CEO Yoshitaka Kitao powers up SBI Virtual Currencies & SBI Remit, Justin Sun TRX TRON Interview

hey hey everybody its Eddie from Tokyo this is your cryptocurrency update from Japan and I have chose to talk about a couple of stories regarding SBI Holdings this announcement an investor relations announcement came out on the 14th and it is concerning an underwriting of shareholder allocation of a consolidated subsidiary that subsidiary is SBI Kozma they are in Seoul South Korea and they are going to get a big boost now underwriting is a pledge to buy either unsold shares or new shares and in this case there is going to be an increase of shareholder allocation to strengthen the financial base of this company 600,000 new shares are going to be issued and that underwriting is going to be due on February 25th there is a two hundred ninety seven million yen value of this particular deal and it's going to bring SBI holdings into a 97% ownership position after that capital increase so why do I think this is important I'll explain here the SBI cause money you can see gets it its funds from the SBI FinTech solution so that's where the money is being generated from and it falls under the umbrella of SBI remit and that is key because SBI remit is what we saw launch the Siam commercial bank into being a hub for the Southeast Asian region using ripple net and XR p the digital asset which was confirmed by brad Garlin house at the singapore FinTech so this company here has about to well South Korea has about two million foreign residents that need to send money back home and also going in the other direction hundred thousand students Korean students are actually studying abroad so you can see they're very focused on their customer base they've been around since 2013 so they really do need a kick it was in August when we learned that SBI remit and the Siam commercial bank partnered on ripple net they were of course the first to use the multi hop technology and they delivered a better remittance service and lower fees for the Thai workers living in Japan and now we know how important the Siam commercial bank is because they had such a great experience in this test which was really a part of mr. cute Alison pushing that test to be done and you can see here SBI remit so the overview it basically is ten billion monthly cumulative payment volume in Japanese yen 90% of the customers are foreigners living in Japan and yeah it took about three months to implement the ripple technology when it was announced this is from the ripple website and it of course settles payments in two to five seconds anyway I whenever I see SBI remit I pay attention because this is part of the initiative that will continue to grow the technology and the use of the XRP digital asset I'm just sure of it okay and then sticking with Miki Tao this is Yahoo News which you know in Japan well if you don't know I'll let you know that Yahoo News is the number one go-to news in Japan believe it or not so this is from today and this is the Yahoo digital version and we learned that it has been confirmed that this new company that's being formed by SBI it's called the neo mobile mobile securities and they're going to kind of nickname it is small house securities which means smart phone it's really colloquial use of kind of English in Japanese smajo is smartphone so this alliance or partnership we knew about before but now we are really seeing for sure how it is going to shape up and that's what the CCC Group now they have a tea points card and you think to yourself because I'm I'm originally from the United States and you know point cards are are pretty popular but they are so super popular here in Japan as a matter of fact 68 million Japanese have a tea point in their wallet and 80 percent of those users are in their 20s believe it or not so it's super popular for that particular demographic and mr. Zhu Tao wants to target the 20-something customer base with smartphones who are using their phones to conduct financial transactions because he is going to make it possible to use their tea points for the SBI VC trade site the demographics are the same so he says the synergy is huge and this will start in April so this is like the first of I think many big promotions that are going to come to promote the SBI VC trade site and trust me the tea points card this is the this is what it looks like right here tea points card if you're in Japan you just can't miss it every buddy accepts the tea points card so it's a it's a big deal okay I want to go to another article and this is something that took place at the summit they gave a exclusive interview to coin Tokyo and of course it it is really kind of a Japan centric but I still think that for people who are following Justin Sun and Tron is still interesting so you know in the interview Justin said that the reason why he started Tron is because he wanted to go up against or to face Facebook and Google and they have a slogan non-centralized web so it's their mantra and they have some advantages they are doing 3.6 million transactions a day it's seven times more than the nearest competition and he thinks also one of the advantages of Tron is that you can vote with your tokens they have a hundred and forty five decentralized apps on the platform now that's growing by about three per day Justin wants to see two thousand decentralized apps or D apps this year and he projected that Chinese companies will start to collaborate with Japanese companies in blockchain because of Japan's rules and regulations are in such good condition so I just thought it was a great article and I am always just following what Tron is doing and in addition Tron is planning to establish a Japanese branch this year which will create jobs and he's going to look at getting into the entertainments that segment and the sports segment of those vertical industries so he said that we will focus on Japan market and enrich enrich ourselves in a world with blockchain technology okay everybody we're jumping to fluff already if you're new to the channel I usually talk about something from Japan and weave it in some way somehow to the stories of blockchain and today I want to talk about saga this is a region in southern part of Japan the main you know of the island of Kyushu so here's Tokyo here and if you follow my mouse there is saga saga is very rich in history they have a huge influence from the Portuguese actually because they were coming they were one of the very few Western countries that were allowed to trade with Japan when Japan was a closed nation they had a very special Island that they could come into port on and they did a lot of trade with the Portuguese so that was back in the 1550s believe it or not and when they arrived they brought glassware from Portugal and you know this region was already rich with ceramic kilns doing amazing Arita where and just some really beautiful ceramic for the last 400 years but glassware was a little bit newer industry in the soccer region and what what amazed them is that the Portuguese were using glass for everyday items like glasses you know I glasses and also drinking glasses and bowls and it was the first time that Japanese really saw how glass could be utilized for those everyday items that we use so they started to do glassblowing for goldfish bowls and medicine bottles and sake bottles and later lamps but the industry has been you know struggling because well just times change and products change and and you know just manufacturing changes and people's taste changes so if you if you do go to this area it's got a really beautiful castle I just wanted to put that in but this is one of the last glass blowers in saga and it's kind of special it is you know one of the ones that just have been able to hang on they were established in just a turn of the century in the Meiji period this is the third generation gentleman and he has created something reinvented his craft actually he and his father together that there is kind of a new rebirth and excitement of what they are doing so this is just a great picture of him working and this is some of the traditional inspired from Portugal work that they've done and they're you know very well known for this but just recently they started to incorporate glass that was used in the production of semiconductors and what it did is it made a whole new finish that looks like this and this has turned out to be a huge hit it's very popular with people who are not only glass collectors but it has a more contemporary look and it's really exciting it's really beautiful it has what's kind of a cute Akita which is japanese for sparkly sparkly effect to it which i think is very attractive the colors are just fabulous they look modern they look fresh they look so inviting you know it's so it's this is just an example and this is my point is that these traditional craft companies wherever you are in the world there is a chance to reinvent yourself by just tweaking something slightly and I think in the cryptocurrency world we're gonna see a lot of tweaking as we go forward so I think the tweaking is fun and I just believe that one should never give up just keep tweaking until you hit it all right everybody that's all I have for you today do take care sayonara for now bye-bye

