Close Captioned Channeled Interview with Heath Ledger: Entertainment on the Otherside

Seraphime: I’m sitting here with Heath Ledger
again on Thursday, April 28th. Um, I basically was asking him to talk a little bit about what he does
for entertainment on that side. Heath: I would like to be able to say that I am moving beyond
the need to have regular things that you might find on this side, but the truth is
for me, I think it’ll be a little while before I’m ready to depart from the way things are
done on the side that you guys are living on. As many of you know, my death was very
unexpected and horrifically challenging to try to comprehend and come to terms with.
And I think that, with that said, it bespeaks to a deep psychological need to have to
continue to retain a lot of the, I suppose, there are some who might say, trappings of
the earthly plane, as you guys are living on it. So…right. Seraphime: Am I getting
you correctly, Heath? Heath: Please, dear God, do not let me seem so rude as to continue on
after Seraphime had simply made an innocuous remark. Seraphime: [Joking] I’ll just say,
that you like to get all snippy-like [mimicking him] “And as I was saying!” [laughter]. Heath:
Exactly what I do not want to seem like – an arrogant prick on the other side who has nothing
better to do than to sit and make it hard for those of you who are trying your earnest…hard
work…your best to try to bring what so many of us on the other side are dying to tell
you: how rich and manifold with splendor… Seraphime: Um…something similar to that
is what he’s saying. Heath: Manifold with splendor – yes, you’re getting it; correct
– this all can be. I mean, please let me take a moment of our time to point out that one
of the things that makes it so great about being here on the other side is that you really
are left in the comfort of your own willpower and imagination, so that when the time is
right, you’re able to step outside of some of the normal, I guess we shall say trappings,
for lack of a better term, of the side you’re on, and when you are ready, like I’m saying
– to keep this thread, narrative making any sort of coherent sense – is when you’re ready
to move beyond the trappings of this [your] side, you will find that there is all this
other material there for you to support wherever it is that you’ve always wanted to venture
in your own consciousness, or scheme of doing things. I think that is – wow, I really have
said a mouthful, haven’t I? I bet you were not expecting me to get so esoteric on your
ass, were you, Seraphime? [laughter] Seraphime: Go! Man! Go! [laughter] Heath: Look what kind
of ruckus I’ve now created for you and your friends [laughter]. Now, back to that original
question: I guess if we were say that I, being where I am, in my own journey with this ‘Other
Side’ business, then I guess we are to say that I am still someone who prefers to enrich
my life with the type of activities that I would often peruse when I was on your side.
Seraphime: Ok, ok, so you do still enjoy – so, some of those would be?…asks Seraphime.
Heath: Right. I guess it would be proper for me to tell you what a couple of these may
have been. One of the things that I liked to do when I was a bit younger, as you may
know, Seraphime, is motor…. Seraphime: Ugh! He’s saying some Australian word. Motorcar?
Driving? You mean like race car driving? Because I had read that you had done something like
that. But you’re saying some other term for it. Heath: Don’t worry about our respective euphemisms.
I am trying to say what you’re thinking of, and that is an automobile that goes around
and round and round on a track. Yes, four wheels. Seraphime: [Laughter] Oh, my god.
Heath: Uh, yes, the race car driving – Go Cart is exactly the word I was using, is Go
Cart. I know you Yanks don’t use that term, or if you do use it, it is a highly conspiratorial
term [laughter]. But those of us who do use it as a serious term for racing – I can see
the look in your eyes as you were laughing as if to a private joke that must be reserved
for you guys growing up there in Southern Califragilistdawhatchamacallit. Seraphime: [Laughing] That is Heath talking.
He’s dissin’ on Southern California! Ok, dude. Well, we gotta keep goin’. C’mon! Oh, that’s
right! So, but I was asking you what type of – Ok, so, you like the Go Cart racing and?
Heath: The other things I used to like to do was to work on my…. Seraphime: Ugh! I’m hearing
several different words, things now. I may have to come back to it. I’m getting ‘poetry’ and
then ‘music.’ But, who knows? Can you try one more time? Heath: Given that you are able
to – speaking to the audience out there who may be listening – those of you who are able
to find out and research what it is that I used to like to do for past-times are more
than welcome. Basically, a lot of those activities I still like to, prefer to continue on.

5 thoughts on “Close Captioned Channeled Interview with Heath Ledger: Entertainment on the Otherside”

  1. Awesome keep it up this was great! I never knew Heath personally but I have always felt somehow connected to him. (I know I am not alone in this, as he had such a magnetic and kind energy about him.) On the days following his passing I was so saddened by it I went out and rented A Knights Tale, which was one movie my sisters and I always watched together, and enjoyed so much. After watching it I was still in such shock that he had passed and I asked for a sign to know that he was at peace or that he would be OK. I looked down and on the DVD box the number 143 jumped out at me from the large numbers by the barcode (this was back when there was a blockbuster in my town! lol). I have always used 143 as like shorthand for I Love You. Seeing this was a sign for me that he was on the other side, sort of watching over everything. Since then, I have always seen 143 or 43 around at very odd times, hundreds of times.. I often look at the time right at the :43 minute mark etc. I feel that he has guided me in some ways in my life, him or perhaps other spirits. Hearing your fantastic work doing these gives me a lot of peace of mind specifically about Heath since I have always been so saddened by his passing.

  2. Are u going to do another??? I'm a huge fan of him. I love him so much. Your videos are amazing and bring me to tears thinking about him and him speaking. Thank you so much for this. Could you tell him I love him too?

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