Coin Roll Hunting Nickels!

let’s go ahead and knock out this box
and nickels and tell you what I found at the Coinstar hey everyone its rob with
rob finds treasure and when I was picking up my half dollars my grocery
store Bank today as well as grabbing these this box and nickels of the Chase
Bank in the same parking lot I decided to go ahead and check the Coinstar and
look like nothing was in there but I put my hand in and up against the rim was a
1990 British 5 pence it’s been sitting in a coin jar for a
while look at all those coin dings we’ll take it it’s a freebie and we take
Fornes and then nothing special but we also found in 1976 d not sure how that
made it through the coin start machine and got discarded but we’ll take it free
copper on top of that we got this box of nickels this Bank has been pretty good
to me overall I didn’t hunt it the last couple of nickel hunts because I decided
to try other nickel banks but the lead teller there knows me she asked for I
was the last couple weeks said I was just taking a break
she had a box almost ready for me because she knows I always come in right
around 1 or 2 on Wednesdays I already popped it open as normal make sure it
was circulated it is the rules are a little bit this place cuz the box is a
little bit bowed off to correct that but definitely got circulated nickels and I
haven’t checked all the Enders but I took a peek in didn’t see anything
really worthwhile on the top of my head but with nickels it’s more about what’s
inside the rolls and what’s on the end as you guys know you only can see 100
ends and there is 2,000 nickels in here so not much visibility on what’s in the
box till you get into it let me go ahead and get these rolls straightened out
then we’ll start the hunt rule number 3 got our first 40s nickel of the box 1941
philadelphia and that goes along with the 2009 d that’s fine more rule number
eight second forties nickel in the box 1948 philadelphia
well number 14 gonna have our third 40s nickel right here this one’s a 1949
Philadelphia and we do also have two from the 50s but I thought I would take
this time to go ahead and let you know about that last 55 D / s nickel
originally I thought it was a d / s number one but when I went online and
did a little more research I checked for all of the dye markers dye markers can
be scratches or imperfections in the rim things like that and this nickel right
here best illustrated a deal D / s number four of the Wexler’s airs and
varieties and so I checked all of the dye markers and all three die markers
line up on this nickel so I know without a shadow of a doubt it is a 1955 d d / s
number 4 so what does that mean yeah Boober s anything less than number one
the most sought-after air they don’t hold a lot of value if they’re
circulated and what I mean by that is if they’re graded at below almost
uncirculated so in my estimation this is probably an 8 to 10 dollar coin at best
either way though it’s still another air or variety for my book and we’re happy
just thought I’d give you an update on that one and I’ll get back to the hunt
now roll number 32 and I know without a
shadow of a doubt that’s an oldie it’s not with the delete in this clip 1948
Philadelphia 147 and I was ready to cash in this box with only 440 spines pretty
good amount of 50s but I was thinking man this box is kind of a dud I laid out
the 47th roll something catches my eye on the back the rim looks different look
at this I can barely read 5 cents we definitely got a buffalo nickel here for
sure no mintmark
three legs pretty worn but I think I can get a date on that I think I can get a
date let me take a look at it under the microscope
and be right back alright guys I’m trying to hold steady here it’s better
seen under my macro lens but you can clearly see 1925
I had to put a little bit of Nick a date on it for a split second because I
couldn’t see all there was was a dark spot in the middle and I couldn’t see if
it was a 25 26 28 I couldn’t tell and I knew I had all three of those years for
Philadelphia Mint so I didn’t mind putting a little nikka date on it to see
it there’s no there’s not a lot of value in it figured I’d just make sure I knew
what it was anyway 25 Philadelphia and you know what at the
end of the day when you put just a little bit on it doesn’t look that bad
you can in certain lights you can’t even barely see it
we got a buffalo nickel I’m pretty happy with that three rolls to go this roll to
hunt maybe there’s something else rule 50 guys I’m only bringing you in because
uh we might have a silver figured I’d film it regardless last roll of the box
holy cow it’s not a silver it’s a 54 d I’ve checked it under the microscope
well well thought it might have been a silver for a second figured I’d bring in
lye for it alright let me get back to the hunt and then a wrap-up alright that
box that Nicholas honey I thought it’d get a silver war nickels but I didn’t
still got 409s and we ended up with a beautiful 1970s not full steps that
would be nice but still clean fields looks pretty good we got a 1925 Buffalo
the best of the three years I thought it was it’s a three dollar nickel and g4
it’s been nikka dated but now it’s damaged so it’ll be worth about a
instead of three bucks we took a few dollars off it was worth it to see what
it was got a forty one here a couple of 48 and a 49 to 52 to 53 a crazy 54 a 55
d it’s not a D / s of any sort of 57 to 58 and 359 s so the usual fines for a
nickel box that’s what you want a lot of early Jefferson’s happy with 409 s happy
with a nice 1970s but more importantly whenever you find a war nickel or
Buffalo in a nickel box it makes it all worth it hopefully was worth it for you
to watch the video if it was I’d appreciate it thumbs up
and now as always everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching

