45 thoughts on “CFTC Classifies All Cryptocurrencies as Commodities. Ripple Joins USCIB”

  1. Hi cobb, first thanks for your content!

    Just a hypothesis about the xRapid announcement – I think they didn't launched with the bigger institutions MAYBE in order to ensure a soft volume increase and a solid foundation for the liquidity.

    A big announcement would lead us to crazy prices, maybe could raise a red flag in some institutions and delay new contracts. I think it's the same reason of the spoiler about the xRapid launch weeks before. In this way one can diminish the impact and avoid the speculation rollercoaster at the launch – and make the especulators sell they positions. When the three start to fully operate on the ledger, and we have this first level of consolidated volume, will be safer to reveal some big player (or dozen more medium sized firms).

    Thinking about the business model of the solution, the comercial production launch maybe was the most critical moment, and Ripple done really well. It's a tech and business case people will study for years, because the team moves are strategic and kinda genius.

  2. What do you guys think about this tweet?

  3. CTFC didnt classify all cryptocurrencies as commodities. Federal court finds cryptocurrencies a commoditty. You seem to have problems reading Alex cobb and you steal a lot from twitter. you are like a parrot and dont have an own opinion anymore but driven by certain people in the xrp community.

  4. https://modernconsensus.com/cryptocurrencies/bitcoin/bitcoin-ethereum-centralized/

    Loving this article!

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  6. sucks!!!! see Scotia bank with gold and silver manipulation.They now will manipulate even more since BTC futures started.This is what I am talking about regarding my comment yesterday.Naive.

  7. I wonder how an overdue financial crisis will affect what is going on in the crypto-currency market

  8. Hey Alex Cobb, you buying a house after you cash your XRP? I applaud your efforts and digging skills. You are going to big places!

  9. There's going to be another correction this month. There's a bear trap forming on the 4 hour chart. The double hidden divergence looks bad for XRP. It will probably test the resistance line again in the next few days and then it will start trailing down. I think we'll see .30 to .25 levels again before the bulls run free likely in November. Don't panic and carry a towel.

  10. Government control of crypto is so awesome. I love the CFTC and the SEC and all of the other Rothschild inventions designed to game the system. As long as they bribe me with XRP, I'll worship the banksters. I have no self worth and will sell out to anyone. Yay endless wars and killing of the innocent. Can XRP help me profit off of that?

  11. told people long ago that banks have federal regulators up their asses so banks like PNC wouldnt have jumped on the ripplenet without clearing it.no brainer.

  12. A judge defining it as a commodity in a court case ruling is not the same as SEC CFTC coming to that agreement.

  13. Gee, 1 day after XRapid live Almost like it was planned as I suspected they would. Now the SEC will define it more.

  14. According to some SEC statements, some ICOs projects might be considered as securities. One more thing, is it safe to say that all the virtual correncies can be considered "cryptos"? (Not arguing, just giving some thoughts to this interesting conversation)

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