Coin Collecting : How to Determine the Value of a Coin

You’ve just come across a wonderful old coin.
It must be valuable right because it’s old? Maybe, maybe not. Hi I’m Rui and we are going
to talk about how to determine the value of a coin. There are quite a few methods to determine
values of coins and we’re going to talk about a few of them now. One silver and cold coins
are always worth more than their face value, especially the older coins so as a collector
or a beginning collector those are the coins that you definitely want to start looking
for. Second and this is the one that some people don’t quite understand and others really
find unbelievable are mint mistakes. A lot of times when these coins are minted they’re
minted by more recently modern times by machine so there are mint mistakes. There may be a
letter missing or a number missing or what is called a double stamp where the coin is
actually stamped twice at the mint. These are rare and make the coins incredibly incredibly
valuable. Another thing is understand the grading system from very fine to poor and
everything in between. You can basically when you look at coins you can have a look and
see and see what kind of condition they are in and decide somewhere in that range of fine
to very good or poor. You can pick up a blue book at any coin shop or book store. It is
a coin blue book similar to the ones used for cars but they are for coins. It gives
you a good value of what coins are worth. You can pick up an antique or collectibles
guide and it gives you a variety of the most common type of collectible coins and gives
you a good idea of their value as well. You can do some research and find coins similar
to the ones that you have and see if you can look and see if they are on sale in magazines
on line, newspaper classifieds and see what people are selling the coins for and it will
give you a decent idea of what the value is. A certified appraisal works. That usually
costs money and make sure that you know the difference between an insurance appraisal
for the replacement of the coin and just an appraisal for what the actual coin is worth
itself. But remember coin prices are determined basically by the market, scarcity and condition.
Coins are really only worth what people will pay for them. Now this coin for instance if
you have a coin similar to this one, this is a 1962 50 cent cameo piece and it is in
incredible condition. You could use an antiques and collectible guide because it is a common
coin or you can use a coin blue book value and you can look this coin up. I looked up
this coin and a coin in this condition is probably valued at about $65 to $70 so it
is actually, once you know what the coin is and you are a pretty good judge of the condition
of the coin, it is actually pretty easy to determine the value of these coins. Again
I’m Rui and good luck collecting.

18 thoughts on “Coin Collecting : How to Determine the Value of a Coin”

  1. Blue book is a general idea on what a coin dealer may pay you for a coin. Coin prices change constantly.

    If you are looking to grade a coin you can send it in to be slabbed but sometimes you pay more for the slab than the coin is worth. A good guide for grading is photograde. If your into error coins pick up the cherrypicker's guide.

    PS the coin in PR65 Cameo is only worth $32 retail. A dealer may pay $20 or $15. That is more than the silver price.

  2. Hi! I'm new to collecting, and want to thank you for your videos. I'm so glad someone out there posts important info in terms that I, as a beginner can comprehend. I have a question. Can you possibly do a video on wheat pennies? I've looked through your videos and didn't see one. I found one and have no idea what their value is, or much else for that matter. Figured it'd be easier if I went to you lol

  3. now days when it comes to collecting coins tho you have to look at is it silver or gold is it clad and whats the condishion. you could have a coin with no value except the value of silver or gold if its eather but the guid will give you the value of the coin with out being able to take in the curent value of silver or gold wich changes so rapid latley you couls have $5 in silver 1 day and $10 the next all for the same coin.

  4. i just found a 1979 missprint canadian penny it is undersize and thick and bulky as if it was not
    hit hard with the stamp the print is kinda fat is this worth annything

  5. How valuable are the coins you're likely to find underground using a metal detector? Has anyone tried selling any coins they found with a detector on ebay? If so how much did you get for them? How much would an old buried 1920's quarter go for on ebay?

  6. I have a 1969s,1971s, and a1974s pennys the 1969S is really thick and sticks out more than any other penny ive ever found in my 8 years of collecting and the 1971S has a red tent that sticks out on it and the 1974S is thick also but im tring to find someone to help me find out if this 1969s is DDO and if it is i want to see what the value is. if anyone is interested please emal me at [email protected]

  7. If it's a 1920's quarter, it must be the standing liberty. If it's a plain liberty it's worth at least 20 dollars, but can go as high as 400 dollars for near perfect. If it's a D or an S, then the value is much higher, especially an S which starts out at at least 50-60 dollars. This is Values not prices, if you would sell it at a dealer the price you would get would be a third of the valued price at best.

  8. hi i have a £1.00 coin that has a mint error on the back of the coin were the word one is missing from the on side of the sheild this coin is dated 2008 . what would you think this coin could be valued at if possible please.

  9. I discovered a misspelling in the word "E PLURIBUS" my 1883 O Sikver Morgan its spelt "E PLTRIBUS" just wondering if anyone has ever discovered this before and if not what should i do?

  10. Hey I have a special coin maybe u can help can’t find it anywhere it’s a quarter that has a stamp in it that says property of us govt. 1979 quarter

  11. so how do i get this valued by a professional, whats the name of people who do this and someone that can give a fair value for sale

  12. I have a 1999 silver dollar with lady Liberty on front eagle on back standing of rock with peace written on rock ,very good condition but the front has In God We TRVST with trust spelled wrong , dies anybody know why???

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