7 thoughts on “Coinbase Boycott? Tim Draper's $250k Bitcoin prediction, John MCafee loves Tron”

  1. Hello. Good videos you make and good discussion. I have to say not one penny of our tax dollars goes to fix or maintain anything it goes straight to pay the interest on debt, it goes straight to the Fed. Any government budgets are funded by new issued money and issued at interest, it's a scam and there can never be a balanced budget in this system. So to think you must pay your taxes or we won't have roads ect. is not true.

  2. Muliti hop. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought the purpose to multi hop was that every bank doesn't have to be a Ripple partner.

  3. Why does your stream always seem to start late? The first second playing is like you been talking for a while.

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