Christian: Vegan “Burgers” Are Satanic Plot to Destroy Souls

Rick wiles is a Christian based conspiracy
theorist and a racist and an all around horrible person for the things that he has said and
done over the last several decades. We’ve talked about him before, but not in a while,
and he now has a program on something called True News, Tru News, which he created. He
used to work for the Christian Broadcasting Network. He eventually went over Trinity Broadcasting
Network. These are all extremists far right? Christian media organizations, and as you
can probably guess, just from what I’ve told you so far, Rick wiles is anti-gay. Rick wiles
is anti-immigrant. Rick wiles is antisemitic. He’s checking off all of the normal boxes
that we would expect them to check, but he’s now going after fo meat burgers, I guess.
Veggie Burgers, Black Bean Burgers, mushroom Burger’s lab, grown meat, impossible burger’s.
That’s a new, a Vegan Burger that is around, which I’ve tried before. I guess all of these
are part of the problem that is designed to steal people’s souls by preventing them from
being able to be born again. Take a look at how he said it. Don’t take my word for it. When you go to your favorite fast food restaurant,
you’re going to be eating a fake hamburger. You’re going to go to the grocery store and
buy a pound of fake hamburger or a fake steak and you won’t know that it was grown in some
big corporations laboratory. This is the nightmare world that they’re taking us into their God’s
creation. Why they want to change human DNA so that you can be born again. Hmm. That’s where they’re going with this to change
the DNA of humans. So it will be impossible for a human to be born again. They there.
They want to create a race of soulless creatures on this planet. I know I’ve said this before, but if fake
burgers are so terrible and if his god is so powerful, why didn’t his God just prevent
the creation of Vegan Burgers, right? Like if this is such an evil that needs to be rooted
out, why would his all powerful and all knowing God allow the creation of Vegan burgers and
this entire critique about Vegan burgers destroying people’s souls and all of it. This is the
wrong critique of Vegan burgers. The right critique of some of these burgers is that
they’re mostly not very good. I’ve had some pretty good non meat burgers like at some
restaurants that make them in house, but every prepackaged Veggie Burger I’ve tried has been
mediocre. Even that impossible burger that people are up in arms about it saying it’s
so great, recently tried it, it looks like, and has the consistency of raw meat even after
you’ve grilled it. It’s just not that good. That’s the tragedy,
not that it’s going to destroy your soul as I as a massive plot to prevent you from becoming
born again. And by the way, if you’re district, if you want to destroy people’s souls that
prevent them from becoming born again, Christians through getting them to eat Veggie Burgers,
you’re failing. Because most people I know don’t like Veggie burgers. The veggie burgers
are going to have to get way better if you want more than a tiny fraction of the population
to start regularly eating them in order to self destroy their own souls. But seriously,
does this guy believe what he’s saying or is it all stick maybe to sell stuff or I don’t
even know if he sells stuff. Maybe just to make money and get donations. I went to the
true news website. It’s completely whacked out with conspiracy theories, but you can
donate, they will accept shares of stock. You can donate cryptocurrency, you can leave
money to them in your will. Can you imagine? They will also accept precious metals from
you. It’s, it’s really a scene that they’re going there. And then, by the way, and this
is where it all comes full circle, where you can take action. Uh, you can submit prayer
requests no matter how big or small the requests they say, you can submit prayer requests on
their website. Please go to true That’s t r u submit prayer
requests that are related to the David Pakman show. They can be inside jokes. Anything goes.
If any of these get aired or answered by Rick Whiles, we will absolutely play them on the
show. If we hear about it, which you might have to tell us since I certainly don’t watch
this garbage, but Let’s see if we can get some, uh, progressive or David
Pakman show inside jokes mentioned there.

100 thoughts on “Christian: Vegan “Burgers” Are Satanic Plot to Destroy Souls”

  1. I often wonder when I am doing my shopping, why do people want to buy something that they say looks and tastes like meat but is inferior when the real meat version is a lot cheaper and better for your health. I was watching something about vegans and discovered that it takes over one gallon of water to grow one almond. A lot of the "Vegan" food you buy is almost as bad for you as smoking is.

  2. You know I usually don't agree with religious far righters but I agree, the first time I ate vegan food it felt like my soul died so maybe it did in a literal sense.

  3. David you should try Beyond Meat. They've really really been working hard to get the contextual tastes, texture, consistency, sounds, smells, blood, and color of beef.

  4. Religious lunatics losing their minds over food that doesn't destroy their god's precious creation is my favorite argument for veganism. ?

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  6. I agree about the real criticisms of vegan burgers. I've tried the Beyond Meat burgers a few times, and they don't cook internally. I still eat them on occasion, usually the night before I donate blood because they are probably the best source of iron I've come by. But I cannot wait for lab-grown meat to become more mainstream.

