Central Banks should Leave Crypto to JP Morgan & Facebook

and we are live good afternoon and evening crypto warriors and welcome back to Jim in a crypto episode 370 today is Monday March 25th and I'm King yeah bitcoins day we are here to preach the gap between cryptocurrency in the community Monday through Friday at the ridge at 3 ish and today's top story central banks should leave crypto that Facebook and JP Morgan says 'add I know Microsoft being blocked over 5 million cryptocurrency related ads in 2018 Yahoo back crypto currency exchange is set to launch in May streaming service twitch removes crypto payment options X Enron CEO leaves Jill to flop possible blockchain venture and last not least owner ICO that never happened attempt to sell project on eBay for $60,000 Wow a lot going on today but first we have a dyno of the day we haven't seen one of those in a while but actually but first this gives my shot off excuse me what's going on Dylan dartsville down o Muhammad s aha Tony nalli everybody load make sure you smash that like and share but it's gonna be shy Ron and all the Facebook folks alone oh but yeah top story you can see here central bank's she'll leave crypto to Facebook and JP Morgan says a PwC partner I mean we don't fire right now have you not been calling it look this has been the game plan for like the last three or four years people over it no harness I mean is like first let's try to kill Bitcoin this killed cryptocurrency we can't kill it okay well this rename it it's not Krishna Bitcoin and crypto Wars just blockchain technology even though your own private block a isn't necessarily a blockchain a sense of the decentralized one as we talked about crypto all right well that didn't work some people are calling a blockchain some people still called a Bitcoin and crypto all right let's try to create our own stable coins that didn't work alright let's create our own coins actually how about the JPMorgan coin the facebook coin alright now let's push the marketing out there to get some big-name people just say the only people that should even be allowed to create coins are those alone Central Bank of Facebook and it looks like that is what's happening right here what is going on with this story oh yeah well it seems as though corporations who have interest in banks and banks themselves have come to the conclusion that when cryptocurrencies are battle tested by corporation while that is the only time central pay they have a battle-tested yet but I Bernard I would say exactly I said years and years of PUD from the news stress tests on the network people trying to hack every whichaway it's been hit from all sides like everything you just described they haven't been defeated yet so to say but they're coming from all sides got stable points you have you know a derivative of a derivative over here you have JPM actually being called in cryptocurrency I can't wait to people starting to say that's not a cryptocurrency don't know what you're talking about but it seems as though California elaborated that Frances central bank he actually explained that it is clear that European level projects would be very complex and challenging governance wise requiring alignment and political consensus of all relevant stakeholders from each member state so basically what they said is we could do this but it's hard so we'll have to do it I suppose I mean this is hilarious simply because we've seen from the very first article we were in we really have to find a video when it has CB DC's about eight nine times not very big today we said that they already just you know Pandora's Box is open they came up with a new word this is didn't mean pit but they're still dinosaurs simply because they keep thinking we need to work with central bank's this doesn't really have to be that that they're we don't have to have that bridge per se we do have people building that bridge but as soon as central banks are saying you need us that's when I think people will start to change their view on Kryptos and it home banks at the hole so this statement right here is a various dinosaurs and can't wait to give them their board did you call all this guy's name is will yeah Frances Pauline Adam Coughlin I mean as you said large corporations need to test out the tokenization of fiat currencies themselves oh yeah I mean in the city this is incredible these are the people I mean again this is a private company here but still I mean these private companies are the big companies they work with the government of course being from a financial partner at a private company of course you're gonna push for the privates privates of taste I can't say where the privatization of cryptocurrency because you want the banks and the companies to have them first where this person works that and then you're like okay the government can get it but to me that this shows how much you know or how much we can trust you that we literally can't trust you for you to say cryptocurrency needs to be tested out first we need to make sure Facebook does it we need to make sure JP Morgan does it of course this company PwC needs to do it and then once all that sorted out then the banks can jump