Cloud Token – Ethereum Private Key – RELEASED

all right it's over here in this video I'm going to be talking specifically about cloud oaken and the private key that's very recently has been released for aphelion cryptocurrency so now private keys will only ever come out for your super wallet because that's your wallet whatever is inside of Jarvis is with the company what you see inside of Jarvis is a visual representation but if actually send your funds so that they can trade with them that's how it works inside of cloud token now going back to super wallet in order for me to access the private key I have to click on the etherium clip the currency just so that you know what's actually going on so what you see the screen that you see on a left hand side this one here that's my phone so I'm actually using an iPhone and I Windows laptop so as you can see yeah it's the same it's the same phone so I'm gonna click on etherium this is a brand new demo cloud token account so normally I would have never displayed the private key in case you wonder what the private he actually is that's your money that's your crypto with a private key you have the right to actually send your funds to another wallet it's the private key that is the money the private key confirms that you are the owner of a particular cryptographic asset if you do not have private key for it you're not the owner if someone else has it they have the right to control the money they are controlling the money that's why private keys are so important now you have to record them very carefully and do not do this on your laptop or anywhere else if something happens to it through a laptop to your phone whatever you've lost it if you're not controlling your assets anymore I have mine all my keys this sort of sensitive information on here try to have two copies if you can have them in different places they have to be offline and you just just thought privately now this helps me sharing information between my iPhone and Windows so I have to have that now I also have two other wallets that I need for this demonstration I've got my crypto wallet and I also have exit this wallet I've topped up a little bit again this is a demo account that I'm just using for this demonstration the amount is completely irrelevant now so I'm gonna now click on my phone inside of the cloud token application this is the only thing that I will actually do inside of the cloud token I would just copy the private key I will not touch my cloud all that you will see that I will not be touching it at all and that's the key to this presentation so I'm gonna click on the export private key now despite the message it says only advanced users so here is the thing if you're if you are brand new you can make a mistake of saving of taking a screenshot of it saving it somewhere inside your phone laptop etc that's why they say for advanced users if you do it right then you're gonna be safe doing it right is basically writing it down on a piece of paper and storing it multiple copies so you can recover that and not sharing it with others that's the key so I'm gonna click on confirm then I'll punch in my payment pin and then my Google Authenticator code that's this account and proceed and this is my private key again I'm only sharing it and I will only show it on the screen because I want you to see it you can see it all we can you can track the numbers I'm actually gonna copy it and then I'm gonna open up and paste it so that's I've got it here on my laptop as well there it is you can see the whole number so you could now access my cloud token account by the time you're seeing this there's normal money in it so don't worry about it don't waste your time I'm gonna copy it now now look what's going on I'm gonna open up my crypt time and let lets go back to cloud token so that you can see you can see balances so you can see the balance of aphelion which is zero now I'm gonna open up so that's my crypt oh it's it's a it's a wallet stats just another company another company has created this particular wallet it allows me to paste my to use my private key in order to access my funds so I'm gonna access this wallet with the private key that I've copied from cloud token let me just so that you see again that I'm actually copying ctrl C and I would do ctrl V here and you'll be able to compare the numbers so there you go this is actually wallet address the private keys elsewhere but I will show you the wallet address as well in a second so this is the wallet address so what I'm gonna do now I want to fund this wallet so I'm gonna copy the address and then I'm gonna paste the so this this account this exit this is now gonna send clip the currency into this wallet again you see then I'm not touching cloud talking at all I'm not doing anything in there so I'm gonna send $20 into my crypt or wallet let's go with that so that's the sending edge again it can confirm that so it starts with O xB 2 to 6 or X B 2 to 6 ends with 4 to 3 FA you can you can pause the video and compare the numbers it's the same now let's transfer 21 dollars actually 20 just so that this this is simple 20 dollars of course there's going to be a network fee as you can see so the money that's gonna get to this account is gonna be a little bit less so I'm gonna now send it success