Coin master Hack Cheats – How to Get Unlimited Coins and Spins 2018 (Android & ios)

hello guys in todays video I am going to show
you how you can get free coins in the game coin master so i have started the game and
i will connect as guest so i can enter my username you can also play via facebook so
i will just build my village and enter my username so this will be my username hipster9 now i
will just click on spin and get some coins so now i will show you the amount of coins
i have which is 25000 and you can see my username very clearly which is hipster9 so now i will
close the game and visit the url which is as you can see on the screen
you will have to type the website so this is the url which i will have to visit so this
will open this site and this is the website from where you can get your coins so i will
just get my coins select amount of coins i want i don’t want spins so i will keep this
as default and click on generate here you will have to enter your username so i will
enter hipster9 which was my username and select the platform which is android and then click
on continue so this will process all the functionalities to award your account with the points or say
coins it will do all the process you can see this is processing and generating packets
etc and now i will have to complete this human
verification because there are many people who want to get this so there is a human verification
and as you can see on the screen if you want to know more and you have less internet you
can visit this youtube link these are all the offers some offers need you to enter your
phone number to unlock your content some offers want you to install the application and then
click connect as you can see here so you will have to read the instructions and follow them
in order to complete the human verification it says install and click connect on the vpn
so i will do this go to app store and now i will install the application and now i will
fast forward this video and will tell you about the offers some offers want you to enter
your phone number and they will send you a pin number on your phone which you will have
to then enter on the website in order to complete human verification some offers will tell you
to enter your email and other details and then it will complete the offers some offers
will then tell you to download applications and here it is the coins have started increasing
and you can see very clearly it has started increasing and i can use those coins wherever
i want to use them so thank you so much for watching this video guys and if you have any
questions or queries you can read the instructions which will be displayed on the screen right

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  2. I did not know that this could be done, it has worked perfectly for me, now I can buy and do what I want for my village, thank you very much friend continues to share videos with tricks, excellent

  3. One of the most depicting videos that show exactly and step by step what you need to do so that you can get free coins all the time! It helped me a lot.

  4. Thank you so much, I tried to find this kind of hack for long time, this is really working. I wish I could find this earlier 🙂

  5. This is really a innovative video. By wathing this video you can know everything about bitcoin. I haveno any complain

  6. Interesting video and the hack is really working.
    This hack helps us to earn more coins and spins. Thanks for sharing.

    Go ahead, delete my comment. You can't have people warned of the truth.

  8. Heyy , As an alternative usse websitte : HackCoin. Pro gooot 70k spinss from this one ( Wiithout Spacee )

  9. Can somebody please tell me why it's not letting me past the verifying process. I downloaded 2 games and ran both for over 30 seconds and I wasn't given the free spins and coins?

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