on it I mean is this crazy I would go to some of these comments on the actual article I mean Oh perfect GS Joyce said this question is mixed blessing is it work for government to interfere in crypto or not and that's the thing we always say but again so many people who are interested in cryptocurrency but scared to jump in they want to mitigate risk so to them government's the only way and they're not understanding the entire reason that Bitcoin was created after the 2008 financial crisis was to get away from the government and private banks so yeah it's astounding that so many people who claim the crypto experts still saying well we need government we need regulation it's like no it's been working without if people work it works I mean Twitter will call out the wrongdoers you don't even need to do anything like literally if something goes missing Twitter call it out yeah you were alive ago 708 you should understand where this is coming from it's crazy I mean you should honestly see what I mean it says here they have a report 70% of global banks are exploring the benefits of CB DC so it's coming peers have you just have you the consumer have to be smart enough to say that's not a cryptocurrency that is a bank issued digital currency that is exactly what I have except in a different manner the fact that they can lower fees and do different things that will be bitcoins fault that is something I've always said is that the very least Bitcoin will make Bank practices better because if central banks don't go away for good the very least is gonna have to have a lower fee it's gonna have to be faster setting the time and you're gonna have to have a little bit more transparency because even if you're a private entity people are gonna say hey I have complete transparency on the blockchain we need a little bit more from you so either way I think we'll win but this guy's definitely deserved that dinosaur and with that PwC Francis Pauline Adam coffin we're gonna go ahead give him that loud roar you know why we haven't heard Dino sand so long it's because they're all actually swishing over cars yeah who's that we just have dinos literally every day there's a new person some we had in-house residents and now we can't even find them because they're like oh I guess Krypto is actually good for every bar at least if we control it so interesting what's going on Ryan Cooper thanks for joining those new legacy Dexter hands senior for sure for sure yeah and folks obviously you push it so I'm gonna keep pushing it – you haven't already make sure you get bitcoins A's a Bitcoin starter guy three point out is still out you can buy it off our site oh yeah it's been reissued as we'll actually reprogram to actually fit I know some people were having trouble with all of that 50 all the format is good no no Andre Durden G Graham hello from Shasta hello hello hello alright Microsoft's Bing block over 5 million cryptocurrency related ads in 2018 before we even get into this story you know they want to talk about market manipulation what is this my work what is this what other ads are you blocking over 5 min you block 5 million ads in one year from an industry but the government of some market manipulation on people from telegram are you kidding me there but that having used profanity right now Microsoft own search engine advertising platform being noted that it blocked over 5 million cryptocurrency related ads last year in this quote at quality Year in Review 2018 report published today on March 25th was even crazier is that no one wanted to block all these ads during the bull run no one blocked in 2017 when everybody's making win when you literally had cryptocurrency companies trying to pay the likes of Google and Microsoft and all these people upwards of you know 10 20 30 thousand plus dollars for an ad those weren't getting blah when the bear market hit and nobody's making that money no more all this tonight let's just get rid of this yeah what's going on here oh yeah and even worse a president that is who still uses Bank right uses this nobody but at the end of the day being actually noted that the pseudo anonymity of Bitcoin actually made a prime target for fraudsters and scams to defraud end-users while I do agree that is true I do think you have the ability to mitigate that by actually sifting through a company's information and not just go up the link again everything look at it and say oh yeah this person says they can put your socks on the blockchain that's garbage however this company actually has a registered business they have a history of revenue and they have a CEO who will be contacted that's one big issue there if you can actually talk to the person so I believe to think did this you know kind of as a blanket ban just to stop everything but they block 18 million ads over 5,000 websites and they closed over 12,000 big I had to count if you remember the Google banned Microsoft Facebook ban when it came it came right at the end of the bull market the bear market was beginning and then also we had to ban almost every business and I see oh that was trying to promote was basically left out in the dark because there are whole courses going how to