Chronoswiss Flying Regulator Blockchain Series

2Chronoswiss is situated in Lucerne, we
are here for many years now. It’s our headquarter and not only headquarter, we
also do all the production and designing here. Tech Bureau, as well as Chronoswiss
appreciates the value of a high-end quality product. We came up with the idea
to create together the first Bitcoin blockchain watch. Cryptocurrencies and
watches have some points in common, the first point I see is, that the product
itself has its value granted through the technical background it comes up with. The five models that we created for the blockchain series, the regulator is
typical for Chronoswiss. We have taken our newest collection of the
regulator model, the so-called open gear model. We chose to start with those five
designs, Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEM, Comsa and Zaif, due to the fact that Bitcoin and
Ethereum are the most well known currencies on the market and then there
is NEM Comsa and Zaif, which are house-own developments from Tech Bureau. All the
dials are custom made, specifically for the cryptocurrencies. The back of the watch
has a specialized rotor, which again shows the
logo of the specific watches. You’re the regulator of your time, of your life, so take it into your hands, and do what you think is innovative, is fun, that probably brings you to the next step

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