Charles and Diana Wedding Australian 50 cent coin

hell I felt like calling collectors this
is Glenn from Guwahati coins and banknotes and today I’ll show you the
third coin in a series of our 50 cent commemorative coins and this one is the
1981 coin to celebrate the winning of the principal and Lady Diana Spencer as
you can see their names are actually on this coin and it has to be portrayed as
well the reverse just has a queen elizabeth ii now these two coins in the
condition you’re most likely to get them in circulation as at the time until 20
million coins minted so because there was a large mintage of coins between
1976 and 1981 these coins wouldn’t have been too common in circulation but they
wouldn’t have been rare as well so as you see these coins are more circulated
in the 1970 coin which had Captain Cook and that’s what they all mainly taken
air circulation as soon as people got them but this coin would have xscape
circulation and as soon as people found out that they’ll just worth 50 cents
they just would have been spent like a brass rather you anyway this coin you
can really get in circulation in your change I’ll bet these two from
circulation as you can see and I got these from meatbags if I actually get
them in change I usually just spend them again
because they are they’re not worth keeping there’s one she could probably
sell for probably a dollar fifty two dollars on ebay if you’re lucky but now
if you get these coins and you get multiples of them probably just keep the
nicest one that you get so I really have nothing else to add so
thank you very much for watching this video and have an awesome day

8 thoughts on “Charles and Diana Wedding Australian 50 cent coin”

  1. Yes "quite" a common coin in circulation! And I want to know is that LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE to get a paper $5 note in Australia (1967-1991) in nowadays circulation. There must be some wee bit left in circulation just like the OLDER 1992 HK$10 notes which circulate alongside the current polymer purple ones!!

  2. I have seen a few on Gumtree but mainly England not Australia versions of the coins. I have just acquired a mint condition coin. I see far worse conditions on eBay for $10, so am curious what a mint condition would be worth?

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