CNBC must not like money… ??The Bitcoin Bubble 2018 | How to Trade Bitcoin Crash

like a boss yeah boy live from the USA hoping you get paid every day this is the dose of Bitcoin the free stove crypto is your boy BK and if you don't like me you must not like money thank you for joining me everybody today is March 8th and as you can as you already know bitcoin is down but I tell you right now it bangs your rainout so do yourself a favor smash that subscribe button come home and join the money team the doors are always open we got about 25,000 of my best friends that have already joined the community and we make money seven days a week that's why I come on this microphone cuz the markets don't sleep so I help the people eat if this is your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is BK you know me as the crypto traitor and I am the boasts of these charts as you will soon find out every day I grace this microphone with my voice is another day you get the profit as a result and today is no exception I don't giveaway BTC but I do give away free knowledge and this buffet is all you can eat so go ahead and pull up a chair stay right there and let's go ahead and make this money one thing I want to do right off the bat you guys is I gotta check these bobbleheads at the door when I see them bobble in with that nonsense just talking on TV with the voices in a year and the word behind the screen telling them exactly what they gotta say I gotta call them out I gotta break them down like a fraction so excuse me while I do that for a few minutes on this video let's go ahead and get right to it without further ado you know I was just perusing through the crypto space and I kept hearing that bitcoin is dead big a bubble the SEC the FCC the Warren Buffett bobblehead circle-jerk boys in Wall Street they pulled a money now it's down $8,000 and we don't know what to do what can we do I tell you what you could do you could turn your TV off first of all I'm saying you could understand that these bobbleheads behind the screen that you're glued to they're actually a paid entertainer by definition they're an actor they're not an activist and therefore they're acting on behalf of the company right all right all right now let me tell you something when they turn an Instagram pretty face into a paid spokesperson then you know that you should probably pay attention and that looks like that's what happened with this one chick SEMA SEMA moody I've never seen her before on CNBC but apparently you know she's a quite quite comfortable you know in her own skin to her own right I can't can't argue with that but you know if you go get on CNBC you know and try to tell word about cryptocurrency and why they should empower these three lever three letters so circle-jerk organizations that haven't done anything for humanity but keep it enslaved that man you going you know suck on sickle behind-the-scene I guarantee she ain't got this one on her LinkedIn profile you know and you notice that's that's the day and age we dealing with apparently this is the new face of modern-day economics this is the new face of money that they pushing out that the circle-jerk bobble hands are pushing out this one right here with the popsicle in the sunglasses on spring break that's who you should be learning to make you money well let me tell you something if they thought they boy Billy gee go hold it together you know with the sex appeal they would have him behind the microphone but since he can't you should understand that a pretty pretty pretty face you know I learned this long time ago pretty face in a smile will break your heart nine out of ten times if ain't men there but beneath the surface yeah I'm saying so when we when we look beyond into the market into the qualitative assessment the quantitative is what we see on the charts the qualitative is the emotion the sentiment we have behind the scenes we can see that there is a lot of fear inside these charts there is a lot of uncertainty inside the market and therefore there is a lack of doubt as to what will happen but I told you in the beginning don't believe the hype right don't let a pretty face cost you money because I guarantee you she won't be there to help you make it and so now we see that all these different articles you know are trying to assimilate this sense of endowed power to these different organizations that to be quite honest don't have anything to do with cryptocurrency they don't have anything to do with the blockchain they don't have anything to do with the empowerment that has already been freely given to society all they have to do is attempt to enforce the process that has kept you slaves from day one and not facilitate your liberation but instill the control on you that they have long as you choose to use US dollars right and so now we see that Little Miss popsicle over here is just the distraction so if your intention is to be distracted then allow me to distract you a little bit further I looked on YouTube the other day I just typed in most distracting video and this is what I found check it out the next hour lunch I'm SEMA Bodi Bitcoin falling on some strong words from the security Exchange Commission the regulatory agencies saying the SEC staff concerns any online trading platforms appear to investors at this one Oh I need some increasing hopefully that allows you to see a little bit of truth behind the veil of distraction the veil of deception and the veil of deceit that we as a people must be forced to see through right and again I do my best to ensure that anybody that comes through my videos that listens to the sound of my voice that connects to the energy to resonance and a sincere man of empowerment that I try to facilitate freely anyone willing to listen I try to put enough content out there enough enough breadcrumbs I tell you what Q ain't the only one giving them out I'm giving them out every day but you know in case you missed it this was another one specifically that I gave to coin Telegraph I'll include a link in the description to where I went through and I said specifically once we reached the other side of a cycle that's when you start to see all these types of stories that's when you know popsicle bobbleheads come on TV and try to tell you that because the sec you know had