Cloud Token Withdraw Passive Income Crypto Currency!

hey guys it's Travis barrini from Australia here and this video is a video about cloud token and how you withdraw your cloud tokens your CTOs convert them to aetherium and put them into an external wallet and it's all about following the rules so this rule is about taking profits on the top off the table and recouping your capital back as soon as possible so that's what this video is about so I'm going to take you through the whole process on how do we draw your CTO so you'll see here the CTO I've got over 15,000 CTO at the moment and they're currently at forty six point nine cents per CTO aetherium is quite low at the moment so as you can see it's two hundred and twenty six dollars down to 15% so now is a really great time for me to convert these CTOs into a theory and take my profits off the table so what we're going to do is we're going to click on CTO here alright and that'll take me through to this screen I'm going to convert about fourteen and a half thousand cloud tokens okay so here we are here what I do is click over here on convert and what I'm going to do is I'm going to type in 14 and a half thousand cloud token here and you see down here it converts it to a certain amount of a theorem that depends on the exchange rate at the time so I'm going to create or get paid 30 aetherium here and there will be a point five percent CTO transaction fee all right so there's 72 cloud token fee there that that will take place I'm going to click on convert now I need to put in my payment password all right so that's the six digit password and now my Google Authenticator code which you get from your Google Authenticator app so I'm going to pause this video now and get that okay so here it is here and click on proceed alright that looks like it's gone through so I'll just need to wait now till that takes place awaiting that I'll head back to the home screen and I'll pause this video it won't take long until the cloud token is then converted to a theorem and then what I'm going to do is transfer that into my external lot okay so that took a little bit longer than it had in the past it took a number of hours so I ended up going to sleep and waking up the next day so today's the next day and you can see here now that twenty nine and a half a theorem has now landed in my theorem account okay so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to we draw this aetherium into my external wallet so how I go about that is to click on theorem here and I'll click on send okay so it gets to this screen here and we're going to go ahead and put out a theory and receive address in here right so when the address comes in here I want you to make sure that you cross-reference the last two characters and the first two characters with your receive address do that with every single time you move crypto in and out somewhere alright so we want to go ahead and click on max here to send that over you'll see here the thiis is approximately zero point zero zero two or theorem there will be a zero point five CTO transaction fee so the total is twenty nine point four nine aetherium and there'll be a CTO fee of 72 CTO okay to send this through so I'm going to click go ahead and click send now and I need to pop in my password and my Google Authenticator code so I'll do that now withdraw request has been submitted please wait patiently so I will go ahead and click on transaction summary here now we wait patient I'll pause this video and I'll restart it when it is hit the wallet ok so it's the next day now and you can see here on the 16th of July receive twenty nine point four nine aetherium so that went through perfectly so that's how you would draw your cloud token from cloud token wallet and it worked perfectly so if you haven't already subscribed this YouTube channel go ahead and do that right now and press the notification bell next to the subscribe button that way you get up to date with any videos that I continue to do there'll be a lot more ones coming your way and hopefully this video was some value to you thanks so much for watching guys and we will see you soon on the next video

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