Coinbase Add Ethereum Classic

so coinbase have officially added aetherium classic to the service alongside back coin back Queen cash aetherium and late coin now this project has been going for a few years as a fork of atheneum I don't claim to be the most knowledgeable about her I'll leave a link to the website if you guys want to check it out and but I do know this project is very well respected although I haven't been following its development over the last year I do hear about a lot because whenever I ask you guys what you guys meaning quite a lot of you guys see aetherium classic know as far as meaning a coin with the purpose of holding it or holding it and then treating it I always went for the theorem and there was only recently you know I just kept seeing people seeing aetherium classic atheneum classic and it's making me think well maybe I should give atheneum Classic a try as well and you know there's more reason to do that no because well it's on coin basis a very easy way to main a coin and Casso interfere if you look at placing well you obviously has been hired at the start of the year every coin was but I think this is a very safe bet for the future you know as far as if you want to main a coin a buy a coin you know I'm not so many talks a lot about you know the place of coins and you should hold all this coin you should buy this coin etc but I mean I think if you look across the board the fact that has now just been added to coinbase well it's quite a safe bet I think one of the main reasons you guys have been meaning as well as that across you know if you look across all the maining calculators this year aetherium and aetherium classic have always been near the top of the tree you know they've always been top three top five top ten you know especially over the you know since the announcement of the farc sigmay knows a theorem and theorem a theorem classic became more profitable for GPU menos as far as you know the most profitable coins domain as far as profits go well interestingly as far as the theorem goes this week or this month as the lowest profitability of Atheneum and its whole history if you look here it started off quite high there's been a few peaks there's been the Weaver last year and then you know Christmas was obviously very high but it slowly been going down no that does to be expected we are in a beer market a very bad beer market but it's interesting that you know despite all the ups and downs over the last couple of years for aetherium the last three years thus as the least profitable time to Maine aetherium button sin that I still think aetherium as a fantastic project and I still think that aetherium classic as an interesting coin to Maine so again I'm not professing to be an expert on aetherium classic but I do know that a lot you guys who watch my videos do Manor and you do hope you do hold all the coin you do hold the coins for that aim so I'm gonna check out more you know I'm gonna I'm going to Maine some coins for I think at one point and maybe just maybe just Maine a few hundred dollars worth and hold it for a while and see what happens if you look outlaw coins you know across the market just know if we enter a bill run in what what what I'm looking at as okie where to these projects is you know is going to go up what you know if you look at the places across the market everything's down but when we do enter our bill run which ones are likely to go up and I'm looking at projects like atheneum aetherium classic Zane cash and things of that I think it's a safe bet for coins like that to go up no guarantee of course that hasn't em but yeah check it out if you haven't already done so so I'll leave links to all these articles guys you can check them out let me know what you think about this announcement and I'll speak to y'all and the next one take

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  1. There has been the beginning of a push for tokens on ETC, hopefully it will take off. ETC Saturn Wallet/Exchange DAO is pushing for tokens too.

  2. Hiya Kev Ethereum Classic wallet is now on coinbase main page think it was just added today

    Ethereum Classic hit a low of just under 9 Euro a few days ago and has hit high's of 13 Euro yesterday

  3. Morning Kev, I started mining ETC mid June mailing because I feel ETH is getting weaker as time progresses. Weaker, since they won't fork away from ASIC's. I believe this is killing people's spirit for the coin. Maybe it will turn around, hopefully it will turn around.

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