China: Bad News for Crypto! Should You Be Worried? Bitcoin 'Mirror World' Theory ?

what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so it's Friday it's the weekend we made it congratulations it's nice to see you guys back on the channel today if we have a look at what is going on another beautiful green day I'll take it now I do want to just say something before we get on I do feel like I have a little bit of a responsibility to report this to you so if you did order the ledger nano X I've been wondering why the heck I haven't received it yet well they just sent this out to everybody and basically they say due to unexpected production issues they're going to be pushed back a month I know this sucks right so they said the reason for this is that the parts that they had received were not up to the quality of their standard so basically they had to send them back and unfortunately that's the case now here's the cool thing though what they are doing right here is they said they do want to make things right so they want to offer a free ledger nano s to anyone who pre-ordered the nano X before the announcement so anyone that did use my referral link if you did buy a ledger nano X it sucks that we have a month to wait for it but they're going to give you an extra ledger nano s with it so that's pretty cool and honestly let's be realistic do you want them shipping out something that is not up to their you know full like satisfactory you know and I wouldn't want to be using some oh yeah you know the parts will do right so that's basically that news guys take it how you will but you know I am giving away a ledger nano s is on the channel so all you got to do is just drop a comment and you guys know every Monday I give away a ledger so that's kind of like the mandatory information now getting to the charts beautiful Green Day market cap 140 Bitcoin is barely moving yet again where's the money going that's right guys altcoins so we are seeing the gains in the altcoins yet again we have 24 hour volume of 32 billion which is really really nice to see Bitcoin dominance 50.7% it's even lower than it was before when Bitcoin had that spike in fact look if we just go here we'll just look at uh just look at one day well probably one day you really won't be able to see it but maybe you will yeah one day is horrible yeah you can tell them it's chart but it definitely fell since yesterday guys so having a look at what is going on Tasos up 18 percent Knowles 18 percent max Amin 12 percent digit byte 12 percent card ah no 12 percent bytom raven coin iota ontology project pi aetherium classic v chain theta the list goes on guys so it is another great day for the alt coins in the market having a look at Bitcoin well we are still on track we haven't been able to fall below this kind of channel that we're in we tried we tested it then we pretty much hit it exactly and pulled back up so currently as you can see we're still not above the $4,000 not on coinbase which is you know what a lot of us in the u.s. tend to use especially if you're a new person and you're just coming into crypto right so um currently it looks bullish but I don't want to say that because it's the weekend and we do have those weekend dips but I'm not really seeing anything that looks like we're gonna have another massive plummet the only thing I do want to point out though is that we are getting closer to sort of closing out this sort of wedge right here and as we do you know get tighter and tighter you could see massive moves if the volume gets very low at that point and in that case then yes we could see a potential sell-off and like I said we've been holding support at 39 42 so I mean until we break lower than it there's no reason for me to assume that we that we will okay but you know this is crypto anything can change literally I can put this video out a news article comes out forget it right so having a look at where we are right now we are getting closer to not only the smaller wedge that we were looking at but also this gigantic wedge that we've been forming as well we have had multiple points of contact so that's good right three confirms it so as we can see right here you know probably within the next couple of days I mean we're gonna have probably a pretty serious move so just keep your eyes on that I hope that we don't go below this moving average so you know like I said currently that fair value would be 3398 so that would be like worst case scenario best-case scenario is we finally break out of the wedge and above this neckline that we originally had when we were looking at our kind of sort of ugly looking what do you call it a head and shoulders pattern right but if we do then you know we could see a 4200 maybe even $4,300 Bitcoin if it does break out so those are the two scenarios I present you with I'm not gonna make any calls on this today because I don't really know I know that's not what you want to hear you don't want to hear that from me but I'm right now I'm just chillin I mean listen guys yeah I mean anyone in here you know with the exception you know if you bought pretty much anything that wasn't these tops you're up so if you've been buying Bitcoin pretty much any time since December yeah you know December 17th you're pretty much up for the most part so yeah that's good news and also the other thing I wanted to point out is the fee fear and greed index indicator has actually pulled back a little bit it was at 62 yesterday which is a lot higher obviously 69 is when we had that massive crash well there you go 56 so that's looking better as well but I know let's look at the negative side of things right I'm too positive on this channel that's what people tell me all right well guys I've been in a bear market for I mean we have been in a bear market for you know over a year in a few months now I'm tired of being negative it's has to be honest with you but I know we have to be realistic so you have a technical analyst he goes by the name of bleeding crypto and he said that bitcoin could retest the 2450 and maybe go as low as the 1850 dollar mark now you could see in the charts as they point the volume is increasing so this is a good thing but he says I believe that it could go this low because if you look at the chart