29 thoughts on “Cloud Token Review – Exposing A Ponzi Scam”

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  3. Hello Julian,
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  4. Ur vidio is not correct u need to do ur homework the person behind this company is from new york and is a very respected businessman all cloudtokens transactions are on the blockchain its not a ico its a assett financial service company that has the blockchain in it like mastercard paypal.

  5. They are all Ponzi frauds I also advice people to stay away from such schemes because no one gets benefited from them it's just short lived before they swallow it all.

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  7. Avoid Cloud Token Ponzi Scam !! don't be an IDIOT doing this SHIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNgQkLRBweA

  8. Hey @Julian .. Do you have a link to their whitepaper. I couldn't find it at all. Also an anti-scam advocate here..

  9. WOW !
    Looks like the AI Arbitrage might be the real deal after all… : http://www.myowealth.com/ctomobilewallet/

  10. Why are you wasting your energy talking about Cloud Token. Are you making any money talking bad about it? Its very real and I have already recovered what I put in. I have not lost anything! And Plus Token ……..have already got very healthy returns……..have withdrawn double what I put in so dont care if ur prediction is true

  11. I guess posting Fake White papers is common in Asian crypto markets . Justin Sun of Tron has taught them well

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