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-Welcome to the show.
-Thank you. -I’m so excited to have you
here. -It’s nice to be here. I’ll-I’ll tell you a little
story. A lot of people don’t know this, but, uh, there is
the CNN that America watches. -Mm-hmm.
-And then there is the CNN that the world watches.
And in the CNN -that America watches…
-It’s a parallel universe. Yeah, it is a parallel universe.
And on one, they just
bring on people to talk but not know anything… and in the other,
you are one of the anchors. I am such a huge fan
of what you do. Welcome… -welcome toThe Daily Show.
-Thank you, it’s great to be here, and great
to be in Cleveland. -Is it great to be in Cleveland?
-(cheering, applause) -Yes, yes! -Yes.
-Is it great? It is. It is, because, honestly, people are so nice. -They… Can I…
Yeah, and that’s true. -So nice. (cheering, applause) Some of the nicest people
I have ever come across, yes. I am literally walking down
the street with my colleagues and a guy
in a pickup truck stops and offers us a ride and gives us a card
with his name on it. It’s fantastic. -Doesn’t happen
in many other places. -I wonder if this is like a scam, ’cause
that happened to me as well. -No, I was…
-Hang on. -I was at the corner, I was…
-What was his name? No, no, no, it was a woman,
actually. Someone, uh, I was at the corner and I was standing
at a… And then someone came, she was like, “Do you guys want
a ride? Do you need to go…” -I was like, “This is…”
-It’s genuine friendliness. -It really is. -And the thing is
you’re sort of skeptical, because you don’t get that
in most places you visit. Yes, that’s true,
and, uh, also, because, uh, the Republican National
Convention is here, so… -Yeah. -You-You’ve been
on the ground, though. You’re doing your show from
here, you’ve been on the ground. What have you seen?
What are the craziest things or what are some of the scariest
or saddest things you’ve come across? Well, it’s a whole different
kind of war zone. You know,
I do most of my work in Iraq -and places like that,
Afghanistan. -Yes. Um, it’s-it’s a war zone because
there is so much division. I mean, you know,
you go to these things and you watch and you listen
to the speeches, and I’m thinking, “How is one
going to unite after this?” And I really do believe
that, uh, you can’t
just sort of criminalize political differences. You know,
like Chr-Chris Christie and his “I don’t know
what guilty or innocent” -or “lock her up” or whatever,
-Yes. Yeah, yeah. and I’m thinking,
“How do you actually govern? “How do you bring a party
together? How do you bring a country together? How do
you bring a world together?” Well, you have
to find some common ground, and, um, I think that’s
in short supply right now, not just here
but around the world as well. And so I’m just hoping
that at some point we can all just get along,
as Rodney King once said. (cheering and applause) Rodney King and, uh, surprisingly,
the Joker. Yes, the Joker, who is a more
measured man in this climate. -Mm-hmm. -Why can’t
we all just get along? If, um… if you’re looking
at this election– you’re someone who is… traveling the world,
you have an illustrious career as a news anchor who has seen
elections everywhere, you’ve seen everything from
coups to peaceful protests– do you see
what is happening in America happening anywhere else
in the world? -Can you draw parallels?
-Look, I think all of a sudden
the West is in a… in a truly historic moment
right now. I think that what’s happening
in the United States is reflected, to an extent,
in Europe. You saw what happened
in-in Great Britain recently, -with Brexit.
Nobody actually thought -Yes. that this very sensible
“keep calm and carry on” country would actually, you know,
fling itself off a cliff, as some people think. You know, there are many people
who believe in Brexit, so, you know,
we have to report the facts. -But…
-If-if I may interject there, that-that’s interesting, because
you wrote about something that-that really connected
with me, and that was in and around
the conversation -of neutrality as a journalist.
-Mm-hmm. And you came out, and you were
speaking to the idea -that journalists
shouldn’t be neutral… -Mm-hmm. …which was an interesting take
I’d never heard before. Well, I-I’ve come up with a… with a sort of
a slogan right now, because I’m about frustrated
at all of this. So I now say,
“Truthful, not neutral.” -There’s a difference.
-Yes. Truthful is bringing the truth. Neutral can be creating
a false equivalence between this faction… (applause and cheering) I’m really glad you agree, because it’s to you
who I’m reporting the news, and I really want you to know that I go out of my way
to bring you the truth. And the truth is actually there. You can find the truth. And there are facts,
and there are figures. And then there are other things. -And you can’t conflate the two.
-Yes. Or equiv… or create
an equivalence there. I learned that
in Bosnia, Trevor. I covered the Bosnia war, -and there was one side that was
massacring another side. -Yeah. And we were expected to somehow
create a moral equivalence, and there wasn’t any. And so, in order to be truthful,
I had to tell the truth, which was that one side was
being massacred by another side. And that’s how you get
to an end, to a resolution, when you actually
have the truth. Now, um, you’ve also spent extensive periods
in the Middle East. You’ve covered everything
in the Middle East, -and even, I guess, in parts
of North Africa, as well. -Yup. -Looking at what happened
in Turkey… -Mm. …you are going, “What is
happening in this place?” Everyone was watching, saying, -“Is it a coup?
Is it not a coup?” -Yeah. The president came out and said,
it’s not a coup because the generals
are not involved in this, but there are military personnel who are trying
to take over the country. The coup dies down,
and now, all of a sudden, it seems, from some sides, maybe the president
staged the coup? And there’s WikiLeaks and… -You’re an expert.
-Yeah. I don’t get to talk to experts
on this often. What is happening
in that world? I think that little bit could be
a bit of a conspiracy theory. But I do think that, look,
all of a sudden, everything seems to be
coming to a head. You had that horrible
ISIS attack in Nice. And barely 24 hours later, you had this attempted coup
in Turkey. What I think is what happened
is that there were a good number of people
within the military who decided that they didn’t
like President Erdogan anymore, for whatever reason:
A, is he becoming too much of an Islamist president? The military is
fiercely secular. -Uh, is he becoming
too autocratic? -Yeah. Fromtheirperspective–
the president’s perspective– this was a plot, uh, you know,
sort of… sort of inspired by a guy who’s sitting here
in Pennsylvania. But what’s happening now is that
A, the people came out, and they refused to allow
the coup to take place. That, I think,
is a triumph for democracy. -Because the people stopped it,
yes. -The people stopped it. They really did.
He called the people out, and they came out,
the president did. But, you know,
there’s a massive crackdown now. You know, 50,000 people
are being either detained, uh, suspended from their jobs,
or under investigation, including members of the press. So I think we wait to see
how this plays out. When you see something
play out like that, a president like Erdogan, who
many have said is autocratic, many have said, you know,
denounces free speech, and, I mean, he’s locked
people up, he’s arrested them for making jokes about him
and so on, and then you see someone
like Donald Trump, who has said he wants
to get rid of the libel laws, he wants to go out
and go after journalists or satirists
who say things about him, and the people support
both of these people. Do you see a path
whereby Donald Trump could get to that same place? ‘Cause Americans always go:
It can’t happen here, -Yeah.
-let me tell you something, -Mm-hmm.
-it won’t happen here, okay? We’re different, okay? Yeah, I think that that’s true.
That is true. This is a democracy
with a First Amendment and a very, very, you know, closely guarded
freedom of expression and freedom of the press. But it is guarded
because it is fragile, and we have to make sure
that nothing and no one can assault this basic right
that makes America strong, this First Amendment and all its amazing
constitutional protection. (applause) I could sit
and talk to you for hours, but, uh… I will have
to watch you on television. -And I’ll watch you. -Thank you
so much for being here. -Thank you. Thank you.
-I really appreciate it.Amanpourairs weeknights
on CNN and CNN International. Check your local listings.
Christiane Amanpour, everybody.