of May of 2017 we maintain support at the $2,450 region for months before we dip to the 1850 and that marked the end of the Bitcoin cash fork bearish trend we shot up from there and we never came back and really retested that area so he does think that's possible but personally with what I'm seeing right now with all of these massive gains in these all coins I mean let's go to the next page right and let's see what we got here 33 percent safe n KN 16 percent crystal coin 15 percent smart lands by box cortex I mean everything is up we'll go to the next page and check it out okay what else we got here Numa ride I mean look at these the key is up phantom is up again today just yeah lotta I mean so I think it's different this time I think with all of these alt coins sort of popping off I don't really feel that we're dealing with the same thing that we were dealing back then I mean you can even look for example this came out from you know crypt Ox hunter and he was talking about the mirror image now we spoke about this before how basically what bitcoin is doing right now if you flip it it's the complete opposite of what it was doing before the major drop so literally everything that was happening here is mirroring itself down here so it's almost like begging the question is this whole thing just like an upside-down Bart Simpson pattern and we're just gonna shoot up you know I mean probably not but hey if we can come down that fast what's preventing us from going up that fast you know what I'm saying also this is a second well also well not second but technically this guy put it out first but moon Overlord you know he had put this out we talked about this and he was talking about Bitcoin mirror world right so it still has been following this and this came out on march 13th so I just wanted to point that out now here's some other pretty interesting things to note about the positivity in the space the fundamentals right not a lot to go on the price action today but definitely got some crazy good news so you have intercontinental exchanges to be launched trading platform backed which keeps getting pushed back but they have earned a 740 million valuation after it raised over a hundred and eighty million in funding last year so obviously they haven't launched yet but they're saying that they could increase its valuation even further should it raise further funds now you're probably saying yourself this thing's not even out yet right well this is pretty incredible considering how much it's already raised for just the simple anticipation of what they're going to be launching they don't even have customers yet you know I mean maybe they have some that are lined up but they don't have any official yet right so you know you have to look at that they say at the same time sources said questions investors remained about their risk return okay that's understandable they say from a cash flow perspective backed will not be earning much based on the proposed contract fees so a lot of things will need to line up for investors to receive returns that they would typically expect for a series a right but nevertheless according to Commissioner Dan Berkovitz there appears to be a strong will among lawmakers to ensure backs first product physically delivered Bitcoin futures right so you're seeing this excitement you're seeing these people get behind it you're seeing them raising money for something that doesn't even exist yet so the anticipation is definitely building one thing also we could talk about is this is sort of you know cz the other day he was like everyone will be using crypto JPM will ultimately have to use crypto right so this article from crypto globe goes on to say that although widespread adoption of crypto has not yet happened partly due to price volatility partly due to the need for improvements for the underlying technologies such as efficient block chains that can handle Visa or MasterCard scale transaction throughput which there are plenty working on that on the time and partly due to regulatory obstacles but it looks like crypto is growing and adoption is growing day by day and they go on to talk about Switzerland's largest online retailer accepting Kryptos Winklevoss twins you know stable coins coming out Facebook launching its own potential cryptocurrency you know maybe you know maybe Apple and Google might be on track we don't know Samsung you know what happened with their startup with the engine safe storage of private keys on the Galaxy S 10 right and I want to point to something else that isn't just oh like you know adoption as in like wallets and and you know you know banks and institutions right well bit main plans to set up 200,000 crypto mining machines in China why if things are so terrible right clearly we saw what was happening with the miners they were turning they were turning their there they're just shutting their farms down essentially right and now you're seeing bit Maine setting up 200,000 crypto mining machines in China so this is a source familiar with them and they told coin desk that bit Maine is going to install these units to take advantage of cheap hydroelectric power costs during the summer following the excessive rains in southwestern China actually we spoke about this before so here's the thing the mining equipment is estimated at around 80 million to 100 million dollars so you really think these guys are gonna dish out another 80 million 200 million dollars in more mining equipment if they really thought there wasn't a future for this so that's just something else you got to point out and also I want to keep you guys interested I know I caught your attention with this one so this is from Rolling Stone and it talks about cam girls right and how they're moving over to cryptocurrency as well now I know you might say to yourself like okay how is this adoption well guys what did the porn industry do for the internet I mean think about it right it did have something to do with it so you know they talked about a lot of payment credit cards and payment platforms new process payment for adult services including livestream erotic content etc so they were talking to this girl Gabby right and she went on to say you know the longer you spent online without making any money the