Chronicling the 2018 Crypto Crash (ft. A Crypto Ticker DIY Project)

ladies and gentlemen what we're looking at here is a project that I had commissioned many months ago it is a scrolling ticker which shows the price of selected cryptocurrencies within 5 minutes of real time it was a more joyous time when this project started as the value of most cryptocurrencies were reaching all-time highs on a nearly daily basis and so this was expected to be a more joyous video where we would document the process of making this ticker while discussing the future of cryptocurrencies the Meccan controller in an esp8266 here is a multiplexer to switch various inputs into light controller couple resistors pull downs and pull ups capacitor for smoothing out current voltage regulator to go from 5 volts to 3.3 volts and then another chip here they go back up to 5 volts from 3.3 from the signals in here and some pots and knobs you doing okay there okay but as many of you probably know crypto has fallen on hard times as of late so I thought it'd be appropriate to open this video with a quick word on the current situation to be completely honest I can't say definitively why the value of cryptocurrencies as a whole have fallen over 60% in the last three months there were comparable Corrections in both July and September of last year and perhaps this was simply the result of a natural market cycle there was also the hole mount GOx bankruptcy sell-off where the infamous wail of Tokyo sold off tens of thousands of Bitcoin in recent months in order to pay back the people that mount Cox owed money to and this had a huge impact on the price of Bitcoin this year I've also come across a more nefarious theory which claims that the recent price drops of cryptocurrencies have been orchestrated by a cartel of financial institutions in an attempt to scare the public away from adopting cryptocurrencies and as a result weakening their control of the money supply it's quite an interesting theory and I'll leave a link in the description below if anybody wants to dig further into it my whole take on the matter though is that there are people who want to see crypto fail from regular everyday people all the way up to the people at the very top haters disbelievers no pointers short sellers government agents bankers and globalist a battle for cryptocurrencies legitimacy on the world stage is far from over we are fighting an ideological battle against a powerful army on the other side so do I expect rough seas ahead you're damn right I do when have tyrants and authoritarians ever rolled over to make space for liberty and decentralization and it's not just the people at the top we still see ordinary people right now who are resistant against technological solutions such as uber and airbnb it's probably gonna be a while until people come around on crypto ultimately though I am a believer this is something that people want and it doesn't matter how illegal or how socially stigmatized it becomes if people want it people will have it just like drugs or guns only much more difficult to crack down on and it's not even like big banks and governments across the world haven't been talking positively about blockchain technology anyway they seem to want something to do with it it's just difficult to say what that is right now anyway that's the serious message that I wanted to get out before getting to the ridiculous skits that we shot for this project this project took quite a bit of work so we decided not to turn this into a long and drawn-out instructional video on how to build one at home if you're really interested in building one however I'm going to leave some links in the description down below that might help as usual thanks for watching and I hope you enjoy this very special presentation of the crypto capitalists what's up just here in my garage with my new Lamborghini yeah I bought that Lamborghini right there it's fun to like push around but you know what's what's what I like more than fiat money crypto please clap please play just one okay oh yeah I'm not really sure who this video is for because okay on the one hand we're doing like a DIY construction thing we have what's a DUI I think what we do we don't do any work which is like just not do it yourself just get someone else to do it yeah we have our chief engineer in the back working away soldering doing something oh okay yeah he's some high level shit here but yeah I don't think it's gonna be much of a helpful DIY video and also our regular audience is not tuning in for DIY stuff so we have to do something for them too no no it's kind of like we have already offered them very unique and helpful advice about do-it-yourself which is if you you want to do it yourself and you don't want to do it yourself then don't do it yourself just get someone else to do it video over yeah well actually we're building a something crypto related actually I see you've probably seen the title of this video anyways yeah we're sitting outside we're drinking were watching someone work yeah well whistling while he works poor cottage and by the end of this video you'll have some very vague instructions on how to build your own crypto ticker vague is probably like Genesis mess lots of stuff after with crypto this week yeah it's been a really rocky rocky roller coaster type of year for crypto up and down like I don't remember if it's it's a while ago it's almost been a month where Venezuela in the last-ditch attempt to revived a collapsing economy decided to turn to cryptocurrency which is probably the smartest thing they've done in years yeah except Trump said no dice and bans the sale of the petrol coin in America yeah like