Coin Roll Hunting A Penny Box For Fun!

whenever I’m bored I always turn to a
box of pennies Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and this time nothing fancy no battle of the banks no several boxes
I just want to hunt a box of pennies I’ll record the fines as I go along and
you know we’re looking for Wheaties praying for an Indian Head Penny
obviously we’ll be checking for Errors and varieties got a few of them listed
on my mats but there’s many more I’ll be checking for we’re just gonna have a
little bit of fun with me and a box of pennies will start this hunt I’ve
already checked there’s no Enders not on the top at
least we’ll be checking the bottoms as we hunt and of course we’ll be checking
the insides along the way let’s kick this off right now rule number six we
have our first wheat penny of the Box 57b common as they get different kind of
toning to it but it’s our first find number eight another wheat penny and
another one facing reverse ooh 1934 and you know what I didn’t think it
was gonna be that old the back seemed pretty good not great but pretty good
dirty pennies too by the way we’re only on roll eight and my fingers already
black it’s a 34 pretty common but still a 30s wheat penny roll 11 gonna have our
third wheat penny already 55 Denver a little more newer but three on the board
rule 17 near the wheat penny this one was facing us this time it’s another 55
Denver rule 19 we’ve got a 1983 penny here and I always checked the 83
reverses on Philadelphia minted ones for the double-dot which you would clearly
see here where it says once set at the bottom it’s not there so I always check
each purpose on them cuz you’d see it there as well this is not a double diver
verse but it is a fantastic crack die you got a beautiful crack there and
check out this monster crack down here holy cow
daddy a pretty extensive one that runs all the
way through the base of the Morra building and up through these steps if
you will right there in front matter of fact it might even kind of run up this
way a little bit so pretty pretty nice example of a die crack on the reverse
I’ll take it we’ll add it to the finds up here and we’ll get back to the hunt
roll 22 and I don’t know if it’s the luck of the finger gloves but we just
found another wheat penny wheat penny number five of the bucks and it’s a 53d
roll 25 and I was at the end of the roll and I took a peek and I think I see 20
something yep 1920 so we got our 6th wheat penny at the box it is a 1920 and
it’s not an absolute terrible shape it does have some damage and a scratch
across them but it’s a 20s weedy so what you had a mint mark wish it would have
been in the mid 20s but or early 20s but we’ll take it I’m happy with it – all
D’s in the box so far very next for overall 26 and we’ve got another wheat
penny and this one might be old as well you know it might just be a 44d yeah
it’s got to be 44 obviously I’ll take a few extra seconds just to make sure but
that’s pretty telltale right there but you never know could be some damage it
could be in 1911 something or 1914 something so I will definitely
definitely make sure especially found a couple of oldies but it’s looking like a
44 maybe a mint mark and there we go that’ll confirm it 40 for Denver
it looks like a little bit like an S as well but that’s just a play on light I
think it’s a denver all day either way seven wheat pennies in the
box and that’s about how I find a lot of my 40s they always look older than they
really are rule 28 and we’re gonna have a Canadian here not a young head
Paulie 70s or 80s 77 rule 29 second to the last penny almost an ender 49s
so that makes wheat penny number eight all ready for the box two four five six
seven eight roll 30 we penny number nine and it got
me for a second at first glance just like that I thought it said 1943 but I
took a closer look and I think it’s a 45 it is man right like that
I thought I had something crazy maybe an altered 48 still I’ll take a 1945 wheat
penny all day especially when it makes nine already and we still got 20 more
rolls roll 32 just laid them out and I see OE penny 1950 out of Denver that
makes 10 for the box already roll 33 yet another Canadian 1980 rule 35 saw it
another wheat penny number 1151 Denver will take it though just grout rule 36
and while it may not be a wheat penny and it’s a nice 1959 d ender there’s the
ender and right behind it a few coins is a wheat penny
so we travel with company that is a nice 1959 Denver which isn’t uncommon people
hoarded the 59 transition year Lincoln Memorial penny and it’s not the D over D
re punched MIT mark will add it to the other 59s although it’s nicer than them
and let’s check out this we T it looks like it’s gonna be in the 50s
57 Denver wheat penny number 12 though rule 45 and it had been a bit but we’re
gonna have a baker’s dozen here I see another wheat penny and it’s only a 56
but it makes me happy to find 13 that’s the most I have found in quite some time
on top of that we actually have a couple of oldies so that makes me even happier
row 46 is gonna give a sweet payday number 14 and it’s another 30s 1939
nothing too special about it other than it’s a free 40s and it’s the third that
I’ve got at the box under 1940 let’s find one more rule 47 we got to 15
because I see a 1946 on the board so that now like I said 15 Wheaties well
that was a pretty good box of pennies just for fun
I’m not gonna lie fifteen wheat pennies ate from the 50s for from the 40s to 50
30 s and the oldest of the box was in 1920 out of Philadelphia the 30s were a
30 for Philadelphia and a 1939 Philadelphia
top of that we got that sweet die crack 1983 P I’ll take that all day to
Canadians 559 a sixth one down here 169 s one of these days we’ll find that
DD oh yeah right and I kept these three nice ones because they’re pretty nice
especially this 67 thought it was approved for a second but it’s not just
a beautiful 67 know me mark hopefully you enjoyed this one box penny hunt and
whenever you have nothing to do feel free to crack open a box and look for
some goodies if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always everyone happy
hunting and thanks for watching