46 thoughts on “Coin Roll Hunting Nickels!”

  1. I get like 4 or 5 of those dark coins that look identical from the side as a silver and there always a 1970 something lol

  2. Not many finds in that box.. I guess you win in some and lose a little in others ! As always still enjoyed the vid.

  3. I don't get how u get a lot of 2009, I have got one in every single box except one time where I got none and one time where i got 2. Lol

  4. Awesome finds again. Man I love buffalo nickels. I really have no problem keeping buffalo's that the date has been rubbed off. There still a awesome find. And who's to say in the next 10 years if you'll ever find them in a box anymore anyway. Cherish it while we can. That's my opinion. Anyway, I did some coin hunting this weekend. 700.00 in quarters, 200.00 in Penny's, 250.00 in dimes. Let me tell ya. I'm tired. Lol… got 1 2009 dime, no silver. 1 posible double die quarter, no silver. And 20 wheat Penny's. Lowest being 1918s I believe. But man I am wore out. So please send me some of your silver luck this way brother. Lol
    Again. Awesome finds and wish you luck hunting.

  5. Hey Rob, im a big fan and have been watching for a while now, I was just wondering if you collect old bills or not. I have a ton of silver and I am transitioning to old bills. Im just wondering what you do

  6. Nice buffalo, haven't found one in a while. But I do have a silver streak in nickels so far. The last 5-6 boxes for me had at least one silver. Even got 2 last night. Great hunt.

  7. Could you do a video showing how the nick-a-date works on the coins?
    Also, is there ever a time when it adds value to the coin?

  8. Hunting a Nickel Box hoping to pull some more key dates, proof nickels, buffalos, silver and of course a V Nickel if I am so lucky…

    I always roll Hunt Nickels in search of the usual awesome finds – Buffalo Nickels, Liberty V Nickels, Silver Wartime Nickels, old Jeffersons, Proof Coins, and of course, errors and varieties!
    I'll be hunting for Old Jefferson Nickels (1938-1959), Silver Wartime Nickels (1942-1945), Buffalo Nickels (1913-1938), Liberty V Nickels, cool foreign coins, tokens, and any error or variety nickels that I can spot!

    When I coin roll hunt Nickels I don't just search for the regular obvious valued ones. I look for double dies, error coins, and other variety coins that could be hidden in the rolls. As you know – it's rare to find a super key date for any coin in circulation, so your best bet is to familiarize yourself with the error and variety coins as those are normally not as easily spotted and you can still find some GREAT FINDS out there.

    This box decided to give us some good finds and that's why we coin roll hunt nickels!

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    What's your best score from a box of Nickels? Which of the "Big Banks" do you think gives up the best boxes?

    I hope you enjoyed the video!

  9. Nice video Rob! Cool buffalo! Yesterday I actually found 4 buffalos! Along with 3 war-nickels while roll hunting.

  10. Recently I tried a new bank, and I got about 8 rolls of nickels. Three were almost completely pre 1960 nickels. The only years not in there were 38, 50, and the silver nickels. Oh, also a 1945 Canadian.

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