Changeangel and Digital Asset Summit (June 12th)

hey everybody crypto mentor 99 how you doing so I got a brag about change angel a couple of days ago I get an interview with Dean one of the co-founders and believe me when I did the interview he was the smartest guy in the room there was only two of us me and him but he was a smartest guy in the room and yeah Dean's a good guy I know Ben's Cedric Dave her Devi and Stephen Kendall they're my kind of people so I just wanted to do a video on change angel again and bring an event to your attention but first I wanted to have you look at their Twitter page and I just want to brag on them so change angel is a crypto to crypto wallet – wallet non-custodial swap exchange for social good it's not an ICO it's a bunch of great people and great minds that have come together to give us more solutions and options in the crypto wallet space they got into vent coming up oh by the way my interview that I did with Dean I'll put that in the description box below if you've missed that you probably would want to take a look at it Dean gave me a lot of good material and I want to highlight an event Krypto compare digital asset summit crypto compare digital asset summit crypto compare digital no change angel will be there and it's in London where else and June the 12th so it's coming up June to 12 this year in London I will put more contact information underneath Dean's video but if you have a paper and pen you could go to summit s um MIT dot crypto so that's s um m.i.t dot c ry PT o co MP ar e dot-com for more information if you're want to go out and encourage change angel that would be a great time to meet the team and if I was in the UK you guys know I would be there anyhow change angel is on Twitter obviously and they're also on telegram and they're there again great people and I want to do this video about their event that they will be taking part of anyhow crypto mentor 99 I gotta go you know I love you see you later bye bye

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