Coin Army iOS iPhone Gameplay Review –

Have you ever played one of those coin tossing
games at an arcade (I know arcades aren’t exactly common any more unless you live in
Asia, but stick with me here)? Coin Army takes the concept of chucking coins forthwith, and
trades out the opportunity to win cash and prizes with the success of a war effort…
all wrapped up in a freemium package. Mmm, tasty. With the flick of a finger, you send coins
out into battle. Think of them as thin, round, and shiny soldiers. Hitting tanks, commanders,
and air planes with earn you experience points as well as the opportunity for more coins
or gems (which are used to buy more coins), and you can shield yourself from their attacks
by using the two shield buttons available. The more experience you gain, the faster you
level up, and each level brings new power-ups or upgrades to aid you in your coin flinging. The problem is that coins are a finite resource,
and soon after playing you’ll find yourself either having to spend money via in-app purchase,
or waiting a period of time for enough coins to respawn to keep playing (and the game has
an annoying habit of texting you as a reminder that you have coins to use… even when you
told the game not to upon first running it. In fact, a lot of games have this problem.
What’s with that?). Now this sort of thing should be expected in a freemium title, but
that doesn’t mean we have to like the constant intrusions and forced breaks from playing
your game. And it is a shame because coin flinging to
destroy enemy troops is a lot of fun. It has that same addictive quality that the machines
in the arcades have, and it just goes to show that sometimes the simplest ideas can yield
positive rewards. It just would be nice to have the option to buy the game outright,
and to be able to coin fling away to our heart’s content, as even though the title being free
might get more people to play it, intrusive design choices will most likely chase the
majority of them away.

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