the etherium has been sent send a few seconds ago as you can see I've only topped it up a few hours ago so I'm now gonna refresh there you go and 0.091 one its rounding up these are the numbers that it's displaying transaction fee we can also track it on the blockchain so you will see the amount exactly so you can see the amount that is inside of that wallet the microdose is rounding up that's why you don't have the exact figure so now a more interesting thing though is what's actually what's inside of the cloud token now as you can see I have not copied the address from cloud token at all you haven't seen me coughing anything else anything other than the private key when I click on a feed iam look at the balance zero point zero nine one zero five three one three what was the T at T X zero point zero nine one zero five three one three how did it happen because with a private key from cloud token I was able to access another wallet put the private key in there and access that address and access that wallet and send the money to that wallet the wallet does not hold the funds the funds with the private key they come together so I am able to deposit I'm able to withdraw funds from some people would say cloud token the money's not there wallet is just a representation of what's actually happening on a blockchain it's just an easy way of sending and transferring funds recording your transactions data on a blockchain without accessing the blockchain itself this is just an aid just as this is just like your email your outlook your Google Mail people used to do it differently but now we've got a much easier much easier way of doing these things so again you've got nearly twenty dollars some of it went towards the fees now without touching cloud talk in the wallet I haven't done anything in now as you've seen I'm gonna now send the funds back so I've got the funds inside of this crypt I'm inside of my crypt account I'm gonna send them to another address I'm gonna send them back just so that this easy so this wallet is gonna receive because I'm sending it from my crypt I and I'm sending it down to Exodus so this wallet it's just their name you're sending any receiving so this is this that's this wallet serve address so I'm gonna copy this address and just so that you see that nothing is happening inside of a card token I'm gonna paste it here so it ends with f08 c5 f 0 HC 5 so I'm sending it to again to Exodus and the amount everything everything goes back I'm gonna make it fast so that the fee is gonna be a little bit a little bit bigger but I want to send it straight away so that it does that sometimes the amount is too big because of the fee and there you go it's fine yeah that's what wasn't working you've got to some wallets adds the fee on top some wallets did act it from whatever you're sending that's why they just wouldn't have it so that's what we're going to send zero point zero nine zero seven of course there's going to be a fee which is zero point zero five dollars I'm going to send it now send again I haven't touched climb token wallet apart from me copying the private key from it I haven't touched there my microp dough is a little bit slow but as you can see that's done that's been broadcasted that's been recorded this has now been recorded on the funeral's watching so what's what's the balance here barely anything now there you go and that's been received now zero point zero nine zero seven you can we can check that on on a blockchain if you want it to but I think by now we know that how it works now let's see what's going on inside of that token right now it's still showing the balance that's because token is not automatically refreshing I have to actually click on aphelion check the balance at the very top 0.001 what's the balance here because that's the same private key inside of my kryptonite inside of cloud token 0.0001 0.0001 these numbers are the same look at the address if I want to receive my funds into the cloud token check the address 0 XB 2 – 6 0 XB 2 2 6 and it ends with 0 8 4 2 3 fi 0 8 4 2 3 fa it's the same wallet guys so it's the same address that's because it accesses that part of the blockchain it's the private key that created a public key and then a public key that has created the address so if you have that private key you own the money you don't have to even be accessing cloud token in order to deposit money into cloud token wallet and withdraw money from the cloud token wallet and you're gonna be if you have your private key you can do it through my crypto or any applicant any other application any have a wallet that allows you to by using a private key actually have that visual representation have access to a particular fund if they have that function where you can import your private key and open up that particular wallet for that particular cryptocurrency you can also do it here so guys as you have seen if anybody is saying that you have no control of your money yes you do you can do it right now we have it for Effie Liam specifically at a later they will also see advocate of the currencies that will also have private keys and then we'll be able to control our funds without even touching the wallet itself I hope it helps and until the next time take care bye bye

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