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  1. Just solid reporting friend…don't listen to the douche haters…you have brought forth some very good interviews

  2. The most popular questions now are, have we reached the bottom yet, have we reached capitulation already, when will bitcoin experience a persistent reversal to hit higher highs again? but in my most honest opinion, most crypto enthusiasts are completely missing it altogether. There is never "the perfect condition" to trade or make money off the digital assets. The goal is to start and then, double that portfolio pretty much everyday and sentiments either with the coin or token, or the company itself is a major limiting factor lately that will make a lot of people go crazy in grieve eventually. The formula for successfully making very good returns from crypto is simple enough. You need to be able to read and understand the news, predict future actions from the trends and charts, understand and know how to use technical analysis and of course, create a strategy with these combination set to fit the prevailing market condition. If you are not good in these, you definitely will keep losing money. Another consideration is the instability and speculative nature of bitcoin which makes it very unwise to keep your savings as a store of value but very smart to trade and grow irrespective of the prevailing market scenario. If you are not extremely good at these, you can still profit even more and consistently using the signals and strategies of an already expert trader. I personally use the trade patterns and signals of Sabastian Cato (contact is [email protected] com ) and within just few weeks, i grew at an exponential rate of over 300%. My suggestion is you find a mentor like him and i am sure you would always do great with crypto

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  4. What is your opinion on fomo3d? Fear of missing out 3d is a breathe of fresh air in this bear market.

  5. CNBC+ What do you think about JP Morgan flip flopping about BTC.? What a hypocrite that guy.
    Mr. JP Morgan he shot him self in the foot. The guy made himself the joke in the Crypto sphere.
    He wants to be like Tether.
    Tether is to be blame for the BTC manipulation. It is a chain reaction.
    because BTC brings the rest of the ALT. Coins Up or Down depends where BTC goes at the moment. But every thing has a solution all the Cryptos need to DECOUPLED from BTC

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