use Google advertisement Facebook all of that and then they just had to sit on their hands and say well we gotta find another way a lot of underground but really that's why it's good we have our good organic group will be don't necessarily meet it but some of the bigger projects definitely got hit by update well it's something else we want to know two things to foe for one who owns being Bill Gates all rights on Microsoft what else are they doing the last year year and a half they bought github people that is where everyone's been going to develop all this stuff I mean that's where the Bitcoin project is at yeah so when you're talking about stuff like them buying github and then banning ads it's not because they're doing something all true zyk for all of you because they're a business that I believe is Microsoft public – yeah oh yeah so their public business the only thing that matters for a public business your bottom line in the quarter period did you make money or no and with the rise of cryptocurrency and people like JP Morgan coin and Facebook coin you really think Microsoft isn't planning to have a coin come on come on or at least some sort of token oh this is obvious so with that being said until they can develop there's or at least releases at the right moment they want to make sure you don't hear about nothing else at least nothing positive yeah but if you actually go to their report and I have put up here you can find out advertise dot being at Microsoft calm you got a kind of type in the slash backslash and all that here I'll put it in the the chat box for everybody but if you go here the first line says for the cryptocurrency courses cryptocurrency has an asset class saw a bull run in 2018 I must have slept through all last year I missed that one because if I remember correctly uh the end December we saw at the end of December 2017 we saw a Bitcoin price like nineteen thousand you know six hundred some change if you're here in nine states and starting from January first of 2018 until now releasing a dimmer it's been a bear market so they literally don't you know they're talking about in their banning ads again market manipulation to me this is a lawsuit they are literally putting out in their end of the year quality report that criminal currency has an asset class saw a bull run in 2018 that's how they started are you crazy right now so yeah again is unfortunate because this is the misinformation we have to deal with but how many people are gonna listen to us versus reading this from Microsoft right yeah oh and look right under it they classified in the same way to classify weapons right okay lemons right next to that Larry with drugs is probably not know and they love to know this is about crypto gorn's people buy weapons I don't know whose call these people went they all self sovereign and was again was even crazier totally unrelated but similar uh talk about weapons and blocking those ads whatever so Bill Gates the billionaire has no one around who are weapons right okay all right we're gonna leave that there he's a billionaire just is floating through a flow 39 states no just no nobody around got weapons and I do want to add into if you ever meet anyone that you that you know is well-versed on everything natural but they've never really heard a crypto a Bitcoin they say hey why haven't I heard of it points articles like this right local Facebook Microsoft the big place is what most people get their negative news from right they block all of it so you probably didn't see anything in the last year but it's on us to make sure we tell people that's why you got to speak to people in person tell your family and friends and hopefully that Network Rosen is hilarious and they can receive a crazy about this is that these are the same people running for president now I guess stuff like you know everybody america is the most free displays you can be and all that like no private companies ban everything and then they actually had the money to hire lobbyists or get people elected to do their bidding for them and make the rules and regulations basically make it easier for them to succeed as a business and lower all the competition that comes in but so this is all conspiracy people were crazy this doesn't happen in real life just check out some of these comments here for a moment from momento somebody said why did you take your tie off hilarious how's it no time for me this is so la would amaze weren't you all gotta come out to LA yeah I sounded just like Ice Cube did it ever does a good bit love it Japan oh forgot it's trying to change the time I never turned off my notifications for this times at 10 a.m. you know turn them on right now Japan yahoo back crypto currency exchange set for may lunch what wait so one hand you got being blocking stuff in yahoo's like well we go back a crypto exchange uh what's going on with this exchange oh yeah so tau tau which is how it's a dog and remember what we said about businesses that have problems and then later they rebrand well this company was formerly known as bit art an Arg which I don't really know the history but every brand has come after Yahoo got a 40% subsidiary stake of this