Coinbase Adds EOS and More In Today's Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency News in Under 2 Mins 5/30/19

hey everyone and welcome back to bit blitz your Bitcoin cryptocurrency and watching news in under two minutes my name is Jason Solomon and today is May 30th 2019 as always you can find links to all the articles we speak about in the description below in today's a market overview we saw a big uptick as Bitcoin originally broke 9000 before being hammered back down to a resistance level around 8600 this left us at minus 2% litecoin at minus 3% and card on o down 2% as most of the top coins have found themselves in the red coin base has opened up trading for z/os on its retail app this gives retail investors around the United States and the ability to purchase block ones cryptocurrency and ripple based banking app design has been projected for release this will allow users to use both dollars euros and ripple all with inside of the same app without the use of a third party financial institution and telegram has partnered with the button wallet to allow users to purchase Bitcoin and aetherium inside of the messaging service and finally we see the via a new bill Egypt is prepared to release its ban on Bitcoin and crypto currencies by issuing licenses to cryptocurrency companies and in today's real watch we see over 17 million dollars worth of Bitcoin move from unknown wallets – hoo-ahh be exchanged and that's your Bitcoin cryptocurrency and blockchain news in under 2 minutes

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