Chinese Crypto Mining Giant Bitmain Developing Facilities In US – Bullish News!

hey guys Tony here hope you're doing well I had up another video for you and it's on bit main one of the largest cryptocurrency mining companies they are a Chinese company and there is news based on some documents them some folks have come across that they are planning to expand to the United States this is a great sign it's definitely bullish news and should give you confidence of the things to come so we know that China is like the the largest crypto has the largest crypto mining community they develop or they're the ones mining a lot of bitcoins and things along that line and I talked about in the past about the Bitcoin I'm sorry the crypto mining boom that's taking place in the United States specifically in Washington state where the electricity is cheap because there's a dam and that's generating electricity via water and the dam and so forth and this is great and here's why well as these companies expand and they go to different places they are boosting the local economy right because of they're creating jobs so people can get jobs there they are also contributing tax revenue right so the to the local economy and obviously if people move there to work these jobs as well and they spend money and things along that it all contributes to the local economy and all these things are going to help with the adoption and growth of the crypto industry so this is bullish news this is positive news and a good sign because if there they wouldn't been doing this if there's not money to be made and obviously everyone now with governments on board and Wall Street and institutional money and everyone in getting in there's money to be made crypto ain't going nowhere and once again they're gone this type of activity and expansion of the mining business is going to help with the adoption and the trust factor right people saying seeing this as a viable real industry the crypto industry so let's go into some details here a major Chinese crypto mining hardware manufacturer bit main is totally involved in the development of ant Creek mining centers in the US according to the business data website companies – number comm bit Maine's co-founder Jihan Wu is the sole governing person of the ant Creek LLC in Tumwater Washington so I talked about the boom that's happening in Washington State they're just one of the crypto mining companies there's others there according to local newspaper the the Union bulletins and Creek is building a blockchain facility at the Port of Walla Walla Washington according to Port executive director Patrick ree-ree a and who pronounce his name correctly the port administration has been working with ant Creek for about six months to develop blockchain to develop the blockchain facility if the contract is approved and Creek will lease land by the end of 2018 with an option to purchase forty acres we said that the main goals of the Walla Walla County are to generate assessed value and create jobs port officials estimate that the alleged alleged Bitcoin mining facility will bring in seven to ten mm looks like million of private investment and 15 to 20 full-time jobs so this is what I'm talking about right these mining companies are gonna create jobs are gonna add revenue to the local government and guess what the local government folks will in this state and so four will push to have as much or I should say as less restrictions and regulations on these companies which will help further the adoption because at the end of the day everybody wants money and this is once again bullish news should make you feel confident so I says here investment research firm burns and let's see um just want to make sure I got the right information here as stated in the Union Bolton the blockchain boom that has permeated throughout rural Washington has slowed down in some areas as small towns take time to assess the massive electricity demands required by the facilities Rea said that this isn't a concern for the Port of Walla Walla as a city is not an electric purveyor and a Press time–but Maine has not confirmed its involvement in in the ant Creek project but pretty obvious that once again the hey CE o the company is also registered for ant man Creek investment research firm Bernstein released a report in late February 2018 saying that bit Maine holds 70 to 80 percent of the market for Bitcoin miners and ASI see cards so this is once again great news I says here and this article is on corn telegraph in January Point Telegraph reported that bit Maine is considered launching new mining operations abroad following a ban of cryptocurrency exchanges and increasing possibility of power regulations for miners in China bit Maine has been operating mining facilities in Canada since 2016 so they're looking to expand and obviously they're having some issues in China but I think I don't think the Chinese government is going to really you know bandhas this company or what it may because they're they're just simply going to move to other countries which are more crypto friendly but this is positive I I see this as bullish news for sure these guys are not gonna waste money building mining facilities and setting them up if they don't know what's ahead right and obviously we talked about a bit about reading between the lines looking at what the wales the big money is doing we know the stage is being set for a massive 2018 I'm really really confident that 20 teens gonna be huge guys 2017 towards the end of the year was massive I think 2018 is gonna be bigger because there's much more institutional money coming along the line you know we're seeing the government's are warming up they're not gonna kill crypto and I'm gonna ban it they are gonna regulate it because they want to make money off of it and that is always a good sign then because if it was really a threat it was really you know some sort of thing that would disrupt the entire economy or whatever maybe they would ban it but they're not and there's money here and it looks like they want to get the piece of their pie and I think bigger things are to come guys so the fact that you're holding crypto you're ahead of the curve and I think you're gonna be rewarded very well I'm looking forward to making some nice profit and cashing out and I like I said I think 2018 is gonna be big so what do you guys think about this news once again bit Maine expanding looking like you're going to expand in the United States and you know even more other other mining companies launching and starting up and expanding I think this is great news and very bullish news for sure so leave your comments in the comments section below thumbs up if you liked this video and please subscribe for more videos on crypto currencies talk to you guys later

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  2. Tony can you do a how to video on an altcoin like Cardana, Neo or Sellar? Specifically on how to buy them on an exchange and transfer to a Nano S Ledger. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hey Tony, things seem to be ramping up on the crypto scene and the news flowing in daily. As much as the banksters and anti crypto people try to bock what’s happening, it looks like blockchain and Crypto is here to stay. I imagine that once all this good news begins to really grab the traders, investors and all involved in Crypto, we are in for some serious movement upward.
    Thanks again bro and keep em coming ?

  4. Thanks for your info. Tony; I appreciate you not only giving us daily crypto updates, but periodic ones as well. Keep up the good work!

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