100 thoughts on “Christiane Amanpour – Being “Truthful, Not Neutral” | The Daily Show”

  1. The vast gulf between CNN International, and CNN US, is immensely depressing. There is so much integrity in the INTL version, while the US one is just as formulaic, as FAUX News. She's the last of a dying breed

  2. There is no truth, only further truth. If a liberal like Christiane Amanpour has her version of the truth (or someone on the right) I'd rather hear neutral, non-opinionated news. What's truthful about stating that Britain is flinging itself off a cliff, it's an opinion not the truth.

  3. When posting old interviews, will you please include the interview date? It's confusing to watch and hear them talk about world events that happened a long time ago.

  4. Christiane is a brilliant, articulate and dedicated reporter who gives great interviews and allows her guests to openly share their opinions.

  5. I disagree. Neutral doesn't mean you have to lie, it means you provide all relevant information about different possible viewpoints and let the information speak for itself. In fact I believe there is no "truthful" without "neutral" and what she said about Turkey is a good example: She wasn't neutral, she told what she felt like was the truth.
    But part of the actual truth is also that Erdogan is single handedly the one person to profit the most from the coup so it's not far to assume that could at least let it happen. Truth is also that Turkey is further away today from joining the EU than ever before because of the horrible human rights violations in the aftermatch of the coup, not to forget Erdogan making himself a president in a country previously without presidental system and therefore granting himself much more power. Truth is many European experts and politicans remark deeply worried about the future of Turkey, especially from Germany, who know exactly how the Nazi regime started back then and see way too many parallels. Truth is Turkey imprisons journalists without accusation or trial, puts media under government control, discusses the reintroduction of the death penalty (something which is seen as a horrible warning sign outside the US) and gets more and more nationalistic, religious, xenophibic and sexist as we speak. And also part of the neutral truth: A majority of Turks living in Europe agree with what Erdogan does nonetheless.