longer your rankings drop she said this puts you in a position where sometimes you have to work for free and then every hour you spend online not getting tipped you get lower and lower rankings so I don't really know how these things work but apparently from the source that's what she says so you know also you have adult performer Janice Griffin wrote back in 2017 that you know blockchain projects like spank chain and things like that can actually help them leaving models with more power over their careers and options and how they want to build their legacies as she puts it control over your career trajectory trajectory is the ultimate power so you know obviously some of these uh you know some of these guys they they kind of like state what you can and can't do and they're very specific and obviously they lower your rate your ratings if you don't get enough money etc etcetera so now they're saying with these crypto opportunities you can basically accept whatever you want so we have the cam girls we have the minors we have cz we have IntercontinentalExchange right and and backed and then raising money so I mean this is just a lot of a lot of different sectors all focusing on the same thing right now here's the fun of the day are you guys ready you guys ready for some fun okay well illegal as you can see right here so China which at this point you know whatever but china says i ciose and stos are solicited illegal financial activities involvement in such activities will be severely punished as of yesterday apparently so yeah so china is just clamping down even harder i mean they've already you know banned the exchanges and now they're saying i cos and stos and stable currencies as well so this is incredible so the notice taking aim at social media platforms and research groups that exploit these particular crypto niches with the aim of issuing money for money now is this something you should be worried about well i remember there was a time where you know any type of flood article that would come out like instantly would crash the price and like lately it's kind of just like yeah whatever man right so long story short they basically say the value of trading speculation has been lucrative using the names of research and forum to promote ICO ie Oh sto stable currency integro currency digital currency guys crypto is just cryptos in general okay so basically they're saying such activities are not really based on blockchain but take the opportunity to speculate on the concept of blockchain the notice emphasizes that financial activities must be included in the scope of national supervision and deems security tokens and illegal activity so my personal opinion on this is I don't really think it's gonna affect the markets that much I think that China has done enough damage in the past with their FUD that's come out and yeah you're just not really seeing the news affect things the way that it used to so that's basically what's going on I'm not concerned about it the markets don't seem to be concerned about it oh no bitcoins down point eight percent oh no what's going on guys what's going on no kidding the old coins are playing that's what's happening but yeah so that's that situation you guys can have a look at that as well if you think that's of concern another thing that a lot of people are worried about is you know on March 20th you had the Mount GOx trustee known as the Tokyo whale kobayashi he announced that Mount GOx is finally moving towards settling creditors accounts in cryptocurrency or cash so another thing should you be worried about this well to be completely honest at this point I would rather just get this thing over with personally so if they give the money you know in the form of cryptocurrency and these investors are just like I'm done with this I'm fed up I'm dumping it on the exchanges let them dump it let them get it out of their system so we can just move on from this I'm okay with taking a 10% hit whatever on the daily if we could just get this situation out of the way and just move on with our lives so that's my take on that before we move forward kind of funny right here just some funny sort of stuff so apparently Erik Voorhees tried to order some pizzas using the Lightning Network he said he tried to order 18 pizzas for lunch via Bitcoin lightning Network using L n pizza and Mac's apparently is two pizzas perhaps we should measure layer two scaling in pepperonis per second PPS so they actually then they responded and said max order is thirty there must have been some sort of an issue and then they go upon further expression inspection 34 pizzas were ordered which exceeded our internal maximum order again or let us know where you'd like them delivered and we'll take care of it he goes whom we didn't order 34 pizzas we tried to order 20 pizzas and it didn't work we've since ordered 18 through regular Domino's and then they go and say the story keeps shape-shifting get it cuz you know he's the founder of shape-shift okay so as pretty funny it's pretty funny it's no problem we'll scale the pizzas on plate this is by design as core will argue that having the ability to have more than two pizzas will centralize your company even further and that everyone should be able to run a meeting you got a love crypt oh man it's like we're like the most like it's like such a ragtag bunch I mean like there's so much like uh it's there's so much price involved in crypto but there's also like such a meme culture and so many jokes and it definitely you know makes it a pleasure to be involved in the space for sure so I want to get into some quick coin news real quick we have er C 1155 support is almost here soon and Gen X users will be able to easily search browse and verify next generation ER c 1155 assets and transactions completing the ecosystem of support needed for widespread adoption of these powerful aetherium assets as you guys know huge engine fan not even just because they pumped I've always been a fan of you know digital assets collectibles non-fun jables gaming skins anything like that I think it's really probably one of the most immediate use cases for blockchain yeah right away so that's good news as well oh yeah we have this also we have jared rice senior founder of crypto bank bank