Checklist For Joining Your Next Social Platform | EP#187

Hey everyone Scott Cunningham aka @scotcbusiness today we’re going to be talking about the checklist that you can
use for determining whether the next blockchain social platform or even just
a regular alternative platform to the traditional legacy platforms that we all
know and and I was gonna say know in love but um it’s not really the case
anymore anyways though this is a great checklist
for you guys to refer to to determine whether or not it actually lives up to
the requirements that it probably should and if anything this is the checklist
that I use when I am going through and doing reviews amongst other things so
this will at least give you some insight to when you soon see some of the
comprehensive reviews I’ll be releasing for steam etherium and and then every
platform in a massive comprehensive report this will give you some insight
as to how I make these determinations so without further ado I’m just going to be
sharing my screen and kind of walking through this you can listen while you
read or you could just read this or do whatever you decide to do but I’m kind
of just gonna follow through all the points is actually I mean I’ll jump
between showing you the screen and just me talking because otherwise it’s like
you could just have this up yourself is the actual blockchain social platform
making use of blockchain technology this is a big one right because
it really depends what you’re looking for right if you look at steam
everything on steam is on the blockchain if you look at mines the only thing on
mines that utilize the blockchain as of now is their their crypto token which is
just used for their boosting network so it’s not really that integrated with the
blockchain it’s not if you’re looking for something that exists purely on the
blockchain that’s not what you’re looking for however there’s also
sometimes cons like PIPA –the for example and cent they use aetherium and
they post everything to the blockchain awesome
however because they post everything to the blockchain they require that you
spend gas fees for almost everything you do right so with sent the minimum tip
you can send is $1 the minimum deposit is $5 so say I just want to do the
minimum I put $5 in I tip five people now I’m out of money
I don’t think it’s realistic that people are going to be giving all this money
just to use just to casually browse and use a platform it’s not realistic
same with PIPA I follow a couple people and that cost me like 10 cents not worth
it not a viable platform I don’t think any platforms built like that are going
to work that’s why you know fully integrating with the blockchain isn’t
always a benefit if if it’s done in a way that is really detrimental to the
user and and into whether or not it’ll actually be mass adopted because I just
don’t believe that a bunch of people are going to end up using a platform where
they have to spend a ton of money just for casual use of the platform
and a great example of something that claims to use the blockchain but doesn’t
is D live is a twitch alternative that has gotten really popular because of
PewDiePie using it but it doesn’t actually use the blockchain so people
are very misled and they think it’s super safe and secure but they’re just
using a point system and then paying people in Bitcoin or PayPal before it
was just PayPal so it was like how could people not see this but the people going
on or just going on because a pewdiepie and stuff and crypto and block say it
sounds cool but they have no idea they didn’t read the white paper that’s
something to that this isn’t as obvious unless you really start digging but
sometimes it’s more obvious than than others but again this is something
really important to consider when you’re trying to join a blockchain platform is
it actually using the blockchain and similarly to that is is there
cryptocurrency really a cryptocurrency again with D live it was not and if
you’re going to the platform because you think maybe it’s not using blockchain
maybe like mine’s right maybe it’s not really integrated with the blockchain
but it has a cryptocurrency for you to earn so like that’s the draw for you but
is there cryptocurrency really a cryptocurrency even with mines
unfortunately youyou can’t really sell the token unless you’re illegitimately
selling it to other people or there’s like one unlisted exchange but it’s very
challenging and very unlikely that you’re going to profit off of your
earnings from mines so you know that’s another that’s another issue that’s the
next question does it have one or more forms of monetization while yes you are
technically earning mines tokens is it real monetization if you can’t profit
off of it I probably lean towards no because if
you can’t actually sell it are you really monetizing you’re just getting
all it really lets you do is earn their tokens so that you can then boost
yourself and get more get more people seeing your content in your profile
which is really useful and I really like that system however if your goal is to
make then this might not be for you it might
help you to funnel people to other places other platforms because you can
boost and you can advertise with your earned currency but again it’s not going
to help you actually earn for a for a profit and the fourth question is can
you stake your crypto / can you invest in yourself I think this is relevant
this is more of a bonus I wouldn’t say this is like a requirement because not
all all platforms are built this way for example publish o X there’s no staking
or anything but you can you can earn a decent amount of profit from from
monetizing your your content and with Steam for example or uptrend you can
stake your crypto in order to like improve your your ability to give out
