Coinbase Bank Account?

you know as much as you might dislike coinbase for being centrally controlled and pretty much one of the best on-ramps to cryptocurrency which is a good thing for retail consumers do not underestimate coinbase they're getting big time in to venture capital they're getting big time into to fund funds and looks like there might even be getting a federal banking license don't have an underestimate coinbase guys do not underestimate coinbase these guys are on a tear and they're gonna be entering into the traditional markets why hopefully to destroy them hopefully what's up crypto nation it's Batum good to centralise TV did a scripted news bit brought to you by coin Telegraph via crypto yung calm the world's best crypto reader Wall Street Journal coinbase spoke to US regulators about acquiring a federal banking license this is a big deal a federal banking license are they going like big traditional Wall Street coinbase reportedly met with the US federal regulators to discuss the possibility of getting a federal banking a charter The Wall Street Journal reports major u.s. cryptocurrency exchange in wallet coinbase spoke to regulators about obtaining a federal banking charter according to their report by The Wall Street Journal on May 18th sending a person familiar with the matter The Wall Street Journal reports that coinbase spoke to the US Office of the Comptroller of the currency OCC at the beginning of 2018 both about a bank charter and about their business model i spokesperson for the coinbase declined to comment on the meeting two into The Wall Street Journal but added the company is quote committed to working closely with state and federal regulators to ensure that we are properly licensed for the products and services we offer better way to say this is to ensure that we properly license for products and services that we are going to be offering the OCC and coinbase have not responded to coin Telegraph's requests for comment a bi press time at the beginning of April The Wall Street Journal reported that coinbase was also looking to register as a licensed brokerage firm and electronic trading venue with the US Securities and Exchange Commission earlier this week coinbase had announced plans to launch a new suite of products targeting institutional investors like hedge funds as The Wall Street Journal points out the federal banking license would allow based off its own custody and payment services using an OCC limited purpose charter also helping the company attract more institutional customers more money in the crypto yes please it would also allow coinbase to deal with one federal regulator as opposed to a multitude of state ones as well as offer users federally insured bank accounts you want to get a coin based bank account is this gonna be a thing guys however the OCC is a joseph's audience said that a Banking Association meeting in April that most fin tech firms that come in with the intention of obtaining a bank charter to avoid state regulations do not follow through quote when they come and speak to us and they understand how it really takes what it really takes to be a bank they kind of glaze over and often leave skid marks leaving the building meaning they shot their pants the US government recently begun looking into more regulations for crypto currencies with the SEC launching a probe and the crypto businesses in the beginning of March in mid-march the Subcommittee on capital markets securities and investment held a hearing on crypto currencies and initial coin offerings with coinbase chief legal and Risk Officer Michael M pres as one of the four industry witnesses during the hearing limper is referred to the current current US regulatory system for crypto currencies as harming healthy innovation due to lack of clarity well guys hold on to your pants seems like coinbase is getting even bigger by the minute I'm telling you guys now I rather whether you like coinbase or not they're making the right inroads they're blazing the trail and I can think coinbase for that even if they're going to become more of a traditional investment vehicle more of a traditional Wall Street bank of sorts can we hate them for that can we let me know in the Bitcoin pub with the comment section below your thoughts on coinbase going traditional markets traditional banking good if you're new here guys subscribe to our youtube channel everybody else you know what to do smash the like button for coinbase

40 thoughts on “Coinbase Bank Account?”

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  2. Coinbase and their employees are a complete joke! Will never do business with them or blockchain! Its a complete joke

  3. all i see these payment coin bubbles doing is trying to make a pay as you banking system that already exzists and is free tap and debit

  4. I like Coinbase, they are doing a good job until now. Sure I can handle the fees when I need to move fiat to CRYPTO, but I want decentralization moving forward. Looks like Coinbase is going to be controlled by the govt. in the near future. Time to get out. Does anyone have any other recommendations to another decentralized Crypto site?

  5. Hopefully lol dude every night just come to his channel and you get a full update hat's off for this bro you save me alot of time cant keep up to the crypto news after a 12hrs shift

    Thanks dude

  6. Cant hate them. Fees suck though. More positives than negatives in my opinion. USD Wallet. Transfer gains from anywhere back to BTC, ETH, etc. and transfer directly into USD. Very convenient. More coins should be coming.

  7. Charlie Lee explained to me on Twitter that Coinbase should be treated as your checking account usable with a debit card soon and because of that reason he suggested to safely store money you want saved in your own personal wallet like a Ledger Nano S or Trezor.

  8. I want to know why the hell Coinbase is identified as a Foreign company. Goddamnit, they were founded and headquartered in San Fransico, California. But, when you deposit fiat from any bank in the U.S. their fucking address is listed as Cheapside (London), U.K. What the fuck is up with that?!!!! Can anyone explain that?

  9. I don't hate Coinbase for becoming a bank; in fact, I thought they already were one! I hate Coinbase because of their attacks on Bitcoin (e.g., the NYA) and their promotion of shitcoins.

  10. I'd much rather have a Coinbase bank account that is VERY friendly to Cryptocurrency than Bank Of America. I cannot stand BOFA, their fees are ridiculous and the cards they offer suck. If they do offer accounts like checking with a debit card I'd be inclined to support it. Easier Fiat on ramp=winning!

  11. Im from the future. You need to buy xrp you peasants. Coinbase is now the worlds largest liquidity pool for xrp. Xrp is worth 237 usd and rising

  12. Here is bitcoin dance for you although "B" stands for something else.

  13. Coinbase really needs to focus on customer service. Because it fucking sucks. Seriously, how will mass adoption happen if they can’t even respond to a single case in 4 to 5 business days.

  14. So it seems all of you that love CB and XRP just cant break away from the centralized, controlled, privatized banking system backed by nothing. No wonder we cant break free from our slavery the masses always go right back to where they were trying to break free from. Just pathetic. There are so many other options to bank with crypto and use real decentralized crypto currencies. Big thumbs up for you as always bro, keep up the good work. And wash that Lambo, i could have swore i saw a spec of dust on it….hehe.

  15. What other way is there for me to buy Bitcoin outside of coinbase? I'm in Arizona so I can't use Gemini. And I don't want to do coffee shop Street deals via localbitcoins.

  16. I don’t hate them for that. I hate them for locking me out of my account for several months and stealing money from me. They aren’t equipped to take on what they are thinking of doing. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

  17. Fuck coin base. I merely transferred from gdax to coinbase and they froze my transactions for 5 day. It’s their new standard.

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