Chinese Hou Bu coin from Wang Mang 14-23 CE

hello people hang going today i want to
show you a new client this is from China on the arrow Wang mang nine to 23 hey ed
this coin here that I have is a whole boom okay here you have the characters
oh boo okay it just means money spade spade money ok this is whole is boo ok
and if you I move it up here you can see the characters ok so this is boo here
move it across here this is all ok as you can say the Chinese characters have
actually changed quite a lot ok this coin was valued at 25 bouchal ok and
this coin was issued in the fifth and final series of his currency reform of
wine mang now when mang issued these current series from First Reformed to
deprive the wealthy of all their wealth and in the second one he done the same
in the third one he tried to reverse the effects of these reforms and a fall from
50 also did the same but he ended up destroying the economy and a lot of the
Chinese population actually died in E and they killed him or he died anyway we may introduce the he’s reforms a more
like communism he tried to distribute the wealth to the poor okay but it
didn’t work okay now this is the reverse so you can see there’s nothing on the
back for most of Chinese periods inscriptions on coins are mainly unjust
on one side and this coin inch imitated the Spade coins of the period during the
warring States period which was about 200 years beforehand before China is
unified under there han dynasty okay so this is just a quick video of this type
of coin okay if you like this video please like it if you don’t put a bunt
down also please comment yourself because I do like to respond to comments
unless there’s like a hundred thousand comments in no way we okay in if you
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below okay thank you bye

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