arise bank pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud wednesday in federal court the Dallas News reported Thursday that rice who was arrested last year admitted to scamming investors out of 4.2 million by selling a rise coin tokens and promising that customers would receive Visa credit cards and accounts insured by the federal the FDIC another one also we have Mercury FX which uses ripples X rapid is currently processing 1.8 billion worldwide they say we're steaming ahead to be honest and we're looking for more jurisdictions and more flow to the jurisdictions we've already opened up we're working very closely with Mexico and the Philippines on opening up new channels we're very keen to move very fast but it's difficult when you're building out a new network but it is nice to see progress being made now we also have coin market cap announcing the launch of cryptocurrency benchmark indices on Nasdaq Bloomberg Thomas Reuters you could read all this right here basically the indices will be calculated and administrated by the German index provider selective and they will cover the top 200 crypto currencies by market cap they'll have won the CMC crypto 200 which will include Bitcoin and then they'll have won the CMC 200 X which will not include Bitcoin so that's basically what they're doing now we also have blockchain being used for biometric tracking which who is this for exactly oh they're just saying it could be for travel right so basically if you're you know at customs and it's obviously a pain they're saying that we could maybe speed up the process and make it more efficient if we use blockchain so they go on to say that one area where we've seen a significant amount of success is in facial comparison and biometric data there is a service we've created to verify who an individual boarding an aircraft as they're seeking admission into the United States right so they basically tell you who they are if we could have more data for the verification from another government party that would be really great for us so obviously we do have this situation with data silos a lot of projects are solving this you know getting these projects interoperable with each other right one of the reasons why you guys know I'm a huge fan of things like quant Network basically anything that just makes it easier to connect two parties together right but also they do point out that blockchain is a great use case for this so they obviously say a significant hurdle still needs to be overcome for the tech to gain traction and provide maximum use value the development of standardized procedures for communication between multiple organizations blockchain systems and finally ups you might be familiar with them they deliver your packages so they're looking to integrate blockchain platform to improve merchants supply chain another great use case right so this new blockchain platform is going to be dubbed Inception zippy and it's designed to help companies list market and distribute their products to customers so purportedly it will enable the merchants monitor the entire supply chain from product listing to delivery ensuring the sensitive data like contract specific pricing and rates are only accessible to the buyer and the seller and if that's not enough before we go guys I just want to let you know it's official we've been visited from the future we have a time traveler and he wants to let us know the top ten of coin market cap twenty twenty-nine number one Bitcoin number two aetherium number three RSK number four new project to be released in 2026 number five litecoin number six nano number seven new project to be released in 2028 number eight is stable coin dye number nine is apparently Brad be eighty so I don't know what that means is that basic intention or whatever it is that brave browser it's Brad and then we have dogecoin so you can read this it's just a joke he's just having fun but yeah so there you go guys we've been visited from the future so that's it for me today guys it is Friday it is the weekend we made it congratulations but guess what I did not forget about the t-shirt giveaway obviously we have to give away a shirt from yesterday so we will go to this video we will copy and we will paste this into the random comment generator so drumroll please oh wait not yet not yet hold on 425 any comments okay drum roll please not the longest bear market and I want the shirt bro lol Nathaniel King you totally won the shirt thank you so much so you know what to do all you got to do is go back hit me up in the official About section and send me an email and you will get that shirt so before we go thank you so much to everyone who's been liking subscribing and commenting and also I appreciate all the brave browser tips that you guys have been sending it definitely supports the channel if you haven't tried the brave browser yet you guys know it's five dollars you get when you download it if you use my link and you also can get paid to watch ads which is pretty cool and guys sorry about the legend iox thing but understand that they are trying to be safe here they don't want to ship out a product that's not up to their standards so yeah but you know if you guys do want to you know still order a legend at OSU can I mean that's literally what I use it's fine there's nothing wrong with it but yeah unfortunate but that's basically what's going on with that so that's it for me today guys thank you so much for coming back to the channel it's officially the weekend I'm excited let's have one more like on the chart let's see what we're doing yeah it looks good so far looks good so far but don't hold me to it you never know what happens when the video goes out right so appreciate it you're the reason I do this every single day make sure to hit that Bell notification so you guys get updated right away I know some people said the Bell notification got turned off for some reason I don't know why that is I know YouTube's been doing a lot of upgrades that's it I'm rambling we've kept this video quite short today we are at 24 minutes I think we can end it here thank you so much you guys Rock my name is Kay dub this is crypto zombie until next time stay crypto and peace out

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