24 thoughts on “ChangeNOW vs Changelly | Better way to swap cryptocurrency”

  1. This is how I had started with cryptos – using exchange platforms to get altcoins. I had used the Jaxx wallet about 2 years ago after making my first purchase of BTC with fiat. It offers exchanges through ShapeShift, which was the top service then. That's how I got ETH, Zcash and Golem. But through some research, I discovered it wasn't a cost effective way. Changelly wasn't that much cheaper either. So I went through the KYC process and opened an account at Bittrex.

    Changelly, ChangeNow, ShapeShift are extremely handy. Especially for those new to cryptos. But if one plans to be more involved, exchanges are the way to go.

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  3. Changely support pretty suck. That's all l know a few times issue, l quit using them. Also, there is Bancor Network. Except don't have BTC yet.

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  5. Already on changelly but never heard of changenow, going to check it out, love the videos, keep em coming

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