Charlize Theron Shows Seth Rogen & Ellen Her Make Out Tips

Your beard, is it shorter
than it usually is? Yeah, a little bit. I shaved recently. This just shows how Jewish I am. It was three days ago,
I shaved completely. [LAUGHTER] Now it’s grown back. But, yeah, I normally
have a much bigger beard to try to disguise
the shape of my face. [LAUGHTER] Which is why men grow beards. Because we don’t wear
makeup, generally, but we can make our faces look
much longer and more narrow by growing– Is that why you do it? Yeah. Look at that. Look how much longer my face
looks in that picture compared to now. It’s an elongation
that I find desirable. [LAUGHTER] Well, as long as you
find it desirable. I do. I don’t know why. Yes. No one else seems
to care about– Does your wife like it? No. Yeah, she likes me
better like this, which I’m doing this for her. And I parted my hair because
I’ve never done this. And I’m a little self-conscious
about it, I’ll be honest. But I was like,
Charlize is going to look good all
the time, so I have to do something to up my game. So I parted my hair. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, it looks really good. You know what? I hardly noticed she was here. I mean– Exactly. Due to this. Do to my hair part. I don’t even know
what side it’s on. It really did work. That’s how new it is. And do you like men with beards? Do you have a preference
between a bearded man and a clean shaven man? I think it depends on the guy. Yeah. Like, I don’t like
guys who don’t grow good beards
to grow beards, you know those like patchy ones. Right. Yeah. I’m not a fan of that. But when a man can grow a good
beard– this is a good beard. Yeah. I grow a beard. Yeah. It’s a really good beard. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, you do. It’s filled in. Yeah. No, I do like a good beard. So I understand you’re
into The Bachelor? Oh, yes. Yes. Every year do you
fight it, like I do? Or do you just go with it? I do. Every year I think, God,
this time around I’m not going to probably watch
it as religiously as I do. And every year I’m wrong. Yeah. Me too. Every year I’m wrong. Yes. Me too. It’s a good one this year. Don’t you think Colton is cute? I think every year
is a good one. Yeah. Yeah. I think Colton is charming. She got you into it, right? I started– well Bachelor in
Paradise was on while we were– I started on Paradise, I was
thrown into the deep end. Yeah. But I told you, that’s
a good place to start. It was. Yeah. And they’re so sweaty
on Bachelor in Paradise. That’s all I kept thinking. I know. Is like, they’re fully
saturated through their clothes, and they’re drunk. So that makes them– The thing about
Bachelor that kills me is that I have a
thing with sandy feet, or just sand in general,
in like a home environment. And, literally, their
bedrooms are just sand. Yeah. Right. They don’t even have floors. You know it’s smelly there. They are just sandy,
dirty, hormonal, things. Yeah. That’s your issue with the show? [LAUGHTER] Yes. The sandy feet, yeah. The sleeping around, I
have no problem with. They actually–
Yes, no, thumbs up. If you don’t know what we’re
talking about, good for you. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] It really is. Don’t get sucked into it. [INAUDIBLE] I forgot I was on a talk
show, honestly, just now. That I could talk
about that for hours. Who do you like? Who do you think
he’s going to pick? I think he’s going
to pick Hannah. Hannah. Hannah. Yeah. Yes. I think Hannah, also. Yeah. He’s a virgin? [LAUGHTER] Yeah. He says he is. Wow. We don’t know if it’s true. Jimmy Kimmel thinks he’s lying. Jimmy Kimmel thinks
he’s not a virgin and he’s just saying that. I think he’s a virgin. I think he’s a virgin, too. Yeah. Yeah. What about the girl
that’s never been kissed? That is just– I just can’t– That’s ridiculous. –wrap my head around that. Yeah. I understand being a virgin,
but never been kissed is– Maybe something’s wrong with us? I don’t know. I can’t– that
concept makes no– that I cannot compete with it. No. How do you not kiss
when you’re an adult? No. I mean, I was making
out with myself at 7. [LAUGHTER] Like with your hand? Yeah, with anything. I made out with dolls
and myself in the mirror. And it’s just gross. You had the mirror? Yes. Would you not make out with
yourself in the mirror? Well, if I looked
like that, yes. [LAUGHTER] That is true. If I looked like that I would– No, but I used to
practice on my hand. Yeah, here, in the– No. You didn’t do that? This? No, that’s– The arm butt. You practiced on your arm butt. You practice because
it’s like lips. And so you can like– [LAUGHTER] So many jokes, I’m not
going to make right now. [LAUGHTER] All right. It’s why I’m single. [LAUGHTER] All right. Try on your hand
and you won’t be. All. Right so the movie is fantastic. Explain what it’s about and why
it was so important for you? Because you really went
after Charlize wanting her in this movie, right? Oh, very much. It was a script, yeah,
that we’ve been developing for around eight years. And honestly the
only interest I ever had in making it was a
version with Charlize, just because I was
a huge fan of hers and I had watched so
many of her movies. And I would also see her
on talk shows and stuff. And I would always
think like wow, she’s so funny and
delightful on talk shows. And in movies she’s
just murdering people, for the most part. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] And I thought,
wouldn’t it be amazing if we could kind of connect
those two, in some way, and showcase the non-murdery
side of Charlize Theron. Which is a great thing. Yeah. She’s very non-murdery
in real life. Yeah. No, you’re very funny. There’s some scenes,
laugh out loud funny. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Really. Coming from you, wow. Yeah. And I was by myself. I had either The Bachelor
last night, or this. And I chose this
over The Bachelor. Oh! Wow! Yeah. I know how much that means. I know. Yeah.

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  1. Sure, she’s attractive but did you know she adopted an African boy and puts him in dresses? She’s a huge radical feminist and literally what’s wrong with Hollywood and the Metoo movement. Men, stay away from women like her. Attractive sure, but deep down inside will destroy your life and drain your money.

  2. Shes single cause shes smart and knows relationships are pointless. Just live life and have fun with whoever you want. No need to get tied down girl.

  3. You can tell she doesn’t like being single from her different interviews. She’s beautiful,smart,talented and has money. I think guys would line up to date her.

  4. Charlize is beautiful but ill take seth any day. Dude is funny, has a contagious laugh, smart, creative, seems sweet, not fit so we dont gots to worry about that, cool beard and smokes flower! Heck yea ill chill with him anyday!

  5. When tasty women are single….something is really wrong with them. It's probably because she murders ppl.

  6. Twas really a good movie to show another side of her. I totally agree she's a badass villan but this new movie would just flush out all those and make u rethink beyond the characters she has played in the past. It's really beautiful to get to see her range her performing it with excellence. Just waiting for another award from her.

  7. i love how honest he is about being self-conscious to pard his hair for the first time, while wearing that shirt on Ellen.

  8. Keanu Reeves’ beard is patchy. He starred in The Devil’s Advocate with Theron. So she doesn’t like Reeves’ beard /:

  9. If Seth wasn't happily married, I could absolutely see him just being the biggest bachelor in Hollywood

  10. Hahaha, Charlie just threw shade at one of her best friends, keanu reeves……….Who, use to have the patchy-est of ?,lol

  11. She should not be allowed to wear red like that! It is… You know right?
    …if Beauty itself were to get cocky and boisterous… And God were to say this is the best I got and now I am out…. then You will see Charlize Theron.

  12. Somehow I am really entertained by the fact that Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are actual buddies.

  13. Saw the movie last night and its hilarious.
    Even with the outrageous plot, Charlize and Seth made a really cool and believable dating couple.

  14. Charlize Theron waaooohh you are still beautiful?you are still acceptable?and lastly I enjoyed thier movie alot..?

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