actual exchange they will trace Bitcoin etherium litecoin be cash and ripple so you know the five favorites everybody starts with so you know in order for and there's a copy coin back exactly in order for us to kind of wrap our head around this Yahoo Japan has a stake in a crypto exchange Yahoo in anywhere around the world they have a fee for their stops for their crypto of you know prices for asset prices commodities so I'm pretty sure that them purchasing this state allows them to get insight into how people are training in Japan because they can actually have algorithms that crawl the system to see our people on our people sure you can have better articles that way on Yahoo bullish sign for blah blah blah bearish signs come with your rights Moammar that's literally how to give these stories because like we always tell you once you've read the news story is too late they've already done their research they can see there's twice as many Long's over-leveraged as they are short the price is about don't we don't over so it all resolved all that stuff so I'm pretty sure that 40% state came with something in contract where Yahoo Japan can get that information because remember the most important and the most viable thing on earth is data so there's traitor that they get from this is very important and Japan is one of the top if not the top crypto currency traders uh you know about volume in the world so very very high on Yahoo Japan getting you know a lot of information and Yahoo in general so they wouldn't have had a 40% stake without looking at that okay that right now and kind of the piggyback on what you said about how they're uh they're basically mining data and stuff I mean that is the business of it still laying there and this is an octa coin based in Jim not while coin bags and geminis charm play both sides and be friends with regulators and government all that if you ever watch this show shark tank I love that show mr. wonderful while some people don't like his personality cuz you know he's kind of like the UH who's the American Idol guy that's always mean to people and have a seat right exactly whatever that one guy with the accident who's mean to people merica nada that's like mr. wonderful Simon Simon Simon Cowell yeah he's like to Simon Cowell shark tank but what I like about him there's one things he always says when he's acting about new business like he's like what do you do that's so unique a proprietary that I can't just hire a bunch of people because you know he's a wealthy man I cannot just hire a bunch of you can copy so that's my thing with coin makes is Gemini on all of them Brian is pretty funny you said some funny chap you messed me up but no that's a funny thing with coinbase and Jim 9 all these guys that are trying to play both sides of fence they want to work with regulators and all that well people like mr. wonderful on the shark tank well literally just hire company to replicate it and that's what Yahoo is doing um and this and that's the issue the biggest issue we have with that we know I had you try and play both sides you trying to be friends with everybody you're not that important now companies are catching up you have first you have the market share you didn't do right by your actual community and they turned on you and now you have places like Yahoo where someone just mentioned Harold George said who even uses Yahoo hilarious but true but now you have the likes of Yahoo who literally the only reason Yahoo is still in existence I can't remember what product or something they bought a few years ago that blew up but literally they bought some social media some platform like two or three four years ago that netted them like billions of dollars in capital and that is literally the only reason why Yahoo is still alive right now but you have the likes of Yahoo now literally copying the blueprint of already made exchanges and getting over it and that's what you get Jim and I Winklevoss twins that's what you get coinbase I can't remember that guy's name there Brian Brian Armstrong where you all are just literally trying to play this fence and you know and try to stifle competition from the actual community who want to help and grow and now this we're by the Hat you think Yahoo was on whoa you're crazy the reason why Bing is blocking these ass they're gonna do it to Google will have I mean again it's a dad of mine why would you not do it you can check people spinning houses so that's what happens I mean this is unfortunate but hey Yahoo gets a chance to enter the market and you never know they might do it better however I highly doubt because Yahoo has a lot more money to protect so they are going to be oh man the regulars I mean it says right here yeah taco having gained regulatory approval to launching the Japanese market how much does that cost right yeah all right so interesting article I mean interesting to see but this is gonna be the first menu to come and it's gonna be exchanges like this who are actually going to do it better than Jim and I and quanti mates because they they know how to scale already they're gonna say we already know we need a customer support team just go out there and hire