Cloud Wallet Cloud Token explained in simple way 🔥🔥Crypto is the Future

the future of money is digital currency this famous quote by Bill Gates makes us want to jump in a time machine and go back to 2009 to buy tons of bitcoins and instead of buying two pizzas with these bitcoins we would keep them until we become millionaires you don't have to go back that far to become ranch in July 2017 the biggest crypto exchange by nerds has launched their own token which was only a few sons at the beginning today it's worth more than $30 Beynon says a very smart referral system that helps you earn more BnB by referring people to that platform the you earn crypto currency and keeps in your wallets and wait until it grows might be a smart idea however it is sitting in your wallet with no use and doesn't bring you any returns money is generating more money and you're not aware of this simple rule most probably you don't buy cryptocurrency because you don't know what to do with that this is what the cloud token wallet is offering you can store more than seven different crypto currencies you can store and manage your crypto assets with the wallet but you can also use it to get daily rewards blockchain specialists from Singapore have teamed up with a mathematics professor and have developed an artificial intelligence AI trading bot that is buying and selling crypto currency on more than 38 exchanges the fast trading bot is called Jarvis AI many other BOTS will follow trading bots designed by clown token are using the very smart volume trading strategy that stands for velocity and acceleration realistically operating on money Varun is smarter than conventional trading BOTS because it's trading based on real signals rather than based on history you can easily verify all buy sell and huddle orders in the order history of the arc all this smart blockchain technology allows cloud token users to get rewarded with 6% to 12% monthly based on the amount added to the trading bot you will get rewarded with the CTO token that has grown double-digit only three weeks after the official launch notes only you benefit from daily returns you also gain from constantly growing CTO you can easily spend your CTO through the cloud token branded debit card if you're a technology freak you will love the next part CTO is using the superfast fourth generation BBS blockchain that is based on the old way of blockchain technology unlike the Bitcoin or aetherium blockchain the BBS blockchain becomes faster with the increasing number of transactions sharing cloud token with your friends can really pay off do it like Simon Simon has started his trading bot with $500 Simon is smart he knows that he needs at least $500 of trading volume to be eligible for the matching bonus Slamon has referred Kathryn the cloud token she has funded the trading bot with $1,000 and is earning approximately $100 a month Simon is now earning 100 percent of what Kathryn is earning Simon has referred Alex the clouds Hogan he has funded the trading bot with $500 Simon now has two direct partners with more than 500 dollars each and is now eligible for matching bonuses across two levels also Peter is interested to join and fund his trading bot with $500 the more direct partners with $500 Simon will recruit but more levels will be unlocked however direct partner number 16 are Knox level number 21 this is the maximum number of levels Simon can be eligible for he is now on in 100 matching bonus from his direct partners 50% from his second line partners and 5% from level 3 to 21 Simon has become a real networker and refers many people to clad token his partners also refer people to cloud token Simon is very successful his overall sales volume grows to $200,000 and he achieves rank C 1 Rank C 1 will add additional 5% to level 3 to 21 and it will unlock the 5% infinite bonus Simon doesn't stop there he is helping Kathryn Alex and Peter to become c1 this will lift him to rank c2 and make him an additional 5% on level 3 to infinity if he grows Kathryn Alex and Peter to level c2 he will reach c3 and lift his earnings the highest ranking cloud token is c5 how to get started starting with cloud token is very easy just download the cloud token I'll go through the registration process and note down your passwords and mnemonic words fund one of your wallets and add these funds to your trading block you will find your 10 digit referral code clicking on the menu this is the code you can share with your prospects to help them sign up you will now get daily CTO rewards that you can convert it to aetherium at any time and send them to your external wallet congratulations you now have a digital bank in your pockets cloud token

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