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  1. Sometimes nothing is more fun than coin roll hunting a box of pennies. Do you check your pennies thoroughly for errors and varieties or just pull out the oldies and/or the AU+ coins? Do you keep the coppers?

    Keep hunting and good luck!

    They're still out there for us to find!

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  2. Hi Rob awesome video you really need to make more Penny hunting videos cuz I just started hunting pennies today

  3. Hi Rob,hopefully you get an indian head penny, and that ender I never saw the year, it was in 2017 or 2018 I think

  4. Went through 2 boxes yesterday, found my first IH 1901 and a 1909 plain. Also found a 1926. Average on the 2 boxes were 8 wheats and 1 Canadian

  5. I'm glad to see that you put on a finger glove cover that cut handling pennies if you ever feel a pain from your cut to your elbow you're in big trouble… tetanus

  6. Well your box today beat mine, I only found 11 wheats and the oldest was only 1942. Nice 1920 and 1934 there!

  7. Found an 1889 Indian in my first penny box! I had a question. Is it worth it to keep S mint pennies? I know they’re much lower mintage than D/P. Thanks! Happy Hunting

  8. Good box Rob. Thanks for posting. I am jealous of all the AU pennies you find. I found my best error recently: 2017 Ellis Island weak strike "IBERTY" quarter. I check for errors in pennies and stack copper. I also keep toned pennies, going for a toned memorial set.

  9. Unfortunately, I found ANOTHER box of pennies that has NO copper! I did not open all the rolls…too discouraging!

  10. Got me a 1964 silver Quarter in a roll the other day. This quarter is very very nice. One side of the edge is thicker then the other side but without wear and the Rim on the right side has a line going thru half way down like a split edge Rim like it was double stamped possibly. I really don't know how to explain it but it's a weird 64 silver Quarter tho.

  11. I have done that a couple of times looks like a 43 and think. Wow and then get better light on it and its a 45.

  12. Good finds. Just finished going through a box of pennies too. Only found 7 wheaties. Wish I could found more but I'll take it.

  13. Me and my daughter went thru 20 boxes tgis past weekend..and we only got 59 wheeties out of 20 boxes..and couple months ago we would get atleast 20 per box on most boxes

  14. It’s fun watching your videos Rob! Your videos makes feel as a kid doing coin roll hunting! Keep up the good work!

  15. When I’m bored I watch Rob who is bored searching pennies.?

    And after 9 minutes and 14 seconds I am refreshed. Thanks Rob!???

  16. Nice. I've been averaging only about 8 per box. Just 2-3 months ago I was averaging about 17 per box. What's going on? Good video. HH!

  17. I'm a firm believer that ultimate zen is ripping open a roll of pennies for personal enjoyment.

    I know that you really have to really tear through some boxes sometimes to get your content out, so it's nice to know that you can still have the occasional box to sort through on your own time to relax. That die crack was nice! Good finds.

  18. When going through boxes of pennies, I would just recommend not buying a box from Chase. I tried that, the only thing I got was 50 rolls of 2019-D heh. I kind of feel after that it would be better to just buy customer rolls.

  19. I need some Help I coin collect for fun and I have found the following 1942,1920,and 1930 wheat pennies I would like to know if there special. Also non of them have mint marks.

  20. Nice find on the 83. although ya dont find the DDR, Its always cool to find the die crack that otherwise wouldnt have been found if it wasnt for the variety possibility

  21. Rob can me and you do a trade?? If so what is your email address so I can send u a picture of some coins to trade and btw I will probably want silver $1/2 Ben's JFK's or Mercury dimes

  22. Hey rob, I am hosting a give away on my channel. I am giving away some cool stuff. I was wondering if you could spread the word about the give away. I am giving away a v nickel and some other cool coins

  23. I enjoyed that video! I wand a camera like yours! My left eye is killing me looking through this jewelers loupe!

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