  7. Rick Wiles’ soul was stolen by leprechauns when he was young. He is just jealous that others still have souls to lose and is trying to trick them into eating beef. Eating beef is a well-established leprechaun summoning ritual.

  8. David, you heathen idiot! Don't you know that God wants us to kill cows and grind up their flesh so that we might be born again by His merciful grace!

  9. Is it a common thing for Christians in the US to talk about „to be born again“ or reincarnation?

    At least here in catholic Europe those concepts are not common.

  10. It's time for you to try veganism, David! Do the research on it. You could do a lot of good by promoting the lifestyle to your audience. It would provide a balance in the online community that hear that a "Carnivore" diet is an option. (Jordan Peterson and his daughter)

  11. Go to a slaughterhouse and see what real horror looks like. Far from Christs view of kindness to all living things.

  12. Well, I'll be. I thought I knew the basics of most religions, but I didn't know Christianity believed in reincarnation.

  13. Vegan burgers are kind of stupid. This is a product meant to taste like meat for people who are morally opposed to the eating of meat. The fact that this product exists is saying, "I'm a vegan, but I still crave meat." It's almost like eating meat is a biological imperative ingrained in our DNA. I'm not against it, mind you, just pointing out the logical inconsistency.

  14. Why are people so STUPID! You have to actively CHOOSE the "fake burgers" when you order. I'm not vegan, but holy hell this is actual insanity.

  15. Aw come David, I like the Impossible Burger! Preparation is key.. Burger King's version isn't very good, but Fatburger's Impossible Burger is absolutely solid. Worth a try.

  16. Lol, say TBN and CBN are right wing christian extremist, since when. He may be going a bit into conspiracy theory but he is only referring to 1 Timothy 1:3 which speaks to people abstaining from meats in general during later times. Its a spiritual thing that only spiritual folks(christian and nonchristian) would understand. The same reason people fast is the same reason abstaining from meats could lead to negative spiritual consequences. Don't comment on assumptions, bias, eishful thinking and ignorance. Read and research.

  17. Beyond meat burgers are decent. Nothing special, but they are ok. A&W is on he front line of creating vegan options which is great. My sister is vegan, and eats 1 a day lol.

  18. sorry Dave you are way off on this one, Veggie burgers are great. I would even say I worship Seitan, to a degree.

  19. So, Satan gets sentenced to hell for all eternity, and this numpty wants us to believe that Satan's making soul-sucking lie-burgers so he can be cellies with a bunch of dead vegans? Gross

  20. I didn’t realize that a person’s ability to accept Christ and be “born again” was dependent on their DNA.

  21. My lord, some fucktards really see a boogie man in everything, around every corner. It's madness. I reckon there's always been the same ratio of nutjobs to murderers to good people to assholes but nowadays it's just so damn easy to get it out there that you are batshit nuts. Too much, too fast communication for most people's own good. We're spiraling down the rabbit hole real fast as a society.

  22. Unfortunately, there are people out there that believe ANYTHING that a "Man of God" says. I was raised First Baptist ( not Baptist – that is a whole different religion practically) and witnessed this first hand. I no longer attend church due to the hypocrisy I saw around me.
    Televangelist make me ill. They spread their beliefs yet don't live them. Yes, I am quite sure that God wants them to have huge mansions, private planes, and ritsy vacations. Oh, wait… I don't.

  23. That's not how this works. That not how any of this works.

    "A race of soulless creatures"? Y'mean, like Republicans?

  24. didn't his god make vegetables? just because we process them and press them in to unconvincing burger shapes doesn't change the source material. his god didn't invent 100% beef hamburgers either. how's a factory cattle farm any less the corporate lab he's pretending to warn us about?

  25. This guy obviously has a good grasp on the latest news and technology with geneticists, agriculturists, and evidently hindu's!
    Lol! this guy needs to do a stand-up tour.

  26. I understand why Rick Wiles is an easy target but none of his moronic statements will ever erase the impact of the historic interview of USS Liberty crewmen he conducted on May 27th. He outclassed all the progressives cucks in one felt swoop.

  27. He is such a fucking nut job… but, he’s also very shrewd…. he knows how to play his con… there is a reason that Trump is tight with these religious nut jobs… they are all conmen. It’s really that simple.

  28. Ethical/fake meats are getting much more convincing these days, look at Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Memphis Meats and even Tyson foods. A lot of hardcore meat eaters are noting this, which is good as it's genuinely convincing them as opposed to trying to push the ethical argument on them. Of course, many of the consumers still note that they can still taste a difference from the real thing, which is fair and honest. But at least it's actually improving a lot which should be good news all around. That's all I'll say on that.

    As for the preacher, well it's interesting he sees this as such a terrible thing with Satan behind it all, but apparently not so when it comes to the massive scale of factory farming and the many environment/welfare concerns involved? Animals that are pumped with hormones/steroids and raised in unhygienic, poor conditions to start with.