higher votes other people and potentially earn higher votes for
yourself with uptrend it allows you to up and tribe you can upgrade your own
ability to earn more by keeping your tokens in your account and investing
them with uptrend unfortunately you never get those tokens back you can’t
unsay chem and with tribe you just need to have them held you don’t even have to
stake them so that’s really nice although tribe is an Els platform and
mostly those platforms are kind of suffering and struggling and not doing
very well but again it’s important to consider this because this will allow
you to better invest in yourself and and earn more money typically from staking
now outside of those four original points everything else is just generally
related to social media a lot of these are particular to blockchain but they
can still apply elsewhere so I believe there are here let me just try
there’s 12 more that we’re gonna go through and yeah let’s get to it so do
they have a great feature set that’s pretty important like do they have
messaging do they have groups can you upload videos do they blogging there’s a
lot of different features that make a good platform so you gotta ask yourself
do they have a good feature set is the platform easy to use this should be
self-explanatory is the navigation well set up is it intuitive can you easily
find what you’re looking for is it simple is it complex this is pretty
straightforward these are just some things for you to like look out for
yourself and make a valuation as to whether or not you know is this a
quality platform that people are actually going to come to and stick and
stick around on and should I invest my time in this that’s kind of why all
these questions are here right because if a lot of these questions are answered
with and know you can probably bet that that platform isn’t going to last does
it have a mobile application to be fair a lot of platforms starting off don’t so
I’d be lenient with this one but obviously if it doesn’t have a mobile
application it’s going to definitely like suffer in terms of how many people
are gonna use it on their mobile devices where most people are doing all their
social interactions this is definitely going to hold you back because people
don’t like using their browser on their phone to access a social platform it
feels very clunky and awkward and again does it have a good design and a good
layout sort of similar to is the platform easy to use
but a little bit more specific like does it have a polished look does it look
more like MySpace or is it more like a polished meal like Twitter it makes all
the difference because you know if you have a really awful layout it looks like
you’ve got some awkward like Wix or WordPress website not a very
professional you know social platform and I think that is
important to a lot of people is the platform transparent this should be
obvious as to why this is important but it’s not obvious as a user whether or
not this is the case but you can generally tell based on things that they
do or don’t do so for example minds shares all their source code that’s
super transparent they have a road map that they’re updating constantly
everything that they’re doing to the code and what they’re working on is
available for everyone they put out updates when they make updates they’re
very transparent the opposite of that would be like Facebook who doesn’t tell
you anything about anything they’re working on and you have no idea when
updates come out and there’s just there’s no transparency whatsoever also
it’s important that they’re transparent with first example moderation decisions
so that you know people aren’t being bias ly moderated and censored
transparency is very very important today because there’s so little
transparency amongst a lot of the things that we currently use is the platform
decentralized again this is very particular to blockchain but if a
platform is decentralized outside of blockchain
that’s awesome as well and decentralized is like obviously the opposite of
centralized are there a ton of bias moderators is it moderated by the
community you know a lot of this is benefiting censorship resistance and
that’s kind of that’s the next question is the platform censorship resistant
these generally go hand-in-hand because typically it’s hard to get censored on a
decentralized platform and censorship resistant isn’t perfect unless it’s
built into the technology so for example you could say mines is kind of
censorship resistant because they uphold free speech and gab is censorship
censorship resistant because they uphold free speech and they only take things
down based on legal action however that’s not built into the technology and
at any time they could just not do that like they could just change if they
wanted to they’re not beholden to that that is
what they’ve claimed and that’s the values that they espouse and they’ve
generally held up to that but they’re not beholden to it it’s not like a law
that they must follow and they’ll be penalized if they if they go against
what they originally said they could just change that platforms like Steam
where it’s built into the technology that’s never gonna change
again steam isn’t perfect and you can be somewhat restricted but you can’t be
fully censored or banned because there’s no central authority that could review
remove you from the platform you could have you could eventually get such a bad
reputation that your posts aren’t shown in the main feed but anyone who goes to
your account could still find your posts you’re still able to exist so in that
way it’s censorship resistant is the platform privacy focused again this is
pretty relevant to blockchain platforms but it’s relevant to any new platform