a thousand people involved in Bitcoin you know and we have to be a egg-laying Bitcoin enthusiast hire them for and train them up but they're actually gonna have the money in the backing and experience to scale up in exchange whereas people are gonna say well why would I use coinbase and Jim dive everything's would be monetary might as well did you Yahoo's yeah I mean yeah I mean who has a bigger backing right so yeah that's what you get now Donna Mohammed said what do we think about Bitcoin bins holy I haven't seen in a while he was at the real critical yeah I've checked out what and what reference Donald yeah I saw the UH I saw the event that you put on it oh yeah Jake coming home yeah yeah supposed to be a big one in Texas but uh yeah yeah Kim Kahn the host is Ken Kim come back to United States right now or is this like a joke huh I'm not sure off to look more to I saw it on his on his feet I haven't looked deep into it but uh yeah Bitcoin bin is uh alright streaming service twitch removes crypto payment options reddit users report and shout out coin Telegraph as always i love this game of kryptos this is literally what we're hearing right now it's this game crypto knows where we are seeing some the sheisty is stuff happened I mean I don't really enjoy using out where because it's such it's filled with such a negative energy but it's going down Amazon own I didn't know Amazon owned investors alright explains Amazon own streaming service twitch has evidently removed Bitcoin and Bitcoin caches payment options for subscriptions change was reported by reddit user it looks like they were using bit pay they also removed a couple other features they have but before bitcoins that gets into the story my early guess is the reason why they removed it is because Amazon is that much closer to having their own cryptocurrency oh yeah that's my only reason if they just got this just to get some data out we got a they're gonna saw how it works also you what you'd like having crypto so nice bodies all right well we got an Amazon for you for deaf black pays for all it because imagine Amazon coin that come on twitch Amazon use on twitch Amazon okay save money and you're not gonna do five ten percent off oh yeah absolutely and I think most of the people didn't know you could accept Krypton to which I mean I had heard of it but I've never actively seen somebody accept it even the twitching that we have for a while didn't even really know to accept it as a as a as somebody who actually does stuff on there but I guess subscriptions you could buy it never have a subscription never really needed to but the fact that they had it means that you know they were all long bit pays well but them extreme labs not being able to have it going forth means like we said before if you can kind of see you know what's going on down the line from a prediction standpoint really looks like Amazon is developing that coin and they gotta get you know the other ones out of there so Bitcoin won't exactly and like I said like how you pointed out again this is their research period yeah because there's no reason to get rid of it you can see here we have highlighted one user seemingly outraged noted that they canceled all of their Twitter subscriptions and sent an assistant ticket to the company that's the thing bitcoins a I've given to me has been preaching since day one he's like just buy a second cryptocurrency is free marketing and you'll make more money because you have people who otherwise would not go to your business go to it just to support crypto just know and twitch was a I mean literally was an example of that where you have people of course you got gamers on twitch streamers using stream labs we don't have stream lat well we actually use the stream labs API to kind of look at some stuff but we do use the open source software OBS we know stream hi apps has their OBS shout-out to Alec he got us hooked us up getting us together all that stuff but but literally a lot of the people that flooded to twitch not only gamers and stuff they're also they like cryptocurrency they want it they like it they'd like using it for gaming I mean it makes sense a lot of gamers again crypto is like was a to be to see step thing for them because already you know we talked about NBA 2k we have your 2k coins you know you can you have all these fake coins on all these different video games already so just adding cryptocurrency with real money I mean it just makes the most sense we talked about that movie ready player one before where it's a virtual reality simulation type of a video game of this movie but all the money you make in the video game it transfers over to the real world and we're seeing that now and I think that's a brilliant idea as well yeah where people can literally spend 10 hours of video game and make money in the game and you ruh-roh and then also stream that game use that money they made under Graham the paper to streaming and get paid by advertise so I mean it all makes sense so for Amazon to all of a sudden cancel it again they got their data as a bitcoins they said it's like alright time to get ready to roll out our own wouldn't be surprised right that's crazy no