how does he do that like it's cryptocurrency how do you ban it though but he can't ban it yeah by the way uh for the record I'd not agree with the banning of petrol coin even though I do want to see a socialist utopia completely collapse by principle I don't think we should ever ban any currency it was an utter failure anyway no barely anybody bought any petrol coins so I don't think it was going anywhere anyway Trump didn't need to do this yet it's probably better to letting implode on its own yes well meanwhile there was a meeting at the g20 there a memo nothing happened yeah it's so everybody was really afraid that the g20 was going to come out and say okay we're gonna impose these regulations on Kryptos across all our g20 nations and then at the moment the memo came out and said oh yeah let's not regulate because it's not a threat to us then the crudeness them the coin market just went like this I actually take that as something else like they're you know they're never gonna say what they're actually thinking is we're not gonna regulate because it's impossible to regularly right yeah you know like they've tried and they fucking tried the no of Cosell Korea good Korea was about what was gonna do it too they were gonna like ban bitcoins or something something to the extent well one thing that governments can do is the exchanges that exist in their country they can say okay you guys are shut down they're like stop what you're doing no more sales to our citizens and that that does work that does slow down the markets for sure it slows it down but you can't stop it yeah I just think this is a whole like well it's not a threat to us we're not gonna ban it is more of well we got a we got a safe face we we can't go we can't stop it we've looked at the logistics its we could slow it down but it's not it's not possible to stop so rather than humiliate ourselves waste a bunch of money and you have no effect we're just gonna say oh this was a plan all along that's that's my take yeah meanwhile a bunch of countries are also working on using blockchain in their own government structure and eat and I think Russia is eventually gonna come up with their own coin well they hide their serum glad to do it yes did they split I don't know like the story goes that Vitalik return the creator of Syria met with Putin and the meeting only lasted five minutes and then Putin's like okay thanks and then after vitalik left Putin was sat down with his ministers until 3:00 in the morning talking about crypto I wonder what he said yeah like what was said to Putin like the guy the guy's got his shit together I couldn't have any opinion on Putin that you want but he is a very effective leader yeah you might not be a very ethical leader or progressive or whatever term you want like he can totally hate him as a leader but but he is a leader he is a leader and he's very effective dat doing doing what he does if you can say like go in there and say a talk for five minutes and cause this guy to have to talk to his ministers for like a day and it was like well into the night then like this I wonder what it is yeah hey 25 so ladies and gentlemen this is the crypto cooking show you're cooking with Jeff big nukes and William T science what are we cooking today chief engineer wait so what do you think the future of crypto looks like I don't know if I heard this I may be wrong like I maybe I made it up and I'm a total genius but I heard oh I believe Brock King's gonna be used in elections ah yeah where did I hear that I saw that yeah yeah I know I totally made it I know I told you know as far as I know you still can't hack bought blockchain yeah it's very difficult yeah and you know it's actually anonymous just like how your vote is supposed to be so volcano would actually be very useful for the elections yeah no more of those like oh well you lost like a bet like 50 bags of votes in Florida of like bullshit the hanging Chad yeah I think the future will mean that they'll be a parallel currency to Fiat Fiat gonna exist until it implodes it's gonna in earthly implode we don't know when anybody who tells you they know when is like or if they turn out to be right then they're lucky but yeah it's gonna implode one day but what's gonna happen after that is probably what I think because I'm a go fag I think we're gonna go back to goat standard right which but it's still gonna be Fiat backed by gold yeah and then crypto is probably gonna exist as parallel currency you know you know that like whole everyone's talking about oh like that international currency yeah that like that bat mat that not fucking unicorn that like we've been talking about since ever since after World War two like I'm the America they're makin dollar kind of became that except it's not really we're gonna see that and merge of crypto yeah like it's not gonna be like cuz crypto is gonna be ass up to anywhere in the future it just depends on what kind of crypto you have and like depending on the day like that's the only problem I see is if you have a everyone will help with this 15 how much quick those fifteen hundred this 50 there's fifteen hundred quick toast and crypto currencies yeah let's assume that this is the evolutionary like crapshoot time period where there's just as many crypto as possible and about 75% of those are gonna die out yeah the election is actually like 99% of we're gonna die out but either way you're still gonna end up with more than one type of crypto yeah it's just that like you're gonna go to the store and realize that oh shit I can't actually afford these burritos because because but coin just like drop like 80% today well one of the reasons for the current volatility