Coin Janitor – new program to help clean up inactive and worthless crypto tokens and make them worth

the guys Don Keating here team Donny wait I want to do a ICO review video for you guys today on one called coin janitor and the reason I picked doing this review on this one here is because I think it is a service that this project is going to be aiming to fill that is pretty needed in the marketplace to have a overall healthy cryptocurrency marketplace because their goal is basically to take over failed projects or abandon projects you know coins that the developers aren't working on anymore you know these bags that everyone's kind of stuck with that you invested in these coins and they didn't go anywhere or they they kind of fail off and you're just kind of stuck with them because there's no market to really sell them and what these guys are going to do is reach out based after they you know identify a good candidate for this they're going to reach out to the developers and the owners and the community to be able to create a value for the coin and basically absorb that coin and whatever value it had and you know any any kind of technology or anything that can benefit the overall community and they're going to be able to issue them coin janitor tokens so it's going to be interesting that they could be able to be traded and then for a theory or a Bitcoin or whatever and then they they're planning on taking any technologies that that could help and making them open source for anyone to be able to you know to use them for their own current or future projects so it's pretty interesting and they already did get reviewed by I co bench and they have a super high review with three three experts reviewing it so far and they do have all their social media starting up just starting they did have a nice article here on coin speaker and I don't want to read the whole thing word-for-word but I want to read a lot of it because it did a really great job about reviewing the project and kind explaining it in a real easy-to-understand way so okay says promising startup coin generator is to give new lives to inactive coins and forgotten assets returning their value to the global crypto market you know right there is exactly what they do okay it's a South African blockchain startup proposing to take on failed or failing cryptocurrency and returning their value the tech firm will look for specific coins considered to no longer have practical use by the community or are functionally inactive after making contact with their creators and communities coin janitor will buy out the coins with its own native tokens and manually decommission the blockchains after destroying the inactive coins so any coins that you take in will be destroyed this is how the value can be transferred back into the crypto markets coin bat coin janitor will play a similar role as its name stake the janitor but in crypto community the janitor is often unseen and unheard diligently cleaning up offices and buildings maintains tightness keeping working space is clean and conductive to work the most inhabitants barely barely needing to interact with them just like every building needs someone fix leaky pipes broken windows and spills corner janitor believes the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency markets could benefit from improved efficiency and an entity that cleans up the scene behind the scenes hey its first priority will be to address the growing list of coins and tokens forgotten by the successes of others it will reach out to communities and founders of these coins and follow up with purchasing and decommissioning them this can return their values and make coins active again in the crypto market cryptocurrency enthusiasts who do not hold any of these inactive coins might question the need to be concerned with them but coin Jenner believes that there are sound economic principles underlying this the fact that these inactive coins are no longer part of the crypto ecosystem means that their values are locked up for moving values that can collectively could become a significant source of growth and further help top or inking coins achieve even more you swap these tope these inactive coins for active tokens coin Jenner hopes to create a community of users able to sell buy and trade coin janitor tokens on exchanges for other top-ranked digital assets this is likely to create new positive external influences for performing coin holders even those completely uninvolved a coin janitor or inactive coins okay so it's gonna be just a great way to reach just freshen up and get rid of coins that are sitting there on act inactive and even though they may have a low value they still have some type of value and they're just being there just sitting there wasting away so if they can get them active again through trading them in for coin janitor tokens I think it's great you know I think it's gonna help out they don't do any good if they're sitting in your wallet you know not doing anything at all so they're gonna be looking at different things abandoned coins coins with 1 million plus daily coins with less than 1 million and then coins that are not even listed anymore on coin exchange okay and then they're gonna rate them and pick the best one for you know the best candidate for doing this and becoming taken over by coin janitor the sales not as early it's not not gonna start for 30 days so you still have time to review this see if you're interested in it and even if you don't decide to join and buy tokens you should help share the message just look you know like a subscribe and share the link to this page so that they can come in here and see what it's all about you know they do have a pretty decent team you can see they're very fair with how much they're taken out of the actual sale proceeds okay and there's the four people that they're going to benefit from the project users of failed coins the market as a whole coin janitor users and project creators those are their target markets to benefit from this and they have a whole bunch of supporters here's their road map where they're at right now we are in February 2018 right into March here so they're going to be releasing the API of coin janitor market data is coming out any time now and third quarter 2018 fourth quarter 2018 the first state of the market report on all the coins is going to be published and then there are going to be the next phase starting in 2019 okay they have a few frequently asked questions here they of course have a white paper and you can come in here and if you click on join the janitor you can put in your information and join the white list okay so I wanted to keep an eye on it's it's super early but it is one that I wanted to just put out there follow along like I did I do suggest that you at least join their telegram they do have the Facebook group and you know all the normal social media so you should check them out and just follow along you know if you're not interested in investing or if you're in the United States you can't invest in this ICO anyway so you could just follow along and when it hits an external exchange and you can come in and be a part of it I probably will pick up some of these I think based on what I'm seeing so far I am in the United States so I can't buy them but I'm gonna watch it and then when it comes out on the external exchange if it if it stays to plan here on everything that I've read about it I think it's gonna be a pretty decent one and even if it's not a huge moneymaker overall I think it's like I said it's benefits the community so I'm part of that now I hope you guys like this if you have any questions email me don quixote @ i'll try to answer any questions that you guys have if you guys wouldn't mind like and subscribe the video let me know in the comments if you like these kind of videos if you like this this project you don't like it any kind of feedback just let me know that somebody's watching the videos and you're interested you're not interested in them and if there's something you want to see that you haven't seen please leave that in the comments below and I'll try to accommodate that the best that I can okay I'll talk to you guys soon appreciate your time thanks

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