what is up ladies and gents welcome back to another video so recently I've heard a lot of news about crypto where people are like hey you know what kryptos dead crypto is dead and gone it's gonna die and bitcoins gonna go with it I've seen a lot of videos on YouTube where the thumbnails are just like you know bitcoins dead the title is like hey bitcoins screwed turn back now and honestly I don't agree with that okay I really do not agree with that and today in this video I want to explain to all of you why I think that honestly crypto is going to continue to grow in the future and why I do not believe at all that it's dead okay so my big reason for really not thinking that crypto is dead and this is a stance that I have definitely taken in the past is crypto and Bitcoin in general especially the blockchain technology surrounding Bitcoin is growing extremely quickly in China okay now I know it all if you were thinking China you know with the communist country they're pretty restrictive they have a lot of control over their citizens not really a great place to live you know kind of kind of a strange situation on a global economic scale right now and yeah I agree with that okay I agree with that China does some stuff that's really pretty questionable you know South China Sea etc all that good stuff and you know not to mention their president basically proclaiming himself dictator by removing the terms limit but anyway guys anyway China is a different situation but they are absolutely leading the world despite all these shortcomings they are leading the world in blockchain patents okay so more than half of the 406 blockchain related patents last year were filed by China alone okay and the reason for that is the market for blockchain and cryptocurrency related software is absolutely booming right now and it still is okay despite a minor downturn in bitcoins price so China filed 225 of the blockchain patents in 2017 which is pretty significant okay they only filed 59 in 2016 so they are absolutely stepping up these pens okay and they do not show any signs of slowing down even in in recent months with the big coin you know slow down okay which is extremely good to see because if there is a large enough economy backing these blockchain technologies then I believe that the cryptocurrencies inherently related to them are going to continue to thrive I could be wrong about that okay but it seems to me to make sense that when big governing bodies step in and one industries in large countries such as China are supportive of technologies like blockchain related technologies and they're filing tons of patents that's a very good sign for the future okay a patent in my mind really indicates that these firms or these companies working with blockchain and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are interested in carrying okay carrying their exploration of crypto and their use of blockchain technologies into the future okay people don't file patents because they want to use something for a week people don't file patents because they want to do something for one day okay companies and people file patents because they want to do something long-term and I think that's extremely important to recognize okay so really i think that china is posturing itself for a long-term outlook with crypto okay so Alex Bateson editor at Thomas Reuters practical law told the Financial Times companies are moving fast in order to protect their ideas and new areas of technological development long before the technology actually goes to market so like I said these companies in China and these filers of these patents are really preparing themselves for the future okay and that is as I said an extremely good sign right so patents are really crucial okay for companies to also attract investment alright if a company wants to attract a core group of investors but they have no proof or no proof of work or no patent for what they're actually going to be doing then really it's a moot point you know investors that are interested in a core concept if that core concept is not reinforced by something specific investors will lose hope okay so really to me this looks like China is setting itself up for a future with crypto by filing patents okay we're you know these corporations in these groups dealing with Bitcoin and blockchain technologies will really become dominant and I think that they are preparing to dominate this form this market in the future okay so that's a big reason why I personally would not lose hope in crypto right now because China is making some serious patent moves with the technology especially with blockchain technology which can be used for other things aside from crypto transactions but it is highly useful for transactions okay as I have been stating so interestingly enough aside from China the United States MasterCard Corporation was the most active filer in the same period with 25 total applications for their company alone okay Lincoln Stein's end chain Holdings which I think I've brought up videos in the past which describes itself as the global leader in research and development of blockchain technologies filed 18 so China is not the only company or the only entity that is really moving forward with cryptocurrencies okay so even if the price mildly fluctuates for a period or if the price drops for a while I honestly am NOT going to let that discourage myself personally I don't think it should really discourage any of you because truth be told okay large companies large corporations you know and entire countries pardon me are really posturing for the future when all of these corporations and all these entities are gearing up for something and filing all these pens and really preparing themselves then you know something is up okay so anyway folks anyway just want to make a short video about that hope all of you took something away from this I hope all of you can kind of see my perspective with this I think it makes sense you know like I said companies do not file pens if they're going to be doing something for one day or an hour you know it's a long term thing all right so anyway folks price of Bitcoin is recovering you know if ever so mildly it is still recovering and that's fantastic so anyway keep confident everyone be calm you know don't freak out don't do anything rash and honestly I'm just gonna keep holding on so hope all folks do the same thing see all of you in the next video


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  2. Minor downturn in Bitcoin price???? I don't call a fall from $19,500 down to where ever it was that BTC bottomed minor, do you?

  3. Patents for open source software model? LOL you people are crazy. Patents are a predatory practice and no suprise china leads the way there.

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