is because so much of crypto is actually held and very very little is sold so the by itself the open market for crypto is actually very very small so that so anybody who comes in with a million dollars can immediately affect the price of Bitcoin worldwide so as the market gets bigger as its mass mass adoption then it'll kind of it'll fluctuate less because if you look at currency trading right now between you know USD and Euro for example like the volume is just exponentially larger than crypto so like I gave a detailed idea of like what I think the future looks like what do you think so here's what a lot of people in the crypto community are secretly afraid of I think and that is when is the last push from the bankers gonna come when is their last gasp at destroying us gonna come and what in what form it's gonna it's gonna come in I just I'm surprised it hasn't they haven't stored it yet that's the weird thing that's the weirdest thing is it has not happened yet why why has it not happened yet when one theory is that they're just joining the dark side there instead they're taking all the crypto and then they're gonna be once again the 1% in the crypto world now that's entirely possible but how does that how does it benefit them it's basically yeah we hold a loud ship but then we lose all the privileges we did when we ran the bank's well the theory is that they're going to so they're gonna let Fiat kind of go go the way of the dinosaur so crypto will be the new thing there's gonna be a world currency that all the bank's all JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are gonna say this is the coin we accept so the masses are all gonna accept this coin and guess what who's gonna hold 90% of that wealth it's gonna be JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs but people don't have to do that true yeah yeah that's exactly why crypto is so great is the fact that well you can have your goldman sachs bitcoin but i don't i don't care like i this coin is doing fine on my own on its own why should i buy your shit I don't even own stocks but I think at the end of the day the mass majority of people are still you know they'll still do whatever is safe right and they'll perceive this goldman sachs going to be the safest I don't I disagree I think in times of crisis people are gonna go back to physical access physical assets we're gonna go back to gold well uh and that's this is completely predicated on the fact that I'm a gold egg and I'm always right but we equipped all will still be a thing it will be a parallel currency in fact I think the international currency will be crypto yes but countries will still have to get back by dog that's my that's my thing yeah you know how we say okay well there's definitely a deep state but the deep state is not one entity there are very many warring factions worth in the deep state yeah so this is one of those response times where like everyone nobody agrees nobody can agree with what to do about crypto in the deep state because for the whole SWAT they don't quite understand crypto mmm like I mean I don't even understand crypto and I I'm sure like if you really got down to it Jeff might not even understand crypto sure at a certain level yeah and crypto is something that requires you like you gotta understand like if you want to exploit it you have to understand all of it and they are very few people around who will be who can do that yeah but I'm sure at the last Bilderberg meeting they did discuss it and then like they've had the whole year to kind of figure out what to do about it but you know who knows because what they have been buying some things here and there a goldman sachs owned company bought polonius which is not no longer the big biggest exchange in the world but it's still top 20 and there's a there's there's accounts of the banks buying crypto as well so yeah they're buying cryptos but what you're talking about requires that they build their own crypto right because it's what's take wine yeah that's why what like they're gonna have a surplus of coins so some people say ripple is gonna be that coin because ripple is quite centralized so you know but maybe look at look at the books all demining a lot of coins all the on record mining no coins but they're buying all this shit then in that case that's when the you should sound the alarms because one day they're gonna come out and hey we already have these tokens that's the only token we're gonna accept compile tokens yeah but either way the future is digital the future is exciting and there's plenty of potential for it the future to be decentralized and the future is also goat I know this is not the fun of the video but absolutely gold is coming back man I know I sound like a guy who's like going like this cause not dead but Cody's not dead man all right all right well there it is folks our crypto ticker and you mean your poop don't say yes yes so yeah it's it's pretty cool it's working that's getting the actual numbers and it works off something like you know web scripts so if you build one for your friends you know we can you can go into the web strip and change it whatever you want so he would write when he has a hot date coming over you just change it to penis penis penis penis yes or something you know something is gonna matter yeah yeah I guess we gotta really spank our chief engineer for putting this all together he did pretty much all the work it's not pretty much he did all the work yeah this is the first time we're going to mention this donation links down below if you feel like donating okay it's late what was that button to make it go really fast you forgot I'm not going to show you

