Cody Ray Raymond Battles SandyRedd to Solomon Burke’s “Cry to Me” – The Voice 2018 Battles

♪♪♪ ♪ When your baby ♪ Leaves you all alone ♪ And nobody ♪ Calls you
on the phone ♪ ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ Yes!
♪ Well, here I am,
my honey ♪ ♪ Come on,
cry to me ♪ ♪ When you’re all alone ♪ In a lonely room ♪ There is nothing ♪ But the smell
of sweet perfume ♪ ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ ♪ See, don’t
you feel like ♪ ♪ Crying? ♪ Come on ♪ Cry with me
Oh, my God! -Whoa!
-♪ Whoa Both:
♪ Nothing can be sadder ♪ Than a glass of wine alone ♪ Loneliness, loneliness ♪ Is such a waste of time ♪ You don’t ever ♪ Have walk alone ♪ You see ♪ Come on
and take my hand, baby ♪ ♪ Take my hand
♪ Walk with me ♪ Come on and
walk with me ♪
♪ Yeah -♪ When you’re waiting
-They better sing, girl! -♪ For a voice to come
-I’m tellin’ you. ♪ In the night Uh-huh.
♪ But there’s
no one ♪ ♪ See, don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪
♪ Now, now ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ ♪ Don’t you
feel like crying? ♪ ♪ Don’t you feel like ♪ Crying?
♪ Whoa ♪ Don’t you feel like ♪ Crying? Yes! ♪ Don’t you feel like ♪ Crying? ♪ Cry to me Oh, my God. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪♪ Yeah! ♪♪♪ Yes!! It was so good. I’m excited ’cause I get to try
to pick one of y’all up. ‘Cause she
can’t take you both.
[ Applause ] I’m no dummy,
and to be with — Well…
[ Laughter ] I-I’m literally
smarter than you. Um… -Yeah.
-Congratulations. You know, you really had
a moment up there. You’re both masterful singers
in completely different ways. I’m such a fan
of the both of you. And that was so —
just miraculous and special to experience
that it would be my honor to work with either
one of you. Ahh. Thank you, Adam. Yes! Individually, you guys
are, like, superheroes. You’re Avengers
together. [ Laughter ] Cody, there’s something
so vintage-sounding about your voice
that it’s just incredible. And, SandyRedd, you have moved
the bar even higher. And I’m sorry.
You don’t sound like anybody else
to me in the world. I’d be picking
SandyRedd. I’m so torn.
[ Applause ] -Kelly.
-This is stressful. -Kelly.
-I need food. Kel–
[ Laughter ] This is how
I handle my emotions. I need
a biscuit, too. Or maybe one of those swirl
Hershey Kisses, since you’re dressed
like one right now. That would be good.
You know what I’m talking ’bout? [ Laughter ]
Jennifer: Oh, my God. It’s, like,
y’all were beyond amazing. Like, you’re so ready
for this. I don’t — I don’t know
what to tell you, friend. I think we should do
the save in the battles. Daly: Thank you, Coaches. [ Cheers and applause ]
Oh! Kelly, you got
the final decision. Give us a few thoughts
on that battle first. Cody Ray, it’s literally,
like, Chris Stapleton. It’s so smooth.
It’s gorgeous. SandyRedd, you’re literally
one of the best singers I’ve ever heard in my life. [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, in the blinds,
I was hiding behind the chair for a solid reason.
-[ Chuckles ] Your voice is, like, “What?” It’s insane what you do.
-Kelly? I’m gonna — I know.
I’m sorry, Carson. Tough one here. Kelly, who’s the winner
of this battle? [ Dramatic music plays ] -Girl, whatcha gonna do?
-I don’t know! -I sure want to know.
-Um… ♪♪♪ Um… Uh… The winner
of this battle is…Cody Ray. Oh, my God.
[ Cheers and applause ] Cody Ray! Moving on
to the knockouts! Congratulations. Kelly: Picking between
Cody Ray and SandyRedd was the hardest thing
I’ve done yet on this show. -Thank you.
-But on my team, I don’t have
anyone like Cody Ray. He has this really cool vibe,
and no one sounds like him. Cody Ray:
I’m so grateful to Kelly. She’s just this bright being
of a queen. [ Chuckles ] And to have her encouragement means more than
I can even explain. -Aah!
-Coaches, let me remind you SandyRedd
is available to steal. That’s a steal! There’s another steal!
And a third steal! [ Cheers and applause ] Adam, Blake, and JHud — instantly hitting their
steal buttons for SandyRedd! Girl,
you ain’t going nowhere! Whoo!