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  1. Hi Thanks for the video. Could you please direct me to the video you made where you discussed Mr Kitao speech regarding the launch of moneytap in details. I looked and I can not find it. Thank you

  2. Thank you Eri. I am still trying to wrap my brain around all this great news! I am glad I invested in XRP. Have a great weekend! Stay beautiful!!! 🙂

  3. I was blocked by Craig Wright after he made a statement calling people who support XRP fools. I asked if he meant Kitao as well and he sends me a block.

  4. This article demonstrates just how far ahead Japan and other countries are in they're forward thinking and implementation of technologies. The United states is so slow and short sighted in this space. SBI is the leader and will continue to demonstrate to the United States how to be progressive and forward thinking. I applaud Mr. Kitao.

  5. The new sexy motto for Digital Assets: "Tweaking is fun so tweak 'till you hit it"! or "TIFSTUHI" to mean we embrace innovative change.

  6. I have a feeling much of your research time is focused on XRP or Tron. I was wondering if you could take a look into Apollo APL. Would look forward to your opinion. I understand Kevin O'Leary has taken notice of this Digital asset.

  7. Hello Eri thank you for another amazing video! Japan is a country that I always wished I would be able to go for at least 2 weeks straight. There is just so much to see there. I loved the fluff, I am Portuguese and had an idea that Portugal traded with Japan long ago but I didn´t knew they had this kind of influence in the glass industry. Thank you once again for the info 🙂

  8. Your energy is always amazing. Do you meditate ? If so I would love to know if you listen to music and the type.Thank you for the update. After the Cloud Atlas announcement I pulled the trigger on Tron but this further confirms my belief.

    And serious I appreciate your videos … very genuine. Thank you again.

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