33 thoughts on “Chronicling the 2018 Crypto Crash (ft. A Crypto Ticker DIY Project)”

  1. Cryptocurrencies are amazingly unsafe as an 'investment'. The articles this week showed not only a strong devaluation of the currency, but mining bitcoin costs are now higher than the current value. There have been several incidents where the entire value of a cryptocurrency exchange had their investments stolen overnight by hackers. No trace was left and the exchange was ruined. We have seen days where the value of things like Bitcoin got cut in half. Had you owned 10 shares that day you would have taken $150K in losses. With no ability to log in easily and sell off you cryptocurrency, and no brick and mortar shops to go to so you enter a sell order, it's not particularly good as an investment.

  2. I never liked the idea of crypto currency (even though I wish I had a shit ton from when it wasn't worth shit) only because its not a physical item that is natural, not man made.

  3. > cryptocurrency loses value most likely due to the market cycle
    > blames it on a conspiracy of “a cartel of financial institutions”

    Seems legit.

  4. You don't know why crypto crashed, and you also don't know why it boomed, because it's price is based on emotion.
    If the evil banksters short sold bitcoin it's because they thought they could make a profit.

  5. basically for me I can't get US dollars to the exchanges without jumping through some pain in the ass hoops. I would love to buy up my favorite coin at a huge discount but right now it is nearly impossible.

  6. No, this is the result of unregulated financial product.You should read more history about all those frauds and regulated came with it.

  7. Imagine the horror in there eyes when they saw that stock rise,they don't want bitcoin because it threatens there centralized banking empire. Its absolutely disgusting how they will sabotage us when playing fair but when we do they cry "RUSSIANS!",they want the electronic currency but they want it under there control and on a leash.

  8. why do people want it?
    non taxable
    non traceable
    non manipulable
    that was before it became government/system controlled. so now the only cryptos worth having are the ones not used by the system. my thoughts…. yours?

  9. Isn’t it surprising that other left-minded people saw the downfall of bitcoin coming from a mile away.
    Seems like the libertarian types are indulging on the fantasies brought by desperate justifications for a faulting system, while others are simply warning of its faults.

    Yeah the potential for blockchain technology is great, but if people waste it by trying to capitalize by investing in something that doesn’t produce shit *(You could even say that you wasted more resources by joining the craze)*, then I can’t say that I feel sorry for ya.

  10. What I understand is fiat currency mainly inflates and rarely deflated. Crypto will show signs of randomness in surge/down thrusts. Then again earning an hourly wage via Crypto currency is why I'm sceptical in it's probably manipulation. Hands down big banks always find ways on winning.

  11. Why has everyone been so unaware that the banksters behind the familiar fiat currency are the same ones behind the crypto currency? They're getting everyone sold on the idea of cashless, digital money systems, and the public is practically begging for it.

    I understand that people desperately want change but appealing to that desire is exactly how they sell and implement these new systems.

  12. We need A.I. cryptocurrencies. Smart Money. It could defend itself. Try to crash another currency. Become an outlaw currency. Make deals with other currencies. Invest in other currencies.

  13. I use cryptocurrency almost every day. I use it when I buy groceries or gas with my debit card. No actual cash changes hands, but accounts are balanced and the "cash flow" continues electronically. That crypto is US dollars that were not even printed or coined. Thus, they are exactly like the other cryptocurrencies EXCEPT THAT they are accepted universally. The fake currencies that are not stated in fixed "fiat money" amounts, not being dollars or wan or yuan or yen, fluctuate far too much to ever be stabilized. Good governments know how to stabilize money. Bad governments don't know how to do that. Cryptocurrencies don't even try to stabilize the money, and that is why they will always fail, eventually. Money requires stability to be worth anything.

    The cryptos claim that limiting the supply is supposed to lead to stability and increasing value, but it hasn't worked out that way. The limited availability of cryptocurrencies is what works against them, not for them. It means that the average person with little or no disposable income will never ask to be paid in crypto or spend it in a grocery store.
    I know that some big companies accept Bitcoin, but they never, ever hold it. They all INSTANTLY transfer it to dollars (etc). Why? Because it won't be worth the same amount ten minutes from now, let alone a year from now. Holding on to cryptocurrencies is risk that big companies and everyday people cannot afford to take.

    Gold? Why gold? Gold is good for two things. 1. In electronics. 2. As jewelry. Even a gold bar is nothing but electronic circuits or jewelry that hasn't been made into wire or a ring yet. You can't eat it. You can't drink it. You can't even buy a meal with it today. Gold also fluctuates way too much to be of lasting value, though not quite as wildly as cryptocurrencies do.

    Final word, making economic decisions purely on ideology with no knowledge of economics is the most foolish thing a person can do.

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