Coin Roll Hunting A Box of Pennies

hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and we’re opening and hunting a penny box today I say opening it’s
already open you guys know I’m always taking a look inside of these before and
get home just because I want to make sure they’re circulated they are not
seen any special enters of telling the truth on this one but you don’t usually
get a lot of wheat cent or Indian Head cent pennies it’s been forever since I
found a Indian Head I’ve got three boxes to go through over the next few days and
I’m picking up two more on Wednesday so I’m hoping hoping to see one again I
know it’s not usual to find them so I’m not expecting much but don’t like
cutting some pennies I’ve got my microscope set up I’ll be zooming in on
that if you find anything cool and anyway let’s go ahead and get this penny
hunt started all right guys we’re in our fourth for all the boxes we got
ourselves our first wheat cent here it is a 1956 Denver not in too bad of shape
we’ll take it put it right below our 1959 Denver we found earlier you know I
pulled those out all right let’s get back to the hunt
all right guys seven through all the walks and I see it coming up so I
figured I would loop you in for it you got a Canadian it’s a newer one though 1998 well take it first for find of the
box to go along with to 2018 D’s couple of oh 9s a 59 and a 56 Denver
alright guys on the 10th roll and look at this roll it’s all 2018 Denver’s
except for a few coins and I saw one day it was a 2018 Denver but say you look at
this again take a look at this 2018 out of the
microscope here oh no guys that looks like a pretty
suspect Liberty right there all right guys
it’s just machine doubling upon closer inspection but still pretty cool gave me
quite the curiosity there let’s keep looking all right guys roll number 14 we
got ourselves so we’d said sitting right here let’s take a look together good be
old the 1944 D let’s look at it under the scope it’s now our second wing set
and our oldest of the box so now we’ve got a 44 D and a 56 D all right guys
roll number 28 and we have a wheat cent peeking out you never know it looks like
it could be all but there’s pretty good detail on the ears would be nice to see
VDB but we don’t let’s take a look 1945 Philadelphia all right
we’ll add it to the wheat cent collection over here that’s 2 ’44’s ones a Denver ones
the Philadelphia 45 Philadelphia and the 56 Denver for Wheaties so far well let’s
keep looking all right guys roll number 32 got another
wheat cent here facing me straight on 1958 Denver not too bad a shape either
it’s our newest Wheatie and most recent as well see what I did there five wheat cents
so far 32 rolls not quite let’s get back to the hunt okay guys roll number 33 for
a next roll got another wheat cent here 1941 d pretty good shape
we’ll take it it’s uh now our sixth wheatie you got an
older one so we’ll take it everything’s still 41 and newer everyone asks I’m
funny mm 18 pennies I am including four full rolls oh let’s get back to the hunt
okay guys roll number 42 you got another wheat cent never know when they’re marked up
like that as far as discoloration doesn’t look that old but you never know 56 d we got those for sure and you know
what I’ll take it though that’s seven weeks sense maybe we’ll sneak out an
eighth roll number 44 searching the pennies and uh we got a wheatie peeker looks pretty new whoa we got a 1942 s that’s in pretty good shape look at that under the under the
microscope it’s definitely a 42 S and it’s not in as good a shape as I thought
for sure as you can see but you know what that’s pretty good detail on those
ears we’ll take it 1942 s and I’ll have to look at my records but I don’t think
I have too many forty two S’s okay we’re on the last roll the box I just laid the
coins out and I noticed the wheat cent so I figured I’d grab it for you
this will make wheat cent number nine kite the engine 1958 d we’ll take it I
have you here we’ll see if we can get a tenth wheat cent we’ll just go for kind
of fast no rhyme or reason here we’ll just push it over to the side and
I see nothing all right I’ll go through these and we’ll give you
a wrap-up all right guys another box of pennies hundred we ended up with 1 2017 P 10 2009’s 7 are in really good shape got a Canadian 98 I pull out my 59s and
we got six of those that wasn’t in that box and that one’s not too bad we ended up with 9 wheat cents got a 41 D a 42 s prolly my favorite of the box 44 plane
44 D 45 Philly 56 Denver 56 Denver 58 Denver and a 58 Denver and but you’ve
now have five complete rolls of 2018 d and a whole bunch of loose ones that
would probably fill up another couple of rolls at least I might do that with them
anyway I haven’t really looked at him it looks
like we have a weak strike on many of the rolls so whatever machine this was
was hitting uh has a weak strike a lot of machine doubling anyway
pretty cool finds if you enjoyed the hunt with me please give the video a
thumbs up and as always thanks for watching

29 thoughts on “Coin Roll Hunting A Box of Pennies”

  1. Nice finds, hunted two penny boxes recently, the first had 10 wheats with the oldest being a 1927 D which was an obverse ender. And the second box had 16 wheats with a 1936 and a 1947 KG VI. Great hunt.

  2. Couldn’t get hear early because I had to do stuff. Nice find finds I also have 25 S mint mark pennies because I’m in Arizona, I’m also finding 2018 pennies

  3. Nice hunt, man you do not find many Canadians or 2017p’s I find probably 15 Canadians per box and probably like 100 2017P’s haha.. but man you are lucky you are getting 2018s I haven’t found one yet lol

  4. Rob, another nice box. I am over here watching ALL your coin rolling, but I usually watch on the big TV, so not on the computer to leave comments, but I am here catching up today!!! Doing a penny box right now, looking like one of my best wheatie boxes in a while…..
    The Other Rob

  5. you should really keep the 2018 pennies, their real hot on the market now, and sell for way over face value

  6. I never buy a box but I do get a roll or two from time to time. One time I bought $2 in pennies and one had a wheat cent as an ender. After looking through all of the rolls I had found at least 50 wheat cents

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