    While there is an objective truth most of the times (not always), for the individual watching or reading the news it's impossible to determine whether what he/she hears or sees is the truth or just the individual viewpoint of the spokesperson. That's why it's so important to cover all information and especially information that other people could think is true.
    Also: Truth is complicated. I don't think it's helpful to pretend that a news anchor can just spit it out. There are many sides to every problem and when dismissing neutrality I think the most likely outcome is that the actual, objective truth subjects to personal opinions. Striving for neutrality, without wrongly crediting different interpretations as equal, is what the news should do and by that they would be – automatically – truthful.

  6. A place where I came across geniun kindness and hospitality was Iran, a country where some of the most kind and open hearted people in the world live!

  7. The fact the most violent and murderous country on the planet thinks it can't go pure evil is tragic comedy at its best.

  8. Hierarchy dominates society through a principle known as "divide and rule." Elites don't want us to get along because the power they have over society depends on hatred and dissent.

  9. Erdogan is an awesome president and the people like his presidency. He is Turkish president and leave him for turkey people to decide.

  10. There are facts and there are opinions.

    What do you think of "1"?

    What I mean is… to clarify a bit further: you read the news that 10'000 people died because of some event – what do you think about that/them/whatever-that-comes-to-your-mind?

  11. I don't believe asking the obvious equates to being honest. Honest would be reminding the people of what their duty to the Constitution is. Would be actual investigative reporting to the facts, not the nearest narrative. I believe that she believes she is bringing the truth, but it's an edited version of the truth.
    Reporters that report the real unedited findings, are usually a mere blip on life's radar, they're usually murdered or missing.
    If you want to report the truth, then report all of the underhanded dealings in these countries with other countries to line their pockets at the expense of their citizens. Explain to not just the American citizen, but to the world how governments are conforming to the totalitarian form of government present in the United States and abroad. These are not assumptions of fact. You only need to read the history of the world to understand it's present and future.
    Thanks ? ??

  12. I love how people think she's smart just because of her fake British accent where in fact she is incredibly biassed towards groups and people she's not aligned with. Awful reporter who chooses sides and reports based on her agenda!

  13. I am extremely disappointed in Trevor for hosting this despicable propaganda chick,the more when I see and hear him say that he's a huge fan of her "work".
    I am not claiming the above in the Trumpian sense though,no way.I abhor Trump and his supporters;needless to add.
    CNN is a real propaganda machine,come on Trevor.
    How can you be so stupid and naive as to make a fool of yourself that way….Amazing…
    By the way,there is no such thing as the "neutral" ,impartial or objective press….

  14. What truth is that despicable bitch talking about:
    She makes part of and is one of the top whores of corporate power or presstitude:

  15. after the last 3 videos I'm wondering if this is current or happened a year ago, as so far there's not marker of time as to when this occurred.

  16. Turkey is more democratic than the US! Last elections there was held with a staggering 87% voter turnout. Even your most international citizen Amanpour has no idea about the world.

  17. Whose truth? your truth? my truth? her truth? his truth?

    TRUTH is tricky, especially in a 'post-truth' multi-polar world where no one entity (states, religions, corporations, secret societies) can exercise monopoly on truth.

    TRUE JOURNALISM: Where men are insulated they are easily oppressed; when roads become good, and intercourse is easy, their force is increased more than a hundred fold: when, without personal communication, their opinions can be interchanged, and the people thus become one mass, breathing one breath and one spirit, their might increases in a ratio of which it is difficult to find the measure or the limit. Journalism does this office …. ["New Monthly Magazine," London, 1831]

    Oh yea, it's pronounced: AF-GON-IS-TAAN

  18. Is Trevor ever going to talk about the slow motion genocide in South Africa. His own country. Im a huge fan of his, but his war on bullshit seems to have not reached us.

  19. Facts are not neutral. The Earth is round, not flat. Journalists have zero obligation to give 50% time/credibility to flat-Earthers.

  20. Same thing goes for conservatives' ongoing attack on academia. They frequently attack professors (experts in their respective fields) because they don't like the truths they are teaching.
    'Oh that professor says white supremacy leads to violence! He's a bigot!' 'That professor says evolution is real! He's oppressing my religion!' 'That professor says scientific data shows global warming is happening! He obviously bases that on his greedy conflict of interest!'
    There are truths that are just truths, backed up by facts. Not political. If you make it political by defending positions that clearly are not supported by facts then it is you who are stubborn.

