Chainlink, BTT, & BNKR Updates VLOG#95

Cryptoslo with more crypto gains happy
Monday guys so what’s going on this morning
whoa nice little bump on bt t can’t complain might consider shaving off some
of those gains to move into more ether litecoin that’s kind of what I’ve been
doing a little bit I still have a majority of my B TT but like I said up
and kind of scraping off the top you know the runs when it runs up I scrape a
little off the top so yeah chain link man I’ll tell you what what a
blast off this weekend over $4 like almost $5 nuts like coinbase affect to
the full left like just it was nuts now we are seeing a pretty big rich freshman
on that you know I think the the lesson learned from chain-link is you know if
you’re gonna have olds especially like low cap balls it’s always a good idea to
have one or two low supply holes in your bag
now the reason for that is obviously is the price can move exponentially versus
you know something that has a high supply there’s gonna be a lot more
resistance to something like Tron moving and something like chain-link money
that’s why that’s why the gain seems so crazy there was a good shake but keep in
mind it’s also a very good way to get really really wrecked because if you buy
in high like if you bought up a bunch of chain-link now have four dollars you can
just get in a once that’s three something now but you can just get
totally wrecked so what I meant by that is you know low low cost low supply
small cap coins you know one or two and your wallet actually you know I might go
ahead and do a little searching today there are a couple other employments on
my radar that I would like to add to my portfolio and actually I have an asset
quite often you know like what coins are in your portfolio you know well
obviously a gentleman never shares his coin counts I will show like my
percentage basis bias and I’ll probably do a video here soon on what I am
tracking now where my profile what I can tell you those where my portfolio was
lacking the most is large caps my Bitcoin even like point you know totally
slacking totally slack in there and you know that’s what I’ve been using my divs
from bankroll Network and I’ve been kind of moving some of those divs as I get
those and basically getting some large gaps trying to build some positions on
there and also I had never really known too much about maker diving into maker a
little bit if you’re not familiar with maker it’s a collateral collateralized
debt position but it really makes a lot of sense in a bull market because in
essence you can just keep shaving off the profits as it goes up but you can
still get your original crypto back and the price initially it was loaned at
versus like neck so where if the coin goes up you know you got
you got to deal with the gains you probably won’t pay back your position
you know it’s kind of like how I’m using Guppies when I play I have no intent of
buying my my playback I just sold it because I wanted out of that platform I
plays a great platform it’s just you just have to have too many points too
much invested in my opinion you know these people talk me 1500
million has $60,000 and I play which is insane yeah so but good for them you
know so yeah other than that not a bad weekend we had the the banker launch and
the epic airdrop by bank teller once again you know what can I say you never
know what to expect from the bankroll Network you know it cracks me up that
that people during the when the DAP well let’s just call it I mean I really
haven’t even named it yet the DAP bull run that we had initially on Tron where
gaps were just popping up left and right people were dropping 10k 10k 15k 100k
they were dropping Tron like crazy something legitimate like bankroll comes
along and you know they’re complaining their lives aren’t high enough but you
know look at what just happened this weekend if you had credits and you got
banker token boom gains if you have credits you have your credits if you
have daily have your daily drip I mean you have the
airdrop on air I mean there’s really a lot of ways to participate in the
network and in get gains I mean it’s not gonna it’s not like some crappy thing
that comes and goes and a week you know there’s been a bazillion of those things
but as always do your own research you know and get in where you fit in but you
know the magic of the bankroll network is that when Tron moans it will be a
printing press for you it will be a printing press think about it you know
people were like well I only get you know a hundred TRX or a hundred thousand
credits well okay what if Tron is a dollar you’re making a hundred dollars a
day it’s like it’s it oh man you just have to intersect to step back
and think about it you know not to mention the air drops that are going on
I know they’ll be more chances if you missed out on the first so that’s pretty
cool so other than that if you notice I’ve
been posted on this channel instead of how you do it I was just given how you
do it a break for a week as I make some upgrades and changes to it I thought I
would post on the og crypto slope channel which actually this is my backup
channel to my main channel which a lot of people don’t know also if you’re not
already subscribed to my reddit see it down below I have read it
I will be starting Instagram soon if you want to follow me on Instagram for those
insta updates and branching out to multiple platforms to make sure I am out
there helping as many people as I can as mass adoption comes to the crypto space
so that’s today’s thoughts I appreciate you watching. This is cryptoslo, if your not talking gains, then were not talking

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  1. U should look more into Chain Link. Doesn't seem like u have any idea how big this is gonna be in the financial world, long term.

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