China Ban the Bitcoin Ban [VLOG#134] + TronHives Game Strategy Tip

CryptoSlo cryptocurrency news and investing Cryptoslo with more crypto gains what’s
going on guys so yeah you heard it right China bans
the ban on Bitcoin what does that mean that means you can’t talk Lud about
Bitcoin wait a minute weren’t they the ones that were banning
Bitcoin and now there’s a ban against banning and flooding banhammer so this
is shows you not to listen to the news you know if you’ve been in crypto and
you understand a blockchain you understand it is here to stay it is not
going anywhere and that’s just the facts it’s just a matter if you can hold on to
your coins so what’s going on today well like I
said China can’t ban the band can’t talk fun so don’t be talking smack about BTC
boom and you know what let me show you this
I got my Bitcoin founded shirt on today and today is my birthday too
so you know we’ll see what kind of day it turns out to be so other news teller
bank teller straight to Vegas hanging out at cryptic on making connections for
the community you know this is just another thing to realize that how many
how many devs on taps that you play do you see hanging out at the world’s
leading conferences and making connections and staying up to date on
the latest greatest everything and collaborating networking with thought
leaders not many so if you doubt tell her don’t the guy is legit he is a
thought leader in the crypto space and I have a lot of respect for him you know
me I would love to be a crypto Khan and my goal for 2020 is to be there in Vegas
at crypto Khan hopefully the powers that be will make it happen so yeah we’ll see
what happens we’ll see what happens maybe I’ll start my crypto slow
donations I’ll start saving up for the so I would love to be there interviewing
people making connections and learning more about blockchain technology and
such so cryptic on check it out they got a Twitter feed I’m sure there might be
some interviews and stuff some really good stuff coming out of that so excuse
me let’s see what else that’s about it today keep it short keep an eye on that
big woman it’s holding that 200 and that weekly average so we may be seeing some
very nice things weeks so with that being said have a great hump day this is
crypto slo if you’re not talking gains, then we’re not talking.

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