reasons but we seen as having a real popular oh great common here nabbit some this article says streamers looking to asset cryptocurrency as donations can still use one-up coin calm that's actually what we use as well it was the first service created for streamers to accept crypto still act oh yeah so it looks like two people said one of coin which means they send their BOTS over Oh Harold Georgie Stata Amazon is literally trying to own all the data with their cloud services I'm sick of Jeff already it's 2019 Jeff is already getting Brian Cooper says same here Jeff is doing a legal monopoly somehow I thought we had rules to prevent this and Amazon ain't paying taxes crazy listen you talk about prelude to run for president wind immediately and literally have at least half the nation's data for everything you do because I know I'm not gonna live by me I use Amazon from everything from groceries everything else so I know they know all my information they know we know what you don't Monday don't play with me and it wouldn't even have to have a personally not be hilarious hello Larry him a Robbins girl I mean Robert Kraft they'll find two ladies together yeah speaking of criminals X and Rong's CEO leaves jail to plot possible blockchain venture oh man I mean hey leaves don't even be in this time the only thing that Enron CEO did wrong to most wash trees get coffee what's going on the story yeah it's crazy that uh you know Jeffrey Skilling if you remember from the good old Enron days for those of you who too young back in 2001 yeah we need explain what I basically in wrong I would say this is a huge scandal like 17 years old 2001 they owed her know yeah that's crazy they're basically back there they tried to corner the market it didn't work tribal forces they charge a large scale in airliner but they were lying about a lot of stuff inside the trade in other crimes would not they were you know originally since this 224 years but he got a reduced to 14 because hey money isn't that yeah I mean pretty much at this point people are forgotten about it except for you know certain people who have been around but skilling plans to to create a digital platform relating to investment in the oil and gas industry oh I can trust them with that right I definitely know scams in that industries no sounds that James Bond didn't teach me anything yeah he actually met with former Enron execs as well oh he bought the whole game got another two bosses back home yeah it's imposter night boss came home tonight it's time to gain hey no shell companies nothing all we need is different cultures so Larry said he got specialized the crypto currency blockchain hell better model prison of course yeah put a then on top of that the ones that he did meet with I wonder who they are because they could be for mass cameras but hey so that's awesome Thompson no Larry it's on teams price second to them right yes Enron second debate Oh from what I remember in my life I mean no no that might be like historically they were like yeah those are two biggest misses story that I remember so yeah him getting out getting in the blockchain this vase way some people will cut no you rub them the wrong way because they like well ass camera getting out going straight the blockchain what does that mean all that means is that blockchain is the the industry that you want to be into if you want to create something right even if it if it is a scam whether it's not whether he changed it came out it has a new lease on life I doubt it but if you boy have changed and he wants to get in the blockchain shout out to him let him do it and we'll see what happens there I'm not buy an Enron coin not series where I'm not touching out with a ten-foot pole exactly I wish to rebrand what's crazy is that he probably went to prison the same way Jordan Belfort did what watched he was like yeah but one thing I forgot was I was still rich like he's probably back there legacy got his cronies together hey the gang whole gangs back together we've been I mean literally it's 2001 we talked about this in criminal currency where they're scammers who who haven't given it 18 years to cool off they giving it 18 months or less I mean just talk about Jeff Garza this guy literally for days ninety-four thing has made three days so we're looking at 72 maybe for 72 to 96 hours after he tried too hard for Bitcoin with his cronies from the New York agreement which we still haven't forgot and have all the receipts save he's tried to launch metronome like literally three days after saying hey this will prevent a takeover in a hard-working Bitcoin say dude you're the person trying to take it overhead order like whistles stop me from trying right now you have an IC o—- to stop yourself from it so I mean I gotta waited three days to do his dirt Enron CEO Jeffries like look guys I gave the rule of eighteen years to do what they do I'm back and I want in all right but yeah make sure you memorize his name and watch him because when he has that next big project that has all the marketing behind it all the Lamborghinis and jets and not a beautiful woman and you deceived Jeffrey Skilling at the bottom of the pace and we're in a white