value this is a good site for that I think they're they're good little calculator up here so we go here and that what that decried miners gonna be the top one not anymore hey so these guys said that they would send me this to review I don't know that we have been going back and forth like crazy so we'll see I don't get to keep it so I'll be jealous alright but we'll see yeah this I mean yeah it looks cool 120 bucks a day but it won't make that much when you get it so minor hey man sorry Kaji scam if your car guy obviously I was total total wrong Tom total wrong right there the P tuning turbo kit is on there I've been thinking about doing a little car like just a little fun video baby just like behind the scenes and I wanted to talk about my car in it I mean peach car guy I spent all my days with Krypto now so don't get out like I used to missed a good car show today but you know is the life yeah I want to cover some of the Z hash algorithm the other 144 aqua hash tails is a Shiba Inu best dog in the world and she hails from Japan but she's actually obviously not from Japan and other than that guys I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna close it up on with this to go on too long I'm not gonna cut off this section cuz some people didn't like that I want to thank all you guys for tuning in if you haven't already please subscribe but you probably got a you guys are subscribed appreciate it but above all please smash the thumbs up on the video now that would be how to be awesome that really helps with the rankings big-time when you guys take the time to comment on the actual videos and especially like even after this is posted if you dropped another comment give me a review on the stream what I do good what do I need to do better I appreciate all constructive feedback I'm trying to get better at this stuff every day so again thank you guys so much and you all are awesome and I'll see you next time

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  1. I have adjusted the title, I'm sorry for those that have felt mislead by it. Figured we could have some fun talking about the least crypto, cryptocurrency with a grabbing title + Coinbase Custody is part of Coinbase, so the title at no point untrue in my opinion.

  2. Can you explain how mining is decentralized when only corporations can mine with their supercomputers? This is a huge SCAM!

  3. BILL CLINTON the rapist has now stained Ripple and their new offering before it even went live. XRP should now be RPE for rape coin.

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  5. Ripple was created from thin air.. It was never mined and sold to the public @ 100% profit. Ripple represents the banksters. Don’t buy or trade ripple.. Never!! Here’s a very informative video of what ripple / xrp actually is..

  6. Nice stream! Due to the magic of geography, I was in bed then 😛 Timezones are the pain … Keep up the great work & my regards to Miss Vosk (she needs her next video btw) 😀

  7. Not really a Ripple groupie; to many coins that all claim to do and be the same thing, and no one is using it anyways, traders just giving it back and fourth to each other. I mined like 2000 Siacoin and held it for what seems like forever, I sold off like 500 at its peak, but waiting to see if dude can get his renting hard drive storage project off the ground.

    I think if a coin relates to technology, it should not be considered a freaking security. I think I am in the long haul camp; because I mine the shit out of a coin and rarely ever sell any. The only two I sold was some Sia and Digibyte. I flippp Ethereum for bitcoin or litecoin when it is to my advantage. Ethereum seems like it is on an eventual crash and burn pattern; ever listen to a developers meeting; it's like most of them just swallowed a half a bottle of Quaaludes. Just mined a bunch of Raven, and that kept paying me out for like a week after i stopped. lol

  8. Vosk… your article on freezing xrp is from 2015. no longer the case. Ripple freezing xrp is FUD.

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