23 thoughts on “Coinbase Adds EOS | New Copyright Claim BTC Whitepaper | Barclays Funds Blockchain Invoice Factoring”

  1. Quick question how do u play music on YouTube in the background with the copy rights things.. ?? I'm I been in crypto for a while now but thinking of starting my own channel also.. Just looking for some knowledge. Thanks !!

  2. Direct competitor for populous . Support from an already established bank like Barclays will be a massive advantage. Populous best start pushing invoice volume . Even though , it's a big enough market for a few big players to do very well.

  3. any time you see the darth maul light saber candle look the fuck out your going to have so good pull back like 20% over the next days to weeks, missed this peak waiting for a bit of a recovery and sell off waiting for 7400-6200 to buy back in

  4. Blood my biggest holding is EOS. It’s the only platform that will achieve mass adoption! Transactions must be FREE!

  5. I'll have to see if the EOS purchase is real on Coinbase. Then I'll wait for a good dip to buy more.

  6. the other one that you were trying to figure out is called Debitum Deb is the symbol, another one of jsnip4 great pics unfortunately I am holding a small bag of it

  7. Interesting about Barclays. Speaking of Populous, the team is continuing to slowly unload their tokens using hitbtc.

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