paper remember where you saw it at and it sounds like that sound like a feeling it right killings skilling yeah like some Isis should be named Khan coin paradigm audio yeah there we go hero gang gang you know obvious Ryan Cooper said been by me to Amazon you know exactly that's gonna be a show title and is is we call it bin bag knees gonna be all the Bitcoin for Jeff snow is right wired spark said Jeff Skilling's name is mud in Houston I mean it should be mud everywhere but him markup Ellis these people Asian big I stomped out somewhere in a remote location if this one hand still walking around over both yeah that is not my money because there it is I mean they're one thing in criminal currency has taught me is that it is literally about money unfortunately my strongest community is as great as its community as it is a great community I mean we have awesome warriors here you can see the Twitter ready I mean you talk about people who don't just take your word they verify they're gonna do read you know they read their research it's a bunch of research there's a community of researchers you have to be a researchers to understand cryptocurrency and then all of that work will literally just goes out the door when as sergeant crypto just say the ruler is you have your Don doubt a criminal come back in with a pocketful of money from his last con comes in and literally has a has a page on coin that you know I'm hit you know have you had any articles of coin does before I don't have it but you get a criminal that just got a prison that's about to do something oh they're gonna get a page so it's very interesting type of deals not just famous but infamous right if I ever be tired with your mom this is hilarious I mean look I hope they don't do anything but come on people I just can't wait to see it's gonna be he's like hold on well I got one movie let me try to go for two I want I want two documentaries today it up in me big connect thing they were doing something bang see nothing yeah quadriga see X you ain't seeing nothing nothing Alexander Finnick for billion all about a curse net numbers look son I was doing billions back in 2001 alright last not least another interesting story owner of ICO that never happened attempts of self project on eBay for sixty thousand dollars well we what's going on I like how to go this this what you call innovation on accident um this is one of the things that we've always said that when a new technology comes out you don't know all of the different implications that come with it you're good see the ICO market go one way could turn into euros to turn the stos it could turn into ICO ICO project founders selling their projects on ebay on eBay for sixty thousand simply because they have all of the infrastructure in place this is one thing that happened when exchanges start shutting down people couldn't get on by people were selling their exchange accounts right so for example if you are somebody you want to start a ICO and you say okay in order for us to start we're going to need about ten twenty thousand dollars and we needed to have this you know just certainly following on social media this guy's actually saying hey pay me sixty you already have a blotching project is compatible for icy hills and security tokens he claims that the project is audited by investment firm in investment bankers and that the solutions comply with the European Union and the u.s. regulations says it has a solid social presence ten thousand likes on Facebook eight thousand subscribers on Twitter nobody's telegram mommy them oh you Kabaddi scoop out all of this stuff he's naming and basically he said you can look at ICO pitch and play it didn't probably point nine which is garbage for I feel bitch because they've given away four to five left rights right with but it is with no experts evaluated project so you try to load Baltimore oh I see a bitch on they paid you back with their good over the bed right oh you want to pay the full five hundred thousand okay we got you yeah and the good thing is you know they found another use because even though this one's kind of funny because nobody I don't think anybody's gonna buy this for 60 K right I believe there will be some projects that actually some a have sort of succeeded or may have the infrastructure in place to say hey we could sell ours you know 400 K it's a good deal that's what I said the company can do it is a good go understand this if this is in place that you convinced enough people to create a market cap there's easy million dollar market caps on these coins so this guy's just you know ahead of his time so to say the spine is Spock CIC oh so this may be a new revolution so to say in the ico market can't can't use ICL's anymore whoop sell them on eBay right and Jeff Bezos once again okay well you know what I will say is a you know first is going to just like you say it this is a market and it does work I mean I could see it being success but only issue I would see is whoever bought it if you don't have the team in place or at least that one that one basically action officer Operations Officer in place to run the whole thing then it won't really matter because if you just