  29. This bloke is an absolute dickhead. More like he will destroy himself with bowel and colon cancer courtesy of his anti plant high meat diet. Absolutely pathetic!!

  30. Wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. Sooo. God is all knowing, and powerful. And His will is what happens. Satan has no power where it’s not given. Those who believe in God, and Jesus are redeemed and gain salvation. Or also through good works, etc. Miracles, God. Creation, God. Everything is caused by God. Who has all the power.

    But He gets flummoxed and his plan destroyed, and the Kingdom of Heaven will sit empty, all due to… burgers.

    How are Christians not actually offended by this? Like, I get fearmongering and feeding the base with otherism and brimstone and danger. But this isn’t just implying, it’s saying that God would be overcome, in all His foresight and power, by… a sandwich.

    This is just… a particularly special kind of batshit insane. Even “The Word is the inspired Truth and Testament of God, 100% literal," flavored Christians must at least have a does-not-compute moment, right?

  31. Sigh. Maybe it’s just because I grew up and firmly believed in the Christian god for 25 years, but I really want to see the religion go the way of the dinosaur. I think the world would be better off without that kind of magical thinking, and start using at least a MODICUM of sense.

  32. I agree with most parts of what you say…. But, no, David, it's not that those burgers are just not good. It's that your tasting buds are simply used to taste "real meat" which is actually innocently killed animals (that by the way feel pain and have a will to live)..

    So when you just give those alternatives a chance for one year, your tasting buds will adapt to not eating chunks of cooked carcass, which it has been used to do since most people's birth.

    Of course we crave cheese and we drink milk – we have been used to it the whole time. That's why it's not that easy to change to a vegan diet.

    But if you consider all the climate change, global hunger and unnecessary suffering animal agriculture does, I think it's fair to say that we should consider eating alternatives out of a ethical, ecological and social point of view.

    So the true question should not be why those burgers only taste mediocre, but why we keep doing harm to our planet, our fellow non-human beings as well as all of us affected by climate change (basically everyone) for just our tasting buds and not willing to let them adapt to change.

  33. This DB is presuming that the Almighty won’t recognize a little altered DNA? The supposed creator of all things is going to be stumped by some Beyond Burgers. FFS.

  34. 2:40 what a fucking retard you are but then again many people say that about you no more on the main critique of these vegan Burgers is not the fact that they are mushy and don't have the same consistency as a real Burger the main critique is that they're not healthy for you cuz they're highly processed there is such a thing as being vegan but not healthy although veganism is not about how healthy it is about ethics you fucking idiot

  35. I actually went there , to have some fun requesting prayers, but you have to sign up. No. Just a thought. Did Jesus ever eat meat in the bible? Wine, bread and fish. That's a christian diet!

  36. When you go your neighborhood church, you will worship a FAKE "god." You will know it immediately because you're in a church. And if you can't figure that out, then you need to immediately go see a psychiatrist — of the atheist kind.

  37. In France we have great cheese that strongly enhances veggie burgers 🙂 . Personally, i prefer them without fake steaks, just with vegetables.

  38. "You can leave money [ real-estate works for them as well, they just hate the waiting period ] in your will (but trusts are preferred — no waiting after the fact)."
    Priests, pastors, preachers and any other of that ilk are well known vultures [Sorry to insult the real birds for the good THEY do] — that's why they go house – to – house (and nursing homes, too) when they sense one (or more) of their "flock" [again, sorry to the birds) is getting close to "their own rapture [withOUT that "jesus" character]."

  39. This guy is such a clown ???
    Does he not catch the irony that real meat is grown and pumped full of hormones and antibiotics by corporations.

  40. I prayed this:
    I pray that your organize will change its ways and really focus on God's true word. I want inspiration.. Not lies. I saw this organization from the david pakman show, pray for him (thank you, lord), and he pointed out the lies and bigoted nature of this organizations leader.
    God wouldn't like this and you are the anticrist.
    Your death is arriving faster than mine and an eternal death, as you believe, of buring in hell is awful. The lord would want someone whonis charitable and caring.. Not this.

  41. Because veggie-burgers can change DNA? Thanks for the daily reminder that too many people are stupid enough to follow shit-for-brains like this dumbass preachers.

    By the way, Boca brand veggie-burgers are pretty good. I eat them for lunch at work.