because people’s privacy has been invaded and abused so so much that
people want a better solution so if you’re if your platform is privacy
focused then it’s better for the user so for example Facebook reads your private
messages so mines has an encrypted messenger so that even the people that
minds can’t read what you’re saying and that gives you the safety and security
well then the peace of mind that your privacy is isn’t being invaded upon is
the platform distributed somewhat similar to decentralized but it’s not
the same at all distributed is more like is there
technology does it have like a point of failure that could be you know you know
taken down like if is it all stored on one server and if that was shut down
then they’re screwed for example mines is using peer-to-peer technology it’s
not necessarily using the blockchain for this but you can enable peer-to-peer to
better protect your content for example bitch shoot does something
very similar it doesn’t use the blockchain
but it’s distributed steam uses the blockchain and everything exists on the
blockchain and it’s the perfect distribution model so that if something
were to happen somewhere your content is still going to be on the blockchain no
matter what is there a good community on the platform does a community even exist
I think it’s important that not only is there a good community but obviously
that there there’s people using the app if there’s only a hundred users it’s not
really useful or relevant and at the same time on the flip side you have
people smearing different communities for example gab was smeared as all right
but it’s not alright they just support free speech which obviously includes the
views of someone who might be all right so then they smear it for not you know
censoring people but we don’t want censorship it’s better to have everyone
a part of the conversation including the people you don’t want in the
conversation than to arbitrarily decide who can and can’t speak because free
speech is important and they’re upholding free speech so so do keep in
mind when you’re considering is there a good community that the public
perception might skew your view and it might be like inaccurate and at the end
of the day you’re still fully in control of your account you can block people
mute people gab has you can filter out certain keywords and gap is really good
for that so again I think as long as there is a community and it’s not like
an awful community at large like you got to really give it a chance to really
have an idea of what the community is like you can’t just go off of what the
media says or you have to really get in there and try it out for a while before
you can fairly determine this does the platform load quickly and run smoothly
this is obvious for example Uptrend I really like uptrend but it’s kind of
slow compared to a lot of other platforms so loading quickly is pretty
important especially when people are very driven by convenience and
they’re not willing to wait around and people are pretty impatient nowadays
because of computational power being so so powerful today can you advertise and
promote your content I don’t think this is like a requirement by any means but I
think this is a bonus for sure so on mines how you can actually like boost
your content I think that’s really awesome on Steam you used to be able to
you can still deal with bid bots but there’s some quarrel over whether or not
you should and with with like uptrend for example you can spend your uptrend
points on boosting your content for everyone to see so there’s some great
models that have this but then there’s also a lot of platforms that don’t have
this like gab and publish the wax don’t have any type of advertising or boosting
of your content but there’s still really great platforms so this is generally the
list that I would refer to when I am reviewing a platform and determining
whether or not I think it is a good platform for you to actually use and
check out I’ve also done a big list of like ranking the top platforms that I
can throw in here for you guys to check out if you are interested and link to my
previous comprehensive review for you guys to check out if you’re actually
looking for different platforms but this is a great list for you to refer to when
you are determining whether your next blockchain platform is going to be a
good one or it’s going to be a flop as well as just general alternative
platforms like gab and other platforms similar to gab there’s not a whole lot
of great ones yet but this is a great way for you this is a this is a great
reference let me know if you think I’m missing anything or if something
shouldn’t be here I think it’s important that we all have the best reference
possible for making good reviews so yeah let me know and I can add it or remove
or edit this based on what people think well not just what people think given
that it’s like a good point obviously I’m well I will take that into
consideration so let me know what you think about this if you stayed all the
way the end thank you so much for watching and make sure to comment
hashtag number one ham so I know you stayed to the very end
and don’t forget to comment like and subscribe I’m Scott Cunningham aka
@scottcbusiness signing off. Cheers

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  2. I think it's a good checklist. When I joined Minds, I thought it was a blockchain platform and that the tokens would eventually be their own cryptocurrency just like Steem. But I quickly learned that it wasn't the case. I'm still a fan of Minds, but I don't use it in the same way that I use Steem. It's a very different platform with a very different culture and mindset. Pardon the pun.

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