9 thoughts on “Chris Larsen discusses Ripple”

  1. what incentives individuals, big businesses or institutions to make a market between things of value? is there a small transaction fee? that's the only thing i don't get. Ripple works as long as there is a market maker for different value pairs right? correct me if i'm wrong

  2. and then there is centralization… and then there is no Proof of Work… and then there is no real blockchain… and then there is nothing at all…

  3. Back in May the Ripple CEO, and co-founder, donated his 7 Billion XRP to charity… http://www.coindesk.com/ripple-price-rebound-ceo-7-billion-xrp-donation/

    The other co-founder cannot offload more than $10,000 USD worth of XRP per week… http://www.coindesk.com/jed-mccaleb-ripple-labs-strike-deal-avert-9-billion-xrp-sell/

  4. Problem is they are FOR PROFIT and (they) founders – hold 80% of the coin so as a investment its a scam coin..

  5. I'm buying up XRP while it's still below a cent!  Been around since ripple classic and now with the BTC bridge built into the ripple protocol, it cannot be ignored as the superior payment system and exchange system much longer!  I strongly believe one day that the XRP could reach parity with the dollar when it eventually collapses.

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