a meeting and spoken to a microphone and wrote a paper that Bitcoin all of a sudden doesn't have any value when in actuality we know that one cycle leads into the next leads into the next leads into the next and an order for something to go down it must first go up right and in order for it to keep going up it needs to go down at some point right it goes down so that it can keep going up and this is just a correction this is just a shift a flex point in a much bigger cycle this is specifically what I spent 12 minutes talking about on coin Telegraph and I showed specifically how using the boss method which is patented intellectual property just so that these circle-jerk boys can't use it for themselves you can profit from that knowledge what goes up must come down in order for it to keep going up and this is repeated time and time and time again so now and I'm right to check that check that video out for coin Telegraph I made it for them so I'm not able to air it you know rebroadcast it on my video so you know just run over there and see it to learn firsthand how these cycles work inside the chart right this is a long long knowledge you know that we as a people have become ignorant to that that little symbol behind my behind my right shoulder right there behind my left shoulder that little symbol right there speaks to the to the knowledge right that little symbol has everything to do with everything yet nothing to do it anything insofar as those three letter organizations are concerned right and because they've detached us from this natural resonance that we share with the universe we are oftentimes left open to uh exploitation you know and disinformation you know and it wrapped up in a pretty face with a bow on it right so I invite you all to the number one Bitcoin group in the world twenty thousand of my best friends come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace come on in the doors are always open just type in hashtag one Bitcoin you know and I'll share these videos to the people we just come together to help each other make a little bit of money because as long as we distracted we will never be empowered so let's turn off the TV let's turn on our intellect and let's fine tune our frequency back to each other back to you know the natural way fractal harmonics sacred geometry and positive energy positivity is the most powerful force known to mankind so as long as we're powerful as long as we understand the intentions of those bobbleheads on TV that they gotta pay the bills you know I'm sure young young young Chiclets over there got a 401k that she had before and you know got a full college tuition bill she got a pay off you know I'm saying I'm sure Chiclets over there got a lot of reasons while she's feet listen to the voice in her ear telling her what to say on TV but guess what you don't have those reasons so therefore you don't need to listen to her right so again number one Bitcoin group in the world patreon is live and direct every day a hundred and fifteen people already jumping in on the money team for patreon thank you for your support you can see I just put up another post right before I came on the air all coin market review if you want to jump in on that I believe we do have a few more spots open and I will be having this community Appreciation Day I wasn't able to jump on yesterday but know that I'm giving away a couple hundred dollars this week so make sure you subscribe come on to the Facebook group cuz that's what I'm gonna do it I'm a livestream it to the Facebook group YouTube gave me a community strike but what I don't know apparently they don't like people making money so they went ahead gave me a strike I can't do no livestream so I got to upload these videos but I'm gonna take that time to build out my Facebook community build out my patreon you know I'm saying and give away a couple hundred dollars in the process so jump on in on Facebook I'm gonna get that live stream going for you guys and I'm gonna give away some money you know I'm saying just just to pay it forward right I don't want to be the only millionaire out there I want a million millionaires behind me right and once we get that then we know we got a chance you know I'm saying cuz I tell you what when I got when I got the three letters behind my name from that golden dome over there they taught me a few things about making money now that I know how to make it I'm pass that knowledge on to you guys that's my gift to you right and just like that you know I'm Sam I'm gonna wrap this thing going up I got a meeting in a couple minutes work on some things behind the scenes with that being say guys you know I wish y'all were here YouTube don't want it that way but it's still that time of the day signing out this is the both boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil to BAE a California all the way back out through jerk money good night good morning and good day thank you for joining me thank you for your time make sure you uh subscribe right now share this video with somebody you care about do that for me if you appreciate my own until we meet again stay cryptic y'all ease

34 thoughts on “CNBC must not like money… ??The Bitcoin Bubble 2018 | How to Trade Bitcoin Crash”

  1. Excellent video! Music was perfect! …just next time please slow the slides down a little. I am a fast reader and still had to back it up several times. Thanks BK. God bless.

  2. Yet again, appriciate the content and energy, keep at it!! 🙂 Let grow that patreon while still allowed to include a link to it 😉

  3. Wheres Marc Cuban when we need him! Hes a Firm believer of Bitcoin ! I think he should help calm these ridiculous things

  4. You want an interesting little rabbit hole to explore? USC 12 411 regarding lawful money of the united states. Upon demand, Federal Reserve Notes shall be redeemed for lawful money at any Federal Reserve bank (which includes banks that are funded by the Federal Reserve bank).

    Your demand is the key. The key to freedom. I know getting off of fiat is the ultimate goal, but as long as we're using Federal Reserve Notes, they will continue to be taxable. Redeeming your Federal Reserve Notes for lawful money of the United States bypasses the taxable event.

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