China's Cryptocurrency Regulations

China's trying to build a huge firewall and switch of internet from people but they still use VPN and other technologies to find exploits in this so to say you're talking about the the trends in cryptocurrency so is such a big and vast industry so what trends are we seeing on the blockchain I think the most important trends for now its ideological search fork it's about some kind of split in industry to one a regulated field where governments and banks will operate and unregulated field I call it alternative economy and the such place it's darkness where people will proceed to use exploits of regulates its fields and exploits and innovations from alternative economy such example my friend lives in little Latonya and they have border with Belarus so each day people say I can see how drone flies from Belarus to lasagna with cigarettes because in Belarus degrees costs very cheap and in the twine is cost like everywhere in the European Union so it's like a Smuggler's drone smugglers so it's a bright example I think so ok so looking at each of those so first of all looking at the regulations of cryptocurrencies like you mentioned so is it the case that you'll see certain cryptocurrencies been regulated before others and what risks does that give for certain cryptocurrencies I see notice from regulations because people who really needs this regulation is as usual Institute big investors companies banks people with huge money so they need to understand how to buy how to pay taxes etc and people who don't want to operate in the regulated field as AI think they will operate at now without any regulation it's not a problem because cryptocurrency is stuff you can't just close it it's impossible we can see that China trying to build huge firewall and switch of internet from people but they still use VPN and other technologies to find exploits in this and do you think we spoke about government officials regulating and also the dark web if cryptocurrencies do become regulated do you think that will lose a lot of its appeal I do you think a lot of the appeal is the fact that they're not government controlled and that's something that's a real interest to investors I think I think it's a first seen that will and go after regulation after regulation its market capitalization will grow up because big money can we'll find a way to buy Bitcoin to buy other cryptocurrencies to invest in this ecosystem and so it's like win-win for everybody because after governments regulate this industry people who operate in unregulated fields they will understood what they should not to do something like that I think and you spoke about China trying to build a firewall around crypto currencies and crypto currencies have been really resilient to this they've not really been affected so do you think that going forward 2018 will be the bigger if a crypto currency is going to keep growing the key reason of this situation in China is in I hope we will never see the civil war in China because of Bitcoin and I really hope I really hope that it's never we'll be but provinces in China very incentivized to host mining farms Bitcoin mining farms ins a territory on the territory and its first milestone a first reason of this whole problem service Bitcoin in China so what about a sure we should understand that in China's there are too much I see all already passed and we never can heard about this I sauce in China because its internal market and its internal token sales so I think that there are too much scams in Chinese I saw market so that's why they trying to do something with that and you think it's realistic that something can be solved with the Chinese government and cryptocurrencies do you think it's something that will be a constant problem no no I don't see any problem because yes they can try to regulate it try to forbid something but cryptocurrencies it's about technology you can't forbid this stuff it's impossible technically impossible they can do everything they want they can just for example yes as I can push down this new wave so for believers in cryptocurrencies because they will be afraid to come in crypto but I don't think that it's a conceptual problem great and finally the last question so do you have any price forecast for some of the cryptocurrencies for next year so for example a theory in Bitcoin do you have any future outlooks for them more and more yes it's just my breast prediction and how high do you imagine Bitcoin go and Jim actually go into 10,000 eventually in 2018 5,000 I don't know after 2020 I just don't care about money

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