China Cancels Tariff Trade Talks Meeting with USA as tensions Escalate

[Applause] all right welcome back to Carson 365 September 22nd 2018 all right you guys made me up on Twitter about this one so China cancels trade talks with the United States of America as terrorist threats escalate coming from The Wall Street Journal all right so seeing that China has canceled a upcoming trade talks with United States of America and will not send his vice premier Leo key okay so to Washington next week The Wall Street Journal reported okay so I see here it says that he will not travel to Washington okay so and he's a band again he's abandoning his trip okay interesting so he's not gonna meet with Washington or where Donald Trump people's next week at the United Nations assembly right the annual in the United Nations Assembly has started and I think it runs to the 26 and he's not gonna show up okay China added 60 billion u.s. saw products and Warfel tariffs and imports you know last weekend in retaliation to America adding 200 billion of Chinese goods so yeah so let's check out the video here and there is no date set to talk either so that's pretty weird but anyways right now there's no date set to talk about the trade wars and the terrorists and stuff like that yet the US and China plunging deeper into a trade war Saturday after Beijing abandoned upcoming trade talks in Washington that's according to The Wall Street Journal he said a Chinese delegation due to travel to the US and a visit by vice premier knew her at the end of September have both been called off it comes as the White House announced further tariffs on Beijing this week we're also cracking down on the unfair trade practices at a rally late Friday President Trump doubled down on Monday's announcement that he would be opposing fresh tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods Beijing retaliated with its own carrots Tuesday against sixty billion dollars worth of us cos you know we will handle the situation calmly I want to emphasize that firstly the United States threats intimidation and blackmail won't work on China both countries tires are set to come into force on Monday and raise the risk that the US could soon impose duties on virtually all of the Chinese goods for the merica buys so far the two largest economies have many duties on fifty billion dollars worth of each other's products in the intensifying spats for those jolted global financial markets all right so there you go so okay so as China said they're going to be patient they're going to be patient and because they they hold the goal [Applause] you

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  1. Why would they talk? Now they can start selling the US treasury bonds buying the assets around the world including gold.

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