Clean Gold Good, Dirty Gold Bad [VLOG#119]

is that record I’m a leprechaun meet you
here looking for right the powers are attending crypto slow cryptocurrency
news and investing you better have my gold
Krypto slo with more crypto gains what’s going on guys happy Thursday
so wow what’s going on this morning oh there’s a lot going on the big news this
morning is fake gold and not the kind of thing gold that you’re thinking about
but fake stamped gold and you’re like what in the world is he talking about
so basically it’s some of these bank vault well first let’s back up a little
bit gold in its bars like the gold bars are
stamped numbered and basically they have IDs and as a storage this is like gold
that’s not being used for jewelry and something this is like banking gold and
that’s basically the trust mechanism between banks and obviously an Asia goat
these gold bars a lot of times are used for large purchases like real estate and
stuff well basically all these gold bars are stamped and ID’d and in that way you
know where the gold has come from also it’s a way for the government to control
what resources what money it is leaving the country because if someone in
country B has a gold from country a don’t know maybe that an illegal
transaction has transpired if it’s against the monetary policy
so basically gold that’s mine like in Africa Venezuela or other parts is being
like fraudulently stamped with basically like I make like a made-up serial number
or a duplicate serial number and you know it’s just funny to me because gold
in itself just having the gold it’s supposed to be the storage of value but
now they want to ID the gold and stamp the gold so now it’s it’s it basically
you know imagine if every dollar bill in the fiat world had a serial number on it but they actually cared about it though
which they would if there was $10,000 bills probably people would be a little
more you know scrupulous about accepting a large sum like that so basically this
goal that’s being mined you know and then basically it’s having this illegal
serial number stamped on it and you’re like why is that really important well
it’s important because it shows you with with transactions of value one of the
government’s top concerns is source and origin so the whole idea of behind
please these serial numbers and IDs on this gold you know one of the major
things I think is so they can control the money in and out of the country and
they don’t want those cross-border payments happening unless they go
through the proper channels so the gold is pure the gold itself is pure but the
ID on it ISM is is invalid so in essence this allows people to sneak large
amounts of money in and out of the country but it shows you the government
is very concerned about cross-border payments you know and then they
immediately jump to well it’s gotta be illegal activity if
someone’s trying to move large sums of money in and out of an area but you know
once again it’s super interesting to me you know as
soon as you have a large stack of dollar bills you know you’re instantly a
criminal so it’s just funny you know or you go to the bank and try try to get
money a large sum of money they’re like well why do you need so much money it’s
so funny that in today’s society you know there’s all of this like all these
transactions as long as the transactions are small it’s okay but as soon as it
gets larger it’s instantly illegal so but it’s very interesting so basically
like this goal and that’s you know that’s an interesting concept if you
applied it to cryptocurrency because you know the government would have a large issue
with Bitcoin you know moving fast and on that note two billion dollars two
billion dollars was moved this morning a big one in one transaction pretty incredible and the fee I think on
that was $1,800 223,000 big points in one block I think I think the
government would probably have an issue with that if they do Merrill was going
to and from so you know very very interesting you know the facts that yeah
so anyways back to what I was saying applying that to cryptocurrency would be
interesting to know if crypto will ever be serialized or Aidid meaning imagine
if you had Bitcoin bucks or whatever some new crypto and it can actually have
a country of origin ID built into the blockchain mechanism and I don’t see
honestly I don’t see something like that as too far-fetched I mean that’s the
biggest problem with Libra is the government’s not going to let you send a
thousand dollars to somebody in Zimbabwe halfway across the world because that’s
a cross-border payment it’s gonna violate like 99 million laws you know
for Terry policies and that’s you know
that’s you know that’s I think that’s part of what keeps a lot of these people
in poverty is the government restrictions are so tight that you know
they really close off a lot of cross possibilities you know with you know
with payments and in business and just in general these tight monetary policies
keep you people in poverty so yeah so really really interesting fake gold but
not fake in the way that you and I would think it is it’s it’s about the ID I
guess I never really thought about how important the source of the gold
I thought gold was gold right bitcoins a Bitcoin doesn’t matter where it came
from it’s a Bitcoin but now it’s not good enough the gold to just be gold
it’s got to be a legal gold and Aidid properly and the source can only be
certain areas or legal gold SEMO there’s legal gold and an illegal gold
and if you’ve found to have a legal gold it is up for seizure or forfeiture so
yeah really interesting articles I’ll leave a link down below check it out
what do you think of gold to have any gold I do have a gold money account
which allows you to own physical gold gold right now is kind of high obviously
you get the gold bugs you know with the recession coming Gold’s going to ten
thousand ounce but you know as always that’s that’s something for you to think
about but anyways yeah and if you didn’t know about it gold money check it out
it’s basically a website that allows you to buy physical gold you actually own
the gold and you even get a credit card that you can spend your gold on if you
want to liquidate it so yeah anyways this is crypto slow hope you like
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  1. They released this story in vain attempt to discredit gold. But really – fake 'real' gold. You just could not make that up! Ha ha. It will probably draw more people's attention to gold. The only way for this gold to get into the system is if the banks know about it – they are / someone in the system is laundering it. Most likely – stolen gold – think, Libya, Iraq.

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