  21. The zionist jew whore was in on it when Iraq was getting bombed and children and women was getting killed. she work for that zionist network CNN look up who is the owner of CNN . Dont trust me i am just idiot.

  22. True, i agree with Trevor's first statements. Love the CNN International(the world watches) is the best.. Hehehehe

  23. One of unpatriotic Arab journalists. She can't defend her motherland from the illegal sanctions by the USA and is always taking sides with the western imperialists.

  24. Amanpour is an amazing woman. I have so much respect for her. I hope her belief in first amendment rights is borne out in this climate that #PeesidentPeenocchio has created.

  25. The Daily Show finally interviewed an actual journalist! Not a 24 hour daytime talk show host. No offense to any other journalists Trevor may have interviewed recently, but the difference is staggering. Much like CNN America Edition and CNN International.

  26. I admire this woman! I grew up watching Christiane Amanpour and she was my inspiration to be a journalist. An on-the-ground type of journalist.

  27. I so respect Christiane Amanpour. She was covering the funeral of an Indian President in India. He was an untouchable who rose to become President. She compared that event to a black man becoming the president of the United States. That was a long time ago. I thought to myself, this lady will be fired from her job. I will like to know if there was any backlash from that statement? I did not hear about her for quite a while. Obama occurred, a long while after. It was not so much what she said, but that she was brave enough to say it! That takes guts!

  28. Has a African this women is the light of the news, and a definition of when you educat the gir!l we end up the women like her.

  29. I was on another site and people were being well? Very narrow minded about Amanpour?
    Our country was the first to create CPS and GMO foods. Our country was often first to go to war after war after war . If you do not care about first how children are raised of course CPS
    Quote from Carl Sagan and only to true really ' we are a very dependent country ' which is for me true also. We need to be less quote ' country and more speculation and looking into what is true. For me I'm very tired of voting for either or quote persons to lead us? Why not a super computer / and someone we evaluate very carefully to decide things a computer cannot with our votes of coarse also? Science channel there is a design that changes forever every second we could put on the super computer we use for ' self ruling' . Matters that require people other than this should be handled by someone we all truly understand knows what we want and how to handle the situations involved.

  30. Okay, I'm a Muslim.. can someone explain to me was ''Islamist'' is? Are those Activists? Or is in normal people who follow Islam as a religion? I don't understand.

  31. This woman is one of the best interviewers a have ever seen, a master of her craft. I have so much respect for her.

  32. I grew up watching her from one country to another she only reports the truth she been in the middle of bloody turmoils with her life literally on the line but she still went in and reported the truth in the 80's and 90's that to me is a scary thought as destructive as those 2 decades were abroad. This woman is truly a legend

  33. How scary is this? A so-called journalist, Amanpour, advocates for the FBI to shut down FREE SPEECH! Under the guise of calling it hate speech. This is a 'news reporter" asking the police to stop the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, and what Amanpour, have the opposing political party arrested? Christiane Amanpour was raised in Iran where there is no such thing as freedom of speech. Keep your backward medieval country, where they still throw gays of buildings, and its regressive policies far away from the United States.

  34. There is less and less Americans watching CNN anymore. They have finally woken up to the fact that CNN is nothing more than a propaganda network shilling for the Democrat party. Now that President Trump has been cleared of all these crazy leftist conspiracies, CNN's audience has shrunk 40-50%. It is perfect fit for Amanpour, a dishonest "journalist" working for the most corrupted so-called news organization.

  35. Sorry, but she is an authoritarian wench we dont care for her type of 'journalism'. You cant be interested in Freedom of the press and not freedom of speech. This moron actually asked James comey why they didnt lock up people for saying "lock her up" about Hillary Clinton. She is an abject idiot.

  36. Truthfull??? When you start to think you are sending the truth, you will start to be bias.
    "I think…" That's the start of being bias.

  37. In awe of that women. Watch her show daily and hang on her every world. Don’t feel that way about any other reporter

  38. I don't understand why Americans can't watch CNN international. It seems way better. And Amanpour is pure class and professionalism.

  39. Christiane Amanpour is unique in US tel. She is not afraid of telling the truth on any news item without having an opinion. The Us journalists, except investigative ones, have been trained to give the views of both sides of an issue, rather than tell the audience what are the facts. They have misinformed us on Israel, on the Iraq invasion, on Vietnam, on Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton.In a word ,they forgot about educating the public.

  40. This might sound stupid….But I thought the Daily Show was taped in NYC….But they keep referencing Cleveland, OH …?

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