buy you don't know that much about crypto you just know you can launch I see I'll make money I mean we've seen some bad I sale launches and then we'll go down just like that so you'll end up losing it but if you're a person say you know a little bit about crypto you least have a team in place then again I'm not having looked into this project but as you said this would be a good idea because you think about the legwork you got to do at this point for IC sto again we've told you get these lawyers now they have ICO accelerators which by the way I'm gonna call out some of you guys I'm friends allowance I'm not gonna be mean but I will say you guys disappear between lashing this year you can't you popped up 2017 disappear but anyway celery right you'd be hilarious but you got the ICL accelerators you get your lawyers you got your regulators your licenses come me you got your own social media you got a do you got your marketing I mean literally just off the top of my head that's six different things I mean at a minimum you're looking at spinning 75 K for those 16 and that's if you know what you're doing yeah maybe even on a cape you gotta get outside consultants is that consulting exactly I mean of course that's if you don't want to just stand like a man or a woman and let you wish caller hang and just say no I'm gonna do it I feel like it was intended to just let the free market website I'm told is where something ladies market give me this money does a project and move to I don't know move to another country they got a big army here that exists but seriously I'm sorry see like see he's way ahead of his time so be interesting what happens um begin at the coin the project is good 60 K is a good price and may and might actually being a price or it might be somebody like a I mean going no I mean honestly if you have a product already in place I don't care what if you have oh so say you got a book you know this book's gonna sell or a CD or something um you can you can market you can put $10,000 up for the Twitter and Facebook your bottom so yeah I'm like I don't want your whole project I give you 10 K for Twitter and Facebook right now and just push out where product I had hope for that three percent ROI to pay him back for at least some of the mangas and his followers so like you said ahead of his time so a few announcements first all one so God news for Donald Mahama he's right something my Enron Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling basically said our special investigator from the Frank Lucas American Gangster Enron a CEO came oh oh I heard you guys would give your money it's a lot of criminals but not I I'm the original triple og and his white collar crime I'm gonna need my pay yeah I don't know you talked to that's over there is but first woman get definitely give a shout out to bitcoins day his birthday is tomorrow so happy early birthday Wednesday I got my days mixed it's my day but happy early birthday bitcoins day hit that big 300 well sometime that don't have it does not happen off but with that we will be out of the office this entire week and celebrations for bitcoins a birthday so make sure the town you're right you got the Braille is coming in so make sure you wish him happy birthday if you really want to show some love then make sure you check out that Bitcoin starter guide 3.0 for a nice little birthday gift to help oh yeah other than that let's see like I said we'll be going this week we'll be back the following Monday and the last couple of questions I see G Graham said do we know much about LSE see my wife is about five million without researching it my coin cache oh the icons that what it was yeah yeah hold it hold it ill pop holden put some sell orders up um but yeah and who is it your address with tips yep say yes there we go oh yeah zadie the levers brother guy in the red room away to all the homeless anyway that's what I usually do there it is well I might play homeless for day all right other than that people it's been a great show as always thanks warriors for tuning in happy early birthday to bitcoins a and we shall see you all next week you have anything nothing for me alright I'll see you all next week Minh well update all the old podcasts and make sure we catch up and you all have a great day great week and make sure you I'm biting on that inner on coin push me worse Enron Oh JPMorgan coin man it's got to be ironic oh I couldn't say both my terrible terrible Cheers have a go

One thought on “Central Banks should Leave Crypto to JP Morgan & Facebook”

  1. great episode as usual guys! quick comment on the Twitch story, they've had their own platform specific token even before the Amazon acquisition called "Bits", that they allow you to either purchase directly from them or earn watching ads. then you can donate those bits to your favorite streamers at a value of 1 cent per Bit, and get exclusive badges, emotes, etc. not sure if they were getting a cut of the Bitpay processed payments, but that definitely could serve as motivation for the removal of the BTC + BCH payment options to push people to buy their platform's token instead.

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