100 thoughts on “Cody Ray Raymond Battles SandyRedd to Solomon Burke’s “Cry to Me” – The Voice 2018 Battles”

  1. i am from fiji…. till today 20/06/2019(10.21am) i am still watching and listening this battle every time im at work i can replay 2 to 3 times. this is no longer a battle it must be out on the radio as their own record……. big thanks to kelly for this …… just a suggestion if Kelly Clarkson can help this 2 amazing artist to be a duet… their voice is natural and rich……..

  2. What pisses me off about this is that you know the voice and instrument tracks exist somewhere separate from the audience and judge's voices…they literally just need to zip it to an mp3 and sell it….

  3. My goodness. I wish they would go in as a duet instead of a single act. Their voices blend so well.

  4. Back here after initially commenting my obsession 8 months ago. FRT…when is this single coming out on Spotify?? Because I'm pretty sure I need this played at my wedding…….

  5. Oh my gosh! They were amazing! So much talent that year but wow, the amount of soul in this performance is incredible. They should tour together. Not enough positive adjectives for this performance!

  6. SandyRedd should’ve won in my opinion 🤷🏾‍♀️ but it’s cool Cody is a good singer as well♥️❗️

  7. Omg! Sends chills down my spine listening to these 2, I cannot stop watching and listening to their amazing, outstanding duet. They rock! big time, enormous. They've put this song on a whole new level too. They're each great soloists in their own right, but as a duet, no words to really describe how awesome they are.

  8. All I have to say is Sandy Redd keep on your musical journey. I don't see why you can't make the same kinda impact Tina did. You don't have to dance just keep that positive note in your presentations.

  9. sandy redd are just out of this world. The soul in her voice is just amazing, the last time I can remember seeing a talent like this I was nine yeaars old, watching Sissel Kyrkjebø singing Sukiyaki. Being a ladies man, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston gets honorable mentions, but Sandy, I think you are the best. Good luck to you, maybe someday we`ll meet up and do a song together. Best of luck to you from Norway

  10. their voices on their own could just kill me but TOGETHER they are sending me into anaphylactic shock oh my god

  11. We can see that not one judge was surprised when kelly let sandy go because they knew her strategy, that if she let sandy go someone else will steal her whereas cody had a smaller chance of getting saved

  12. I’m so glad they had the steal you both were spectacular!!
    SandyRedd I’ve never seen anyone… wait I have, Beyoncé
    That’s who you remind me of when you totally let it all hang out you leave a piece of SandyRedd on that stage so you’re unforgettable loved this performance it was perfection!

  13. Haven’t watched the final vote yet… the girl killed it on theatrics and voice… the guys voice was melting!
    I choose the guy…. push play !!

  14. That was fire and they get a record deal they do need a sing together on leased one of the tracks on each of their records just saying

  15. Totally awesome talented pair . I was not surprised all three judges wanted her . There singing together was completely incredible .

  16. Blake said it perfectly:"Individually, you're superheroes. Together, you're The Avengers". I'd go even further; I think both could be future superstars on their own, but they should keep in touch and work together a few times because together they could be legends.

  17. When your baby leaves you all alone
    And nobody call you on the phone
    Doncha feel like crying
    Doncha feel like crying 
    Well, here I am, my honey c'mon baby, cry to me

    When you're all alone in your lonely room
    And there's nothing but the smell of her perfume
    Doncha feel like crying
    Doncha feel like crying 
    Doncha feel like crying
    C'mon baby, (c'mon) cry to me

    Nothing could be sadder than a glass of wine alone
    Loneliness loneliness, it just a waste of your time, oh yeah
    But you don't ever you don't ever have to walk alone
    You see, Come take my hand, and baby, won't you walk with me? whoa yeah

    When you're waiting for a voice to come
    In the night there is no one
    Doncha feel like crying (cry to me)
    Doncha feel like crying (cry to me)
    Don't you feel like cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cry (cry to me) cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-crying? (cry to me)
    Don't you feel like cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cry (cry to me) cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-cr-crying?

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