  42. Most of these people are just political shills in clerical garb – they want the right to be ginned up with fear and/or hatred of everything – this allows them to install leaders who will do what is good for them – not for the people they preach to. How many people know that right after the court first ruled on Roe v Wade, the Southern Baptist Conference issued a statement in support of the decision? Back then, these people saw contraception and abortion as issues for the silly Catholics – not for them. And generally, they were fairly apolitical. But the courts ruled that their schools had to be desegregated – that was the beginning of the Christian Right as a political movement. When they failed in that cause, they decided they needed a new cause (movements, once started, tend not to disband – they get to like their power) and they held a conference call to try to pick a good issue to rally the sheep around, and they chose abortion. Within a few years, evangelicals who had not cared about abortion became one issue voters. That gave them an issue to get people to vote against their own interests, Then they added gays, and other issues. The used that to elect GW Bush in 2004 – putting anti-gay marriage laws on the ballots of several key states – knowing that the base was not exactly in love with Bush, but the would turn out for the gay thing, and while they were there, they would for Goober W. Bush.

  43. Of course this is all about big ag (inverted welfare) money, this is why all the YouTube grifters push eating animals, from Jordon Peterscum to Josh Rogain!

  44. Is it me or are US fundamentalist Christian extremists getting crazier by the day? This guy things burgers are created by God and vegan burgers destroy peoples souls? He's nuts. Absolutely bonkers.

  45. Rick Wiles needs to lay off the crack — it's as if he's run out of things to sanctimoniously bitch and moan about. Disgraceful behavior.

  46. Well, the clip showed a guy saying it, but his view has ZERO connection to Christian doctrine. "Born again" doesn't mean reincarnated; perhaps this is some synthesis of Hinduism.

    Probably this is just an odd way to get viewers riled up.

    Although, have you ever tried Quorn? It's made from bacteria. Now THERE'S a satanic burger.

  47. David I have to ask. How do you keep such a straight face? I mean the dude just is so asinine it’s hilarious.

  48. Um…. your the second network Iv seen strawman his bullshit as burgers = souless.
    I really dont get it… everytime I see the clip he is CLEARLY not saying that.
    Not that his bs is any less bs but hes saying it starts with fake meat in stores and their goal is the eventually mutate us into souless whateverthefuck.

    I get that its worth a laugh and hes still really dumb but strawman is strawman.

  49. Lol I love veggie burgers. Some brands are crappy like you said, but some are great. Maybe I just want my DNA to get altered. Not that it makes any sense. The vegetables and beans and stuff in them are a healthy and natural part of any kind of human diet. Vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore.

  50. Yeah, let's keep slaughtering 56 billion sentient beings every year for our taste pleasure, slit their throats open, gas-chamber them, steal the calves from their mothers so we can steal the milk, grind down the newborn male chicks as they are useless, because god loves his creatures, and let's keep ourselves fed with corpse pieces that are rich in toxic proteins and fats and carcinogens so we can get the deadly diseases, because god loves us. Let's not try to reduce the suffering, because that would be satanic.

  51. The meaning of "meat" is going to change like "news article" has. The age of news on papers is over for most people. The age of foods from corpses will be over for most people.

  52. I am sure: the people who run the local vegan restaurant have a GREAT interest in preventing us from be born again, that's what they think about the hole day!
    What a stupid idea.

  53. I don't think he's talking about vegan burgers, he is talking about synthetic meat grown in a laboratory and selling this man made meat to people in grocery stores. I don't think any vegan or meat eater would eat that crap.

  54. I got am advert for meatless burgers, explaining how they are made and the benefits to the environment.

  55. The tragedy, is a so-called compassionate God designed and created animals with the ability to suffer and feel pain, and then condemn them to an eternity of suffering and early death! This host is a whack job as much as the priest is a whack job! there's no unique nutrient in animal flesh or secretions that cannot be found on a plant-based diet! Killing and eating animals is simply an outdated tradition. People who eat animals are cultist, look we have to do to be a member of the carnist cult, you pay for someone to kill an animal so that you can eat it's dead muscle tissue, or steal animal secretions from grieving mothers, and kill their children so they don't drink the dairy that you so desperately want.

  56. He's obviously crazy-pants, I'll give you that, but I'm pretty sure he's not talking about vegan burgers. He's talking about actual meat grown from stem cells and other various "ingredients" to grow muscle cells. Serums made from horses & chicken embryos are just a couple hurl worthy examples… definitely NOT vegan.

  57. OH… MY… GOD!!! He is beyond idiotic. Has he never heard of factory farming? It's not overcrowding and torturing plants. He's worried about vegans creating a race of "soulless creatures" on this planet… after watching him, I'd say it's too late. (PS – Beyond Burgers are the best burgers are the best food EVER! Check out their IPO – Beyond Meat rocks!)

  58. He's not so dumb as to believe this shit. He likely is working with big ag or something. It's too stupid. If anyone is a Satanist here it's him. He exploits stupid people while convincing smart people he's dumb enough to believe such nonsense. He gets paid well to do it… He would be at the upper echelons of Satanism for fooling so many people into believing he's dumb while making so much money…

  59. Hmmm. I'm a Catholic vegan. Guess I'm going to hell. Well, I tried. So, if he's